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The Gathering of Friends

Instagram & Facebook: @thegatheringoffriends

I’m excited today to feature a company that I have just loved and have had the privilege of knowing since it began. Michelle Huxtable, owner and founder of the company has self published and created every detail of her line of cookbooks and accessories in her company, The Gathering of Friends.

My mom was the first in Utah to rep this line of cookbooks in our wholesale warehouse in Murray, Utah. Back then, we simply couldn’t keep these books in, they were a hit from the start. The Gathering of Friends has since become a worldwide best seller, selling $12.8 million. The series of seven cookbooks feature approximately 1200 recipes.  This is pretty amazing considering that the average self published author sells about 250 copies of a book.


So what makes The Gathering of Friends different and such a success? These recipes are easy to follow, everyone can do them. They are presented in a beautiful, impressive way with art and character. Each recipe is plated and photographed on a beautiful tablescape, followed by a tutorial on how to set your table the same way.  To make it even easier, there are shopping lists throughout the book and everything can be purchased at the grocery store. I regularly just sit and read the cookbooks and look at the beautiful photographs just to get inspired to create something lovely.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that these books are fabulous, The Gathering of Friends has recently launched eBooks. Here at Salt Sky we are honored to be part of promoting the launch of these amazing eBooks. The Gathering of Friends spent a year of development to create this unique eBook.  They can be purchased and become available on any device that is connected to your email; smart phone, tablet, home computer.

We live in a time where we want everything accessible at our fingertips. Have you ever been in the grocery store and thought, I wish I had brought a list for dinners… well, that would be the perfect time to get out your phone and open your Gathering of Friends eBook and look at the shopping list (it’s already made for you!).  While I was sitting down to interview Michelle Huxtable about this new and exciting addition to her company, she sent me a couple of eBooks that downloaded in seconds onto my phone and I’ve looked at them so many times since then.


Now to just put a cherry on top, The Gathering of Friends is the only company out there where you can go to and gift this eBook cookbook! If you think sending ecards and gifts is hard, that’s all going to change now. It is as simple as can be to send these and not only are you sending an eBook cookbook to someone you love BUT you get to send them with a gorgeous card. Here’s how to do it:
1. Go to:
2. Click on the tab that says eCard eBook/gifts
3. Choose an occasion card
4. You will be taken to a page to login or create an account
5. Easy steps will guide you to write your card and add an ebook to send
6. Choose an email address to send your eCard/eBook to and DONE!

SIMPLE! I can’t even count how many times I’ve been at home and wanted to go out and pick up a quick gift, but the idea of shopping with 4 little ones seemed a little daunting… I love that I can just jump online, pick a beautiful eCard and send someone I’m thinking about, anywhere in the world, a Gathering of Friends eBook that I know they are going to love and use for only $14.99!


I have to tell you one more thing that I think is amazing. If you are a business owner, you can purchase these eBooks wholesale, at a special discount, and send them to your clients or employees. They make such nice corporate gifts. Realtors, physician referrals, and businesses can even upload a spreadsheet of all their clients and their birthdays. The Gathering of Friends will automatically send out an eBook on your client’s special day. What a great gift! For inquiries about purchasing wholesale, click here. (Or click on the wholesale tab at the top of their homepage.)

Our Salt Sky Shop also carries some great products from The Gathering of Friends product line. Check out our shop here.

Salt Sky Giveaways!

The Gathering of Friends has been so wonderful and is giving a week worth of giveaways to help us celebrate Mother’s Day and the important women in our lives. Enter to win eBooks, Fabulous Aprons, placemats, napkin holders, cookbook holders and Hardcover Cookbooks! We will be drawing 25 winners! Can you believe it? And if that wasn’t sweet enough, they are giving ALL our readers a FREE eBook when you purchase one! Go to, add 2 or more eBooks to your cart, at checkout use promo code “2015saltsky” (make sure you click, click to apply, before you checkout and it will give you one of your eBooks free!  This offer expires Wednesday, May 6 so hurry and use this special offer for OUR READERS ONLY!

Enter to win the week of giveaways on our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

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volume3 vol3

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Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we’ll keep you up to date on more fabulous companies like the one we featured today. Until next week.



Avocado and Cream Cheese Quinoa Sushi

If I could eat sushi every day I would, but my wallet wouldn’t agree with me.  I’ve heard of some people making it at home and I thought I’d give it a try.  This recipe does not call for fish, which makes it a little less expensive. It’s fun, easy to make and delicious! Here’s what you’ll need.

3 sheets of roasted seaweed sushi paper (you can find this at any asian store)

1/2 cup of quinoa

1 cup of water

3 T of rice vinegar

1/2 tsp sriracha sauce

1/2 tsp hoisin sauce

1 cucumber

1 or 2 avocados

1/2 cup of cream cheese

sesame seeds (optional)

soy sauce (for dipping)

In a rice cooker, cook the quinoa and water the same way you would cook white rice. Mix together the rice vinegar, sriracha sauce and hoisin sauce (mix until all the ingredients make a smooth sauce).  Cut the avocado and cucumber into thin strips.  When quinoa is cooked mix it in a bowl with the vinegar mixture.  Lay out a piece of damp seaweed paper on a sushi roller or a square of tin foil.  Spread a thin layer of quinoa on the seaweed and lay out the avocado, cucumber and cream cheese on a thin strip down the middle. Once it is all laid out, roll the sushi into a tight roll.  Cut into small pieces and enjoy!


Anniversary party invitation
Holidays, Other

30th Anniversary Party

Last Spring was our parents’ 30th anniversary and we wanted to throw a huge party to celebrate. Of course, we knew mom and dad would say they didn’t want a party so… a SURPRISE anniversary party it was! We sent invitations to everyone that was in their wedding party, the family and close friends. We were so excited with the turn out, it was such a great time!

The decor was all in the same colors as their wedding, peach & gray. It  made the party a mini version of their reception. The happy couple showed up right on time, and as planned. We left a bunch of clues at their house that led them on a treasure hunt. When they were a couple of blocks away,  their last clue told them to look under their seat. They pulled over to the side of the road and found the invitation to the surprise party.  They both cried.

Anniversary party

Anniversary party         bride & groom

We reserved a special parking place just for them. They walked down the path toward the house lined with fresh flowers, people that love them were waiting, cheering and clapping!

On the porch, we had their wedding photo and a basket of peach candy favors for guests to take home.

Anniversary party

Inside the house, a movie was playing of their wedding photos and highlights from the past 30 years together.

Dinner was served including a dessert bar. We put little details about them throughout the house- photos of the couple and family, little quotes, a map with a heart around the location where they met, wrapped monogramed napkins. Tables and tents were set up in the backyard.

Anniversary party_30 years


Anniversary party


Anniversary party 30 yrs

Anniversary party 30years


anniversary party 30 years

Anniversary party

Anniversary party

All four daughters, our husbands and extended family worked at getting the party and the yard ready, it was definitely worth it. Everyone had so much fun and stayed long after the party ended.  Our parents were very touched, surprised and so grateful to be surrounded by the people they love.  They said they would cherish that surprise party forever.

So if you have something fabulous to celebrate, do it! The memories you’ll make will be worth all the work. That’s what it’s all about, making memories and enjoying special moments together.


Can we stretch forth our hand, and reach out to bless others?
Inspiration, Stories


Growing up in Chile, I lived an hour and a half from the coast. In hot January summers, our family would either drive or take a train to the beach where we rented a little beach house. We looked forward to these trips all year. The beaches are beautiful, yet the waves are big and the water unpredictable because of the steep drop into the Pacific Ocean. Many times when my siblings and I were playing and thought we were safe, a big wave would wash us away.

At those moments, as I was being dragged in the sand and water, I thought for sure I would die. But somehow someone would always extend a hand and pull me out of danger. I became frightened of that uncertain ocean and I think for that reason, I have always been a little uncomfortable with the sea.

That is why the story of Peter walking on the water, though beautiful, has always caused me a little stress. We read about it in Matthew 14.

The Savior had just come down from a mountain where he had been praying. He goes out to find his disciples on their ship, and He is walking on the water. There on the water, He said to Peter as if it was completely normal to say, “Come”.  “And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.  But when he saw the wind boisterous, the deep water underneath him, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.  And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him.” He stretched forth His hand, He saved Peter.

I love this story.  I love it because we can learn much from it. I love that Peter had the faith to actually step off that boat, can you imagine? I love that Jesus understood the panic and didn’t hesitate to help.  He immediately reached for Peter to save him.

Can we extend our hands and pull people out of the sea, so to speak?

Can we stretch forth our hand, and reach out to bless others?

This week, I hope we can all look for ways to extend a hand of friendship, include people and make them feel safe, loved and welcome in our presence no matter where we are.







craft room organization
Decor, DIY

Organizing a craft room

Last year after our youngest daughter moved out, I turned her bedroom into a craft room. I think that she and her sisters spend more time in that room now than when she lived at home.

It is the perfect room because it has lots of natural light. All the materials needed to make just about anything are within reach and easy to find. Without proper organization, even the most spacious craft room can become difficult to navigate.

     DSC04904  DSC04939

 I found all these plastic containers at the Dollar Store. Projects go so much smoother when everything is in its place.  I love to use clear glass jars and vases too, they are pretty yet practical.

DSC04932  DSC04922

Add a little color with some essential like this tape holder and stapler from TJ Maxx.  I went to IKEA for all the paper baskets to hold all the card stock and colored papers, as well as my work tables.

DSC04933   DSC04931DSC04928

These little stackable bins are from The Container Store. Things you use regularly should be kept within arm’s reach, I only store clear boxes of seldom-used supplies in the closet so they can be out of sight. Make sure you clearly label the boxes so that you can find what you need quickly. Of course fabric makes everything more colorful so I removed the sliding closet door.

DSC04926     DSC04929

All the sewing supplies are together on a separate side of the room.


 Ribbons of all kinds are my favorite part of the craft room, They’re so pleasing to look at. I started by color coordinating them but that just didn’t work out.  Now it looks like this, it is what it is!

There is not a week that goes by that one of my girls is not gift wrapping something. So I keep plenty of tote bags, boxes, wrapping paper and cards on hand.

DSC04934     DSC04924

DSC04936              craft room organization2

Some of these hand-crafted cards were made by my friends Joan Briscoe and Melanie Bowers, others I buy and keep on hand for every occasion. This little card holder came from Crate & Barrel and I love it.

Organizing a place to create can bring such joy.  Everyone in the family is welcome to come sew, draw, wrap, or work on any number of projects. I have a recycle bin for the grandchildren to put all their paper scraps that seems to be endless.  At first it was a challenge to keep it organized and clean, until I put up a sign that reads, “Leave No Trace.” Of course, everyone laughed but now they understand that it is strictly enforced.

I hope you will find a place to call your own and surround yourself with the little things you love.


Specialty Shops

Sticks & Stones

Located: Sticks & Stones
3126 Quarry Road
Park City, Utah
Pebbles & Twigs Consignment
3156 Quarry Road
Park City, Utah
And also at:
4801 North University Ave #490
Provo, Utah (Shops at Riverwoods)

Hours: Park City: Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00
Provo: Monday-Saturday 10:00-9:00

Anyone who knows me knows that I love interior design. A few times a year I get the itch to paint, refinish or completely redecorate rooms in my home. I never pass up an opportunity to help a friend decorate.  I secretly wish I was put on HGTV with a sludge hammer so I can tear down walls in homes and completely renovate them with a fabulous reveal at the end of the show. Walking through beautiful furniture and interior design shops is one of my favorite getaways. I get lost in looking at beautiful pieces and accessories and imagine how I can transform rooms in my home with them.

A place I love to visit is Sticks & Stones in Park City.

Salt Sky Local Review- Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones, Park City, Utah

Sticks & Stones has a gorgeous showroom that I could wander through for hours, finding beautiful furniture, accessories and art. Opened in 2003 by owners Kuen and Andrea Damiano. In 2011, they also opened a sister store, Pebbles & Twigs, a consignment shop. In Park City you’ll find the two stores next door to each other, so it’s a must to walk through both.  In Provo, you’ll find their second location Pebbles & Twigs at the Shops at Riverwoods.

lavendar-bedroom salt sky local review

Just last month my mom and I visited the Provo consignment shop and walked away with a car load of furniture at unbelievable prices! If I didn’t know that the shop was consignment, I wouldn’t have guessed it, it is so charming.  They take in gently used items and not only are they in great condition, but in style. There is something for every home design; rustic, modern, mountain and several custom made pieces. The longer the pieces are in the showroom, the more the prices are knocked down. However, don’t wait too long, or most likely the piece you want will be gone!

Salt Sky Local Review- Pebbels & Twigs

Pebbles & Twigs Consignment

Sticks & Stones is not only a new and beuatifully unique furniture store but they also offer interior design services. They have designed several Parade of Homes houses, make house calls to visit clients to help them redecorate their home as well as new homes that are being built. You will find some knowledgeable designers that can make all your home dreams come true.

Sticks & Stones is offering some fabulous deals for our readers! Take these coupons in for 20% off at Sticks & Stones AND a free gift with purchase at Pebbles & Twigs. One lucky winner will also be the recipient of a $50 gift card to use at Sticks & Stones OR Pebbles & Twigs. Enter to win on our Instagram & Facebook pages. Winner announced Wednesday, April 29 2015.




Time to get shopping and show us all those great finds! Help us spread the word about another awesome local shop by sharing with friends on our social media icons below. Until next time when we show you another shop and another deal.


Tortilla Morning Casserole

Tortilla Morning Casserole

I was recently introduced to this yummy casserole that takes so little time to make, it may just become one of your favorite go to meals.  Everyone loves it at our house including the grandchildren, who have seconds every time I make it.  Best part, it’s gluten free.  It’s wonderful for a brunch or to serve for dinner.

Ingredients you’ll need:

10 corn tortillas, quartered

12 eggs

1/2 cup half and half

1 can mexicorn, drained

1 cup shredded cheddar

2 cups salsa

1 cup sour cream

1 cup guacamole

Arrange the tortillas over the bottom of a generously greased 9 x 13 inch baking dish.

Whisk the eggs and half and half in a bowl until blended.

Stir in the corn. Pour the egg mixture over the tortillas. Sprinkle with cheese.

Chill covered with foil for 6-8 hours.

Bake covered, at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes or just until the eggs are set.  Let stand, covered for 5 minutes.  Spread with salsa. Serve immediately with the sour cream and guacamole.

Yield 12-15 Servings

I also like to serve it with corn chips on the side.



Summer ready feet. Home pedicure.

Summer ready feet

Sandal weather is upon us and it’s time to get those feet looking beautiful. If you don’t want to spend money getting a pedicure. Do it yourself at home, it’s easy!

Step 1: Remove nail polish.

Remove all of the old nail polish, preferably using a remover that does not contain acetone. Acetone is not necessary for removing a basic nail color. I like using Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover or Western Family Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover Protein Enriched.

Step 2: Soak feet.

Fill up a bowl with warm water. If you’d like, add essential oils or bath salts to the water. Soak your feet for 10 minutes. Remove and dry.

Step 3: Smooth cracked feet.

Using a pumice stone, move it in circular motions over dry patches. This will get your feet looking smooth and healthy. Use a healthy foot cream to moisturize feet. I like to use Eucerine Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream or Dermal Therapy Heel Care. You can find both of those at any grocery store.

Step 4: Prep toenails.

Use a cuticle pusher (or an orange stick) to reveal your nailbed. Be gentle, the cuticle area can be sensitive. If your cuticles are really hard, use CND Solar Oil which will help loosen them. This will make it easier for the nail polish to stay on. After pushing back cuticles, buff nailbed to remove any yellowing. Start with the gritty side and end with the smoothing side. Go over nails one more time with nail polish remover to get everything off.

Step 5: Nail Polish.

You are now finished prepping your feet and toe nails, now for the fun part. Start with a base coat and let that dry for a minute or two before applying color. Add two coats of color and end with a clear top coat. Let that dry completely before doing anything else. Once nail polish is dry, you can use a Q-tip with polish remover to get off any nail color you may have gotten on the skin.

Step 6: Add oil.

End with putting  oil on your cuticles such as Tea Tree Oil, which will help prevent fungal infections or OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil.

Now you are ready to wear your strapy sandals and show off those beautiful  feet! Enjoy the warmer weather and don’t forget to keep up on your feet so they stay healthy and moisturized.




Those who have gone before us can still greatly bless our lives, but only if we don’t forget them.
Inspiration, Stories


Today I wore my favorite pearl necklace. These pearls are one of my most precious possessions, not because they are real or expensive, they are neither of those things. The reason they are priceless to me is because they belonged to my grandmother, a person I never met.

When my dad was 10 years old, she kissed him goodbye and told him she would return soon, she was on her way to go give birth.   My dad knew in his heart that he would never see her again and hid under a table and cried uncontrollably.

My grandmother died that day as she gave birth to a baby boy. I grew up loving this wonderful woman because of the stories my dad shared with me. He shared every memory he had of her, all her teachings and tender things she did for him. In turn, her mother and sister who helped to raise my dad, made sure he knew everything about her short life.

Her teachings and memory live on. Her example has helped shape my life.

These powerful words were written about her in 1948 in “The Evangelic Herald of the Central Presbyterian Church” in Chile, where she lived.

“Death snatches a life from us, a life full of youth, full of hope and promise. This time it is a flower at the height of her beauty, a life already consecrated by selfless motherhood. She was an enchanting woman. Everything about her gave the impression of health, of goodness, of serene trust in the future. I am certain no one ever looked at her face, even in passing her on the street, without feeling the breath of her grace and her goodness, without smiling inside, feeling that a ray of light had lit up their path for an instant. To know her intimately was a privilege. Seven months of forced inactivity must have made her, who was all motion and enthusiasm and life, suffer deeply. But she made of her sick bed a throne, of her room a little vestibule of heaven. She didn’t complain, she didn’t frown. Her two little children had the occasion to bask in her maternal selflessness and sweetness, in turn lavishing their affection and care upon her. For those of us who went there, that was a school of faith, of sublime trust, of holy abnegation.

Of our friend and sister in the faith, I believe we can say that “it was easier to be good when she was with us” because she was action and inspiration. And how the world needs characters like that, capable of acting themselves, but also of inspiring others for the good of the community.”

When I read these words about my grandmother, they inspire me and I am reminded that I need to be a better person.

This week, I hope we can all remember that there are stories that need to be preserved. That people deserve to be remembered. Those who have gone before us can still greatly bless our lives, but only if we don’t forget them.



The unforgettable groom

The unforgettable groom

All week long at Salt Sky we have been talking about weddings.  Love is in the air and preparations are on the way for weddings of all kinds. The bride seems to get all the attention on that special day, but let’s not forget that the groom is just as important.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky with four awesome sons-in-law, but somehow they have come into the family and right into my heart.  I loved watching each one of them on their wedding day, in love and beaming with joy.  They all looked so handsome.

Here is what each one of them wore and why…


Devan Baucom chose to purchase a new suit for the day of his wedding.  He wanted something that he could wear for many years to come. Jos A. Bank at City Creek Center, measured him and altered the suit beautifully as well as fit him with a new white shirt.  His groomsmen all wore matching silk copper colored bowties.  Because it was a backyard wedding, this look fit in nicely.

Photo By Emiie -367

Griffin May wore a beautiful fitted black tuxedo for his day. It was elegant and fit just right. He gave his groomsmen suspenders and matching ties.  It was a hot summer night and leaving the jacket off was nice.

PK 907

Kyle Sansom wore a tuxedo with a silver vest for a more formal look.  His groomsmen all wore dark suits and were given a nice silver tie which fit this October, indoor event just right.


Greg aka Bubba Fenton , chose a formal tuxedo with a gold tie. His groomsmen wore these nice tan suits which worked out great for a warm summer indoor wedding.

Whatever you choose to wear on your special day, try to wear something to fit the venue, be comfortable and see that your suit or tuxedo compliments your bride. A nice boutonniere always finishes off the look just right. It should be small and simple.

Enjoy the day, it will be unforgettable!


The perfect dress, local review
Specialty Shops

The Perfect Dress

Located: 2278 East Murray Holladay Road
Holladay, Utah
Hours: By Appointment
Phone: 801-568-3737
This week is bridal week on the blog and our local review spotlights The Perfect Dress in Holladay, Utah. The Perfect dress is a lovely bridal shop that reminds me of one of those beautiful boutiques from the movies, where you see the bride twirling in the front of the mirror, surrounded by fairytale dresses, located off a cobblestone street. The Perfect Dress gives you the feel you’ve always dreamed of when you pictured yourself trying on wedding dresses. It’s the ultimate dress up experience.

The perfect dress, local review

The Perfect Dress opened in 1998 by owner Robyn Dunn. She had searched for fashionable and affordable gowns for her daughters and couldn’t find what she was looking for. This inspired her to open her now successful and beautiful bridal shop. Robyn runs and operates the shop with her daughters. You’ll also find some sweet and friendly women there that make your gown shopping a stress free and memorable experience. Not only do they have a knowledgeable and experienced staff, but they also have some wonderfully gifted seamstresses that work solely for The Perfect Dress and are ready to adjust your dress, just as you want it.

perfect dress local review

The Perfect dress carries the most popular designers in the bridal industry and one thing I absolutely love is that they design and carry their own gowns as well. Have you been searching for something that you can’t find anywhere else or that you haven’t seen before? What about a gown with a sleeve that makes you feel as beautiful as the models in your bridal magazines? Well then, it seems that you might need to make an appointment with The Perfect Dress!

The perfect dress, local review

salt sky giveaway, valued at $85!

The Perfect Dress has been so kind to our readers, they are giving one lucky bride her wedding day jewelry! Enter to win a pair of pearl earrings and a beautiful bracelet on our Instagram and Facebook pages.   These are even more gorgeous in person.  This gift is valued at over $85. And one more thing to make the parents of the bride just as happy… All of our readers can redeem this coupon for $100 off any in stock bridal gown over $299!

$100 off The Perfect Dress

The perfect dress, local review

Now it’s time for the very most important thing you need for your wedding day… the perfect dress.

The perfect dress, local review

Have you been visiting all of our must see shops around town? Well lets see those pics, tag us or email those photos… you just might see your photo right here on a special local review feature! Until next week, xoxo.
For more information about Local Reviews, click here.



wedding planner, food & flowers

Wedding planning: food & flowers

As part of our bridal week, we are talking about food & flowers, two important parts of your event planning!

Flowers are probably my favorite part of the wedding, they absolutely make the event and they’ll set the tone for the night. There are lots of “do it yourself” options when it comes to weddings, but I would leave this one to the pros. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding flowers, but I also wouldn’t cut corners here. There are so many talented florists that will make all your floral dreams come true.  I’ve found one for you that I think will meet your budget while giving you that amazing design you’ve been pinning…. May Flowers.

To make it even sweeter, May Flowers is giving you a FREE bridal bouquet when you book your wedding with them by September 30, 2015. Read all about them at or call for a consultation at 801-661-2855.

wedding flowers & food planner!

Now let’s talk food! When hosting a formal sit down dinner, food planning is easier because you will have guests RSVP but when you are having a buffet at your wedding, here’s a great formula for figuring out how many people to plan for: (#of invitations sent out) X (2) – (60%) = # of people to plan for.

For example:
500 invitations, X2 = 1,000 people -60% = 400
You would plan on food for 400 people. Remember to also remove from this number all the out of town people that will not be attending.

Here are a couple of options to consider when planning your day.

There are a lot of catering companies that will let you pick through an entire menu and set up every detail. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to worry about anything after you pick the menu. It will be ready to go when you get to the reception. The downside is that you generally can’t add any of your own food or desserts.  You also probably won’t be able to change quantities of food, for example, if you think that your guests will eat less meat and more salads, you might not be able to change that because you are being charged by the plate.  But, how wonderful is it to have everything taken care of?

wedding food & flowers planner

Another option is choosing a restaurant or catering company that will allow you to order exactly what you need and add in some food of your own. The plus side to this option is that it allows you to save lots of money by bringing some of your own food and desserts. The down side is that it is a ton of work and some extra stress. However, if you have some really great helpers, you can have the catered food delivered, add in the food you’ve prepared and set up your buffet table however you’d like.

Lastly, two great ways to serve your wedding cake that aren’t traditional but loved: Mini cupcakes on a cake stand at every table so guests eat sweets while they mingle. Or have a sheet cake version also made of your wedding cake that is served to guests throughout the night. Not just at the end of the reception when the cake is cut. (Read about this idea at Eliza’s wedding here.) Your guests will love eating the cake throughout the party. We have done both of these options for our weddings and they were a hit!

wedding flowers & food planner!

wedding flowers & food planner!

Do you need some cake ideas? Cakes by Katelyn will be exhibiting at the Bridal Extravaganza this weekend and has some beautiful cakes and cookies. We served her sugar cookies at one of our weddings and they were loved! Cakes by Katelyn also has a great surprise for everyone at the show, she’ll be introducing the wedding cookie tower! She and Custom Soda Labels are giving away 4 tickets to come see them at the Bridal Extravaganza, Saturday, April 18 at the South Towne Expo Center 11:00-5:30. Katelyn is also giving one lucky winner a cookie bouquet to pick up at the show!  Enter on our Instagram & Facebook pages. We will announce the 3 winners on Friday, April 17.

wedding flowers & food planner!

IMPORTANT! Once the reception gets going, you won’t remember details like taking home left over food. Make sure your catering company or kitchen helpers know that you want all the extra food boxed up to take home. You’d be amazed at the left overs you and your family can enjoy after the wedding is over. You don’t want all that food being thrown away or taken back, you’ll pay the same amount either way. It’s also a great idea to have a little to go bag of food or desserts to send off with the bride & groom. They generally don’t eat enough and are starving after the long day. They would just love to take something yummy with them to their hotel.

Happy planning and remember to enjoy it, it’s not as scary and stressful as you might think. Surround yourself with friends, family and talented businesses that are ready to help and you’ll look back on this time with some amazing memories!

*If you’re still deciding on wedding colors, take a look at our 2015 wedding colors post for some inspiration and great ideas.