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Albion Basin/Albion Meadows Trail

A must do this time of summer is to take a drive up to Alta Ski Resort and walk the Albion Basin/Albion Meadows trail. There are so many beautiful wildflowers this time of year and the scenery is breath taking. This trail is easy for the whole family to do. We hiked with 6 kids from newborn to 8 years old and everyone was able to do it and had a great time. This would also be fabulous for a romantic evening hike.

albion trail

Travel to the end of Little Cottonwood Road just after you pass Alta Ski Resort. There is an information booth that you drive pass and park in the parking lot below. If you have any questions, there are such friendly and helpful people at the information booth. After you park, head down the stairs by the Albion Grill to the trail head.

albion alta trail

There are so many gorgeous views, an old ski lift chair to sit on and watch the creek water below.  Some trivia facts about the native animals along the trail labeled “ski-cology” hanging on trees throughout the trail. This kept our kids entertained the whole time, not to mention the giant boulders that they had to climb.


You’ll want to remember that it’s a little bit cooler on the trail so it’s a good idea to remember a jacket or sweatshirt as well as:
-good shoes (hiking shoes are best because of rocky parts of the trail)
-plenty of water
-snacks or lunch depending on the length of your hike
-long pants

If you have lots of energy, take the trail all the way up to Cecret Lake. It’s a little more challenging but worth the view and relaxing time sitting by the water. Have the best time exploring another gorgeous Utah activity!


Summer activities featured so far this summer…stay tuned each week for additional activities!
Terraces-Elbow Fork Trail
5 Splash Pads to Visit this Summer
7 Wonder of the World Balloon Exhibit
Swaner Eco Center & Newpark Hotel
Utah Olympic Park
Nature Hunt & Picnic
Snowbird Stay & Play
Visit Historic Spring City
Albion Basin/Albion Meadows Trail


chadwick design lighting found on
Specialty Shops

Chadwick Design Lighting

Located: 9854 South 700 East
Sandy, Utah
Phone: 801-808-9656
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00, Saturday by appointment

chadwick design lighting found on

There’s something about lighting that can change the whole feel of a home.  My favorite thing to do in a room is to put in a new light fixture.  But I want it to be unique and fit the style of the room, so my go to place for the past 10+ years is Chadwick Lighting Design.

They have 17 years of experience, and specialize in Mid Century Modern design and will deliver and supply bulbs at no charge! I know what you’re thinking, these fixtures must come with a large price tag… you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they have amazing pricing and will beat any price. I had a pretty small budget but wanted a light fixture that I fell in love with on Houzz (where I spend too much time) and it was about double what I wanted to spend, so I went to visit Chadwick Design Lighting and found one that was almost the same (even better) for my budget price.

;ivex parade 2 (1)

Chad Weichers is the owner and designer of Chadwick Design Lighting. His work and lighting fixtures are found in homes in Utah and surrounding states including many Parade of Homes Houses. You’ll find excellent customer service when shopping at Chadwick. They’ll sit down with you and help you find exactly what you’re looking for to fit your style. They will even do in home consultations.

Whether you’re looking for a single light fixture or to outfit an entire home, you’ll get expert advice and service. I have been able to get to know Chad through business and I can honestly say that I consider him one of my friends, and I think anyone that walks into Chadwick will feel the same way.

DVI Parade 3

Do you have a photo of something you’ve been searching for? Chances are Chadwick Design Lighting has it or can get it for you. If you’re looking to update a room, or you’re a designer that needs an experienced, excellent lighting company, you’ll be so happy that you found Chadwick Design Lighting.

DVI Parade 1

To make this shopping experience even better than it already is… Chadwick Design Lighting is giving ALL of our followers a 50% off any item coupon! Could you die? I know, all your lighting dreams are coming true as we speak. Take this coupon in when you visit, it’s valid through the end of the year!



Chadwick Design Lighting is also giving away a shabby chic chandelier (photo below) to one of our followers.  How great is that!? Can you see it hanging in your home now? For details and to enter visit our Instagram and Facebook page. Good luck! We hope you absolutely love Chadwick Design Lighting.

shabby chic crystal mini (1)

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Fathers and Daughters – 7 things that make all the difference

I married the man of my dreams. I’m not going to lie, he came with a few rough edges that were quickly polished when he became a father. This tough guy’s heart can melt in seconds the minute his daughters throw their arms around him and call him daddy. I have to admit I used to get a little jealous, there is a bond between them that is only understood by them. When our girls were little, they would cry uncontrollably when their dad left for work. Until my friend Liz Diamond taught me a song to sing to them that goes like this… “Daddy has to go to work so he can earn some money, so he can buy some bread and milk for his little honey.” I had to sing this every morning as they waved good-bye to him.

Here are 7 things that make all the difference in a father-daughter relationship.

He lets them know what his expectations are.

About education, relationships, modest dress, who they date and marry,  Always allowing them to make their own choices. His daughters know what their father wishes for them but they also know that he loves them even if they choose something different.

Is present at their events.

He has been to more dance performances than he cares to admit. But one thing is sure, he was always present and that meant the world to our daughters. Some of these events he described as “painful” especially when they were young. In high school and college the performances became moving, though he did throw his arms up in the air and cheered when he saw our daughter’s senior piece and last dance. Watch out, here come the granddaughter’s ballet performances!

Is gentle in times of trouble.

Three out of our four daughters wrecked their cars in the first year of driving. A pretty expensive time in our lives to say the least. Every time they called me first, worried more about how mad their dad would be than anything else. To their surprise, their father gently took them in his arms and let them know that he was so grateful that they were not more seriously hurt. Dried their tears and took them home. No lecture, no punishment. Just calm words of advise, caution and a gentle lesson on better driving skills.

Creates meaningful memories.

From family vacations to activities around town. These times are full of conversation, stories, songs in the car, hikes, eating out, picnics in the park, long walks, a trip to get an ice-cream cone. And not just activities, our girls have great memories of their dad dressing them and doing their hair. It horrified me that he took them out in public with outfits he chose because they rarely matched. But they loved it and so did he.

Gives them “the look”.

Our girls claim that their dad has a look, so scary that from when they were tiny all it took was a look and they knew to behave. From church to restaurants to any public place, the look has actually been very helpful. On the other hand, he also has a look that can say “I love you” to them from across the room.

Talks openly about boys and men.

His girls know how a man should treat them because of the numerous conversations he has had with them on all kinds of topics. He has been known to shew away a few boyfriends that did not meet his approval. The girls eventually saw the light and thanked him. Once, when our oldest daughter was in college, as she was picked up for a date, a nice looking young man panicked as he recognized who her dad was, his former high school principal. He started talking fast and in a nervous voice said: “Mr. Dowdle, I have changed, I promise.” We got a kick out of that one!

Let’s them know he loves their mother.

Ok, I have to admit this one touches my heart and is my favorite one. Nothing means more to daughters, than a father who often reminds them of his love for their mother and shows it in how he treats her and speaks to her. His example is so powerful that when choosing their husbands, they look for that gentle side.




childrens library diy

DIY children’s home library

Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to get my kids to read even though they seem to really like it. I read an article once that talked about how the most successful people in life have libraries whether it be in exquisite, giant homes or small lofts. I want my kids to be successful and I know that reading and learning through books is one great way to start them in the right direction.

I looked around our house and couldn’t find any place where I could make a library, until I was cleaning out the basement and realized that the closet under the stairs was not only huge but full of junk that didn’t have a home. My husband and I cleaned it out, went to IKEA, rounded up all the children’s books in the house and turned it into a mini kids library. The children absolutely love it and when I tell them it’s time to read, they run downstairs and sit in their library until the timer goes off. This closet makeover cost me about $50 and and evening of a little bit of work. It’s worth every cent.

Are you feeling like you need a library or reading nook? Well here are some must haves for your kids’ library….

Empty out under the stairs… I would have taken a before photo but I don’t want to admit to the storage mess 😉



IKEA book shelf, this one is $19.99 and the perfect size for the back of the closet, 3 feet tall.



IKEA spice racks ($3.99) on the wall for holding books, pillows and runner rug.








Done!  I hope you have the best time creating your kid library, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!





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A sacrifice to remember

I once had a cousin from Chile visit us for the summer. He had waited a lifetime to visit Utah and his excitement showed the minute we were all reunited. Aside from wanting to visit temple square right away, he had just two requests: eat a real cowboy meal and get a picture taken with someone who has pioneer heritage.

We laughed and pointed straight to my husband and told him that we could do better than that, we could show him pictures and artifacts that pioneer relatives had carried across the plains to Salt Lake City.

Then, we took him to Cowboy Grub and ordered him a pot roast dinner.

Sometimes I forget what a blessing and privilege it is to live in Utah. I forget that thousands walked across the plains of the United States to escape religious violence and persecution. I forget that along the way, they buried spouses and children and kept walking but with heavier hearts.

I never tire of hearing their stories. I wonder if I would have been able to have their courage and conviction.

This week and always, I want to wake up and look out my window and give thanks for the beautiful Rocky Mountains that surround me. I want to feel gratitude for the freedom to practice my religion without fear. I want to remember all those around me who are the result of courageous, humble, and strong ancestors who not only came to live in the Salt Lake Valley, but also immediately upon arrival went about beautifying their surroundings with seeds and saplings they had brought to plant. I want to appreciate the gorgeous structures they erected, which we can still enjoy today.

I hope this week, we can take a moment to stop and recognize the full worth of where we live and how magnificent it truly is.


Lavender Mist DIY


Lavender is known for its ability to calm and soothe the mind and body. It not only promotes relaxation and a restful night’s sleep but its scent is so fresh, clean smelling and pleasing that it makes this oil the most versatile of essential oils.

So grab a fine mist spray bottle, dark if possible.  (Available on our shop.)

Fill it up almost to the top with distilled water. (Available at grocery store.)

Add 30 drops of pure essential Lavender oil. Don’t use a fragrance oil (synthetic made in a lab, mostly propylene glycol )  Use only pure essential oils (Pure plant oils extracted via distillation.) Available at Dave’s Health & Nutrition and Young Living.

Cover with lid and shake.

Here are our 8 favorite places to spray this delicious and easy to make lavender mist.

  • Spray sheets and pillow lightly before bed and when you make your bed.
  • Spray several times into your wet laundry before turning on the dryer.
  • Use as a room spray before guests arrive.
  • Spray on countertops when cleaning.
  • Spray the towels that are hanging in the bathroom.
  • Before wrapping baby, spray swaddling blanket.
  • Spray on wrinkled clothing before ironing.
  • Spray the carpet in your car.

You will fall in love with your lavender mist, and you’ll want to keep a bottle in several rooms throughout the house. It makes such a nice gift too.  Click here to see our fine mist spray bottles on our shop!

Put a few bottles together and make someone’s day!







soho food park

SOHO Food Park

Located: 4747 South Holladay Blvd
Holladay, Utah
Hours: Monday-Saturday TBA follow Instagram for announcements
Instagram: @sohofoodpark

Who loves food trucks? If you’re like us, you wait to hear where your favorite truck is going to be and drive all over the city to find them. Well of course, we fell in love with the new and fabulous SOHO Food Park located in Holladay, Utah. The food park is a place where all your favorite trucks gather Monday- Saturday for lunch and dinner. Now you can count on food trucks to always be in one place.

Owners, Mark & Shelly Olsen are lovers of food trucks and have enjoyed finding them on their travels throughout the U.S. They decided that they really wanted to create a food truck park that would give the best food trucks in Utah a place to come together and the community to gather. SOHO has quickly become a gathering hot spot in Holladay City.


SOHO Food Park has seating for 100 people and will be open year round. They will soon be announcing a summer concert series and movie nights at the food park. In the winter, you’ll be able to visit the trucks and then head over to a heated tent to enjoy your delicious food.

soho food park

Follow @sohofoodpark and they will post the food truck line up of the day and hours that they will be there. If you have a food truck and you are interested in SOHO, email them at for more information. SOHO Food Park Snowie, Lizzy Lu Gelato, Chop City & Rubadue’s Saucey Skillet are each giving a $15 gift card to our followers! 4 lucky winners will be announced next week. To enter and for details, check out our Instagram.  Here’s a little info about each of these awesome trucks…

soho food park

Lizzy Lu Gelato opened last year by partners Jenny Hale and Karlyn Smith. They found a fabulous 1950’s trailer that they transformed into their gelato truck. Named after daughters Lizzy and Lucy, Lizzy Lu Gelato has been a family favorite in Holladay City and now they’re excited to be a part of SOHO Food Park. Lizzy Lu is not only a great place for your gelato sweet tooth but they also cater weddings and events. You won’t be disappointed when you visit Lizzy Lu Gelato… try the raspberry gelato if you want to be in heaven. Find @lizzylugelato on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

lizzy lu gelato

Chop City is a favorite of bacon lovers everywhere. Partners Andrew Simeona and Geoff Patmides opened Chop City food truck and catering service in Fall of 2014. They take delicious dishes from around the world and add their own twist to them by adding bacon. Holladay City has fallen in love with Chop City. Chef Geoff is constantly creating new dishes and specials that keep customers coming back. If you haven’t tried Chop City, it should probably be on the date night schedule this weekend. Find @chopcityslc on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

chop city

Rubadue’s Saucey Skillet has been on the streets of Salt Lake City and Park City since 2012. They classify their food as “high quality comfort food” and serve items such as chicken pesto sandwiches, Thai red curry card cakes and pulled pork sliders. They pride themselves on the quality of food and short wait times so check out this truck for some soon to be favorites! Find @sauceyskillet on Twitter & Facebook.

saucey skillet

We hope you enjoy SOHO Food Park as much as we do. Plan a fun family night or a place to meet your friends, pick your favorite foods and sit down for a great night. There’s nothing better than getting together with people you love and eating something fabulous!

Stay tuned for a grand opening event at SOHO Food Park, we will keep you posted on the date.

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Family Adventures & Travel

Cinque Terre, a magical place

The Cinque Terre is one of those places you see in movies and hear about in fairytales.  A place way too good to be true and a place I never thought I’d make it to.  If you’ve never heard about the Cinque Terre allow me to enlighten you.

It’s not a single place, rather it’s a chain of small, colorful towns along the coast of Italy.  Each town is painted in bright shades of yellow, orange, pink and red and have beautiful hiking trails between them.  I spent 2 days with my husband hiking along the coast and soaking up the Italian sun.  I can’t give you a description of this place that could do it justice.  All I can say is that the food tastes better, the flowers are bigger and the colors seem brighter.  There are gardens, vineyards, cliffs, caves and towers. There are endless trails to explore and at night the whole place lights up with fireflies.  But don’t take it from me, see it for yourself.  Here’s a few tips to get you started.


1. Purchase the Cinque Terre trekking card.  Every train station in northern Italy sells these passes, it gives you unlimited access to the train between the cities and access to the parks.  It’s valid for as one, two or three days.  Always have it with you! The fine is expensive if you’re caught without one.

2.  Stay in a hostel.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “hostels are gross.” and you’re right for the most part.  But they have private room hostels that are clean and adorable in every city.  It gives you an authentic, small village feel and it’s affordable.  Our hostel was covered in rose bushes high up on the mountains and it made us feel like we had our own little cottage.

3.  Eat pesto and focaccia.  This region is famous for their local grown, fresh pesto and hand made focaccia bread.  It will be the best food you have in Italy, you have my word.









Spring City, Utah
Family Adventures & Travel

Discover Spring City, Utah

Today we visited a historic town in Utah called Spring City located 1 hour 20 minutes from Salt Lake City. Enter through Spanish Fork canyon that is gorgeous to drive through. The canyon has giant windmills, train tunnels, a river, and beautiful rock formations leading to Spring City.

Spring City, Utah

Spring City was settled a few years after the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley and you’ll see the history in the architecture. In the beginning, Danish settlers lived on one side of town and the English speaking settlers lived on the other side because they couldn’t communicate with each other. We really enjoyed learning about the history of Spring City as we toured.

Spring City, Utah 2

One of our favorite stops was the Joseph Bennion Horseshoe Mountain Pottery Shop, where wood fired pottery will take your breath away. We love this pottery so much, several members of our family own pieces that are used on a regular basis.  The craftsmanship is impressive.  Be sure to stop at the Das Cafe (Old Confectionary) on Main Street for lunch.

Another great place to eat is Cavaliers Pizza, just outside of town.  It is a locally owned restaurant that is owned by the town’s grocery store. Because of this, the produce is brought in fresh every morning and cooked to perfection!

Spring City, Utah

The museum on Main Street is a must see with it’s jail in the backyard. The museum houses historic old books that you can touch, if you are very careful, as well as antique clothing, china, photos, and tools.

There are also some handcrafted items for sale made by the residents who are just the friendliest and nicest people.

Spring City, Utah

If you want to take a beautiful scenic ride, visit a historic town, and enjoy a little piece of the past, then you’ll love this getaway.  That is why we’ve named it as one of our favorites in the Salt Sky Summer Series. A little tip… Monday is not the best day to visit, some of the shops are closed including Das Cafe. There’s also a Bluegrass Festival & Gallery Stroll coming up July 31-August 1. They’ll have music, workshops, fine art, crafts and food. For more information check out their facebook page.

Spring City, Utah 1

We hope you enjoy Spring City! See you next week for another great Summer activity around the beautiful state of Utah. Follow us on Instagram @saltskyutah for notifications of posts and activities you won’t want to miss.

Spring City stops:
-Endowment House and Relief Society House
-Horseshoe Mountain Pottery
-Orson Hyde Home
-Old Rock Church
-Niels Borresen House
-Old Spring City School
-Bishop’s Storehouse
-Das Cafe
-Lyceum Theater
-Old Firehouse
-Old Spring City, near gas station on Center Street
-Schofield Mercantile
-Old Spring City Cemetery
-Old Service Station

Summer activities featured so far this summer…stay tuned each week for additional activities!
Terraces-Elbow Fork Trail
5 Splash Pads to Visit this Summer
7 Wonder of the World Balloon Exhibit
Swaner Eco Center & Newpark Hotel
Utah Olympic Park
Nature Hunt & Picnic
Snowbird Stay & Play
Visit Historic Spring City


"Do this in memory for me"
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No greater love

In 2013, Catholic bishop, the Most Reverend Lawrence E. Brandt, Bishop of Greensburg, gave an excellent address to his congregation. His words touch my heart every time I read them. Today I was reflecting on its powerful message. . .

“Most of us have some sort of work clothes: the suit and tie for the office, the scrubs for the hospital or clinic, the jeans and flannel shirts for the work site, the uniform that identifies the role we play in the community. For some, the work day begins by putting on an apron. If your job requires you to wear an apron, you go full bore into your work. When you tie on an apron you know you’re going to get dirty; you’re going to be up to your elbows in bread batter or motor oil or sawdust or whatever gooey, greasy substance your work requires. Apron-wearers take what they do seriously. In all probability, wearing an apron means you will be working in the service of others: cooking, serving, cleaning, repairing.

Tonight’s Gospel begins with Jesus putting on an apron — no more than a thin towel or rag. He then begins the humiliating, degrading work of washing the feet of his friends at table with him. He is their revered rabbi; he is the respected presider of the meal — and yet, he puts on the apron of a servant, picks up the basin and pitcher, and takes on a task that would normally be done by the lowliest slave. His apron makes his point: to be a disciple of his means to put aside one’s cloak of self-interest or one’s robe of privilege and put on the apron of humble service. Our baptismal gowns are really aprons; the apron is our real vestment, our real habit. The apron is Jesus’ last and most important parable.

In the parable of the apron, Jesus asks all of us who would be his disciples to put aside our cloaks of pride, of fear, of self, and put on the servant’s apron and take up the towel and basin of the foot-washer. To bend down to wash the foot of another person requires a spirit of humility and selflessness, of respect and love for the other; to allow another to wash our feet requires us to trust, to let go of our compulsion to be in control, to acknowledge our need to be healed and forgiven.”

This week, let’s all take the time to reflect upon the love, humility, and strength of the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ, the perfect example we should all emulate.


It's all about the calories
Health & Fitness

It’s all about the calories

It is important for us to know what calories are and what impact they have on our bodies.  Do calories matter? Yes. But, do we need to write every calorie down? Not necessarily.  We should have a good idea about the amount we should have per day and try to stick to it.  Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain it, you should think of your calorie intake and exercise as a scale. Calories and exercise should be balanced if you want to maintain your weight.

I began doing this a few years ago and I felt so good in my own body! I finally felt that I was in the shape that I have always wanted to be in. So please, stop thinking about the next diet that you are going to go on and simply eat proper portions and find a level of physical activity to match your goals. Going on a nice walk everyday could be plenty.

There are many resources to help you understand the kind of food and how much food you should be eating a day.  My favorite reference is, You can see exactly what you need according to your weight and age. I encourage you to check it out.

Tips to cutting portion sizes 

1. Share a meal with a friend at a restaurant (you will also save money).

2. Eat healthy small snacks in between meals.

3. Being hungry and dehydrated have a similar feeling, sometimes your body just needs water.  When you get hungry drink a tall glass of water, wait 10-15 minutes if you are still hungry EAT.

4. Eat slowly, this will give your mind time to tell you when you are done eating.

5. Only eat until you are satisfied. Try not to eat until you are full!

6. Serve yourself a small plate of food, wait five minutes after you are done to decide whether or not you you need more food.

This can be a difficult change. There is a saying that it only takes 2 weeks to create a habit, keep at it and it will become second nature.  Believe that you can make a life change and I promise you can make it happen!


Fezzari review on
Specialty Shops


Located: 850 West 200 South
Lindon, Utah
Phone: 801-471-0440
Hours: 10:00-5:30 Monday-Friday, 10:00-2:00 Saturday

I have always enjoyed biking, mostly just rolling around the neighborhood and scenic bike rides in my favorite places like Park City. My husband and dad have been into road biking for a long time, and absolutely love it. They feel better, are fit, it makes them happy and they see the most beautiful places.

Since having four kids, I decided that I really need to get out and exercise but the thought of running makes me want to cry and gives me nightmares about running the mile in high school gym class.  However, road biking, I think, I could get into. It combines my interests of fitness with being outdoors, which I love, so win, win!

I started looking at bikes and got a little spooked by the prices, but then I found a company where I can get a great bike for a price I’m more comfortable with… That’s why I’m excited to share Fezzari with you this week.

Fezzari on

Fezzari is a Utah based company that manufacturers their own bikes. This eliminates the middle man and gives the customer great prices. Do some searching and you will find that Fezzari bikes are 30-50% less than most bikes. Since they manufacture their own bikes, they are more quickly able to adjust to trends and what their customers are looking for. All bikes are backed by a lifetime warranty and local customers get free maintenance for a year.

60% of Fezzari sales come from repeat customers and referrals which makes for happy, loyal customers.  You’ll also see Utah’s very own, Iron Cowboy riding a Fezzari bike in his 50-50-50!

fezzari review

Fezzari began 8 years ago by owner and president, Chris Washburn. His goal was to engineer, design, customize and fit bikes to individual customers. Their motto is: custom, quality, direct. Every customer that buys from Fezzari will have their bike fit to their body, height, weight, age and make cycling comfortable for the type of riding that they want to do. This is included in the purchase of the bike where it generally costs around $150 at other places.

Fezzari on

You’ll find all types of bikes at Fezzari from road to mountain to commuters and bikes for all skill levels. Outside Magazine recently named the Fore CR5 one of seven best bikes of the year.  Whether you’re pretty sure you qualify to ride in Le Tour de France or just wanting to get into the sport that contributes to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Fezzari. You’ll also love their staff, their goal is excellent customer service and you really feel that when you visit.

Fezzari review on

Need a little nudge to go check out Fezzari? Well, they are giving a lucky Salt Sky follower one of their highest end floor pumps! See details and enter to win on our Instagram & Facebook pages. AND… all of our followers will receive a $50 accessory credit with any purchase of a bicycle! Show this post on your mobile device when you check out, offer expires 8/15/15.  Join me and let’s go pick out some awesome bikes!

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