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What you should be doing now as the holidays are quickly approaching
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What you should be doing now as the Holiday season approaches

The holidays are closer than you think. What’s one thing that you don’t have any plans to do soon but should be doing right now? Christmas cards. That’s right, the best time to do your cards is right now! Here are some things to consider:

1. Handmade: There’s something so timeless and personal about beautiful papers and handwritten cards.
2. Calligraphy: Teach yourself calligraphy or beautiful penmanship and hand address your envelopes. It’s rarely done and simply elegant.
3. Emboss: This may be my new favorite hobby. Find an embossing heat tool, metallic powders and stamps. Emboss the inside of card or the back of an envelope for a classic touch.
4. Photographs: Every Christmas card should have a photograph. Family & friends want to see you, your children or grandchildren. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is put all the photos of people I love on a wall. My kids could look at them all day. Where to go to get your photographs done?

High End: Our pick for high end is the very stunning, Busath Photography. Busath gives an elegant look to your photos and will even create your Christmas cards for you. They are most definitely made to impress. This is a great option for fancy or casual photography in studio or in their beautiful outdoor gardens. Their work is timeless with experienced and award winning photographers. Busath is running an awesome promotion right now!  Buy a gift certificate for a portrait session and get a second session to gift or use yourself for FREE!  Call them asap to book this offer.  Contact info below.


Mid-range: We have chosen Lexi Rae Photography as a fabulous mid-range priced photographer. Lexi Rae creates colorful and creative photos in your favorite outdoor locations. You’ll love the personality in these photos. Lexi Rae Photography has given all of our follower a $25 discount off a session and an additional 10 images. Just mention this post to her when you book. Booking info below.


Inexpensive: Backdropz is a studio with different backgrounds. You just find the one you want, take photos in a quick session and you have your photos in minutes.  This is also a great last minute option. Backdropz can generally get you in either the same day or within a couple of days. Backdrop is giving all of our followers 25% off your session plus a FREE 11×14!  Booking info & discount code below.

Are you ready to get working on those cards? Yes, they take some work but you’ll be so happy you sent them and the people that receive them will love them even more. Do you have any questions or need help finding certain supplies? Leave a comment below, I have so many great places and tricks to share!


Busath Photography: read about them and find booking info here. Instagram @busath_outtakes, Facebook Busath Photography.  Call and mention the Buy one get one FREE session offer on Salt Sky!

Lexi Rae Photography: website here, Instagram @lexirae101, Facebook Lexi Rae Photo, email to book a session.


Backdropz: Book on their website here, Instagram @backdropz, Facebook Backdropz.wsx

salt sky follower Backdropz coupon

the health benefits of laughter.
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the health benefits of laughter

Laughing is like a yawn, once you see someone do it you can’t help but join in.  You always feel good after a hardy laugh! Have you ever wondered what that great feeling is doing to your health? Well, when you share a laugh with others, intimacy is strengthened and creates better relationships. Maybe that is why when someone is looking for their sole mate they always say, “I want to find someone who makes me laugh.”

There is more then just strengthening relationships associated with laughing., a guide to mental health and well-being says that “Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. With so much power to heal and renew, the ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing your relationships, and supporting both physical and emotional health.”

I love that it also strengthens your immune system, and boosts your energy. Laughing can protect you from the negative effects of stress, so it acts like a medicine.  A good hearty laugh improves your heart’s health, it improves the functions of the blood vessels and increases blood flow. This can protect you from heart attacks and cardiovascular complications.

So maybe the next time you are home sick, pop in your favorite comedy.  Or if you have a friend that is going through a tough time, spend time with him or her and have a laugh.  Heal with the power of laughter!

Keep laughing, and remember that when you are spreading laughter you are really spreading good health.


5 family halloween games
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5 Family Halloween Games

Halloween is such a fun week to get family and friends together for a party or time to spend with your little ones in their classroom parties.  We’ve found some great games with printable and tutorials that will make your party awesome and the best part is… most everything is already done for you!  Click on the links below for everything you need to know from some fun blogs!  Have a great Halloween week!


Halloween Scattergories by The Crafting Chicks


Halloween Charades by Buggy & Buddy


Halloween Bingo by One Creative Mommy

Halloween Scavenger Hunt by Family Volley via The Idea Room

blue i style - PumpkinTicTacToePin

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe by Blue i Style


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Apple dipping family fun

On Sunday, we made caramel apples.  It was so easy and fun!  These delicious, tart apples came from our friend Annette’s tree. Adults and children will enjoy this activity.  Here’s what we did.

Select your apples, wash and dry them.

Clip some twigs from trees for the stem, wash them and insert onto the apples.

Dip apples into hot caramel a couple of times. (Recipe below)

Place them on a buttered surface or on wax paper.

Cut the apples up and enjoy!

applebasket plate dip



1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

2  1/4 cups brown sugar

1 cube butter (use real butter not margarine)

1 cup light Karo syrup

In a sauce pan melt all ingredients on low heat.  Increase heat slightly and bring to a full rolling boil stirring constantly.

Happy Fall apple dipping!


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The most powerful way to change the world

I recently attended a very special dinner.  It was an event that Canyons School District holds each year called Apex Awards, where people who have gone the extra mile in service to the community are recognized.  This year, a state senator, a city mayor and business owners were elected to receive this honor.  But my favorite one that evening was a teacher from Alta High School, Matt Leininger.

Teachers are exceptional people.  They touch lives daily and have an impact on us that will last a lifetime.  Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Teachers don’t go into teaching to get rich, but they enrich lives daily, and that is what makes good teachers an inspiration to us all.

I invite you to take 3 minutes to watch the following interview with Matt Leininger. Then, if you have children or grandchildren, I think you will pray that they can have the chance to have a great teacher like Matt.

This week, let’s take a moment, no matter how much time has gone by, to write a card to a teacher that touched our lives for good.  To say thank you for the way we were changed for the better as a result of their hard work, concern and example. I know it will mean the world.

Watch video by clicking on link here

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Welcoming our Clothing Line Back!

Eight years ago we asked our mom if we could have a corner of her wholesale flower warehouse to sell clothing. The idea seemed funny and not a natural fit, but it took off and became a success overnight. Soon we expanded and took over a larger space and later opened a retail store and loved it. After a short break to have some babies, we are back and so excited to bring you the latest in the clothing industry. You not only will love our prices and quality but will always get free shipping.

From now until November 1, 2015 receive a free pair of earrings with every purchase!

To see our clothing line click here.  Stop by our shop often and follow us on Instagram & Facebook for updates and new arrivals. We’re excited to share our love of clothing with our old & new followers!

So get shopping and get a gift with purchase. Have a happy day!


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This Is the Place Haunted Village

Every Halloween I seek out the best haunted houses, I live for the thrill.  The anticipation of what’s around the corner is enough to convince me to buy the outrageously priced entry tickets.  The Haunted Village surprised me in a number of ways, starting with the price.  I didn’t have to empty my bank account to do a Halloween activity? This was, of course, shocking to me.  The theme the village went with this year was the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales, the storybook characters had escaped and were tormenting the village and small groups walked through to discover where they hid.  The rooms had different themes and as much as I want to tell you all about them, I think you need to go find out for yourself.  I will let you know however that they found creative ways to scare people without using blood and gore.

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with 2 preset

photo 3

I don’t scare easily, ask anyone, I’m the first person to go through a haunted house and I’d go through alone if I could.  There were several people along the path that were camouflaged until they were right up next to your face and I’ll admit that I jumped a few more times than I planned.  It is a fun family activity, and although they discourage children under eleven from going, I think they would enjoy it.  There’s a headless horseman, a cemetery, train ride and non-stop surprises await anyone seeking out a little thrill.

Processed with VSCOcam with 2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

My favorite part about the haunted village was the outdoor experience.  Most haunted houses are hot, sweaty and SMELLY.  The Haunted Village operated with a sense of spooky class. The actors were fun, their costumes were amazing and the decorations covered every doorway and tree.  I loved the atmosphere and would recommend it to anyone.  It takes about thirty minutes to walk through the entire thing and by the end, a train takes you back to the entrance.  Friendly staff greet you at the end and ask you what you liked about it.  If you’re fearless and you want a good scare, you won’t be disappointed and if you scare too easily and you avoid haunted houses like the plague, go anyway.  Hold on to someone you trust and enjoy a fun, affordable Halloween experience.

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset


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3 home remodel ideas that make a huge difference

Kitchen Islands- the bigger the better. Kitchen islands are great for food prep, and a place to gather family and friends.  Entertaining and design wise, islands make a kitchen look grand and clean. With the kitchen being the busiest place in the home, it is the biggest return on investment, start here when updating your home. Granite, quartz, concrete, wood, marble… Pick something that makes you say wow and go for it!


Open it up- If you’re thinking of making some updating or remodeling changes to your home, think open. Opening spaces from your kitchen to family room is one great way to make your home feel bigger, updated and gives a stunning look that changes the whole home. Take a sludge hammer and tear down those walls (ok, maybe call a professional but you can still take the first swing ?)

open floor plan

Lighting- Nothing is going to transform your space faster than lighting. Do you have those dome lights hanging from the ceiling? Tarnished brass everything? Giant panels of fluorescent light on the ceiling that feels more like a spaceship than a kitchen? Got to go. Replace them with cans, hanging pendants and artsy unique chandeliers and wall sconces. If you want your home to feel updated, don’t  skimp on the lighting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Chadwick kills it when it comes to lighting.

chadwick design lighting found on

Are you ready to update or remodel? Don’t know where to start, need design advice or to find some great places to shop for stone, accessories, electricians, fixtures? Leave a comment below or email me. I love going into homes and designing spaces. Helping people transform their house into a home is one of my favorite things to do!


Things to love in this post:  Ikea kitchen, Magnolia Homes, Chadwick Lighting Design, Parade Craze Homes

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.11.58 AM
Family Adventures & Travel


I assume we’ve all seen the movie Tangled, if you haven’t I insist you watch it immediately.  Floating lanterns rise into the sky as Rapunzel and Flynn sing At Last I See the Light and everything looks like it’s glowing.  It’s animated, drawn, and edited to look like magic, which is why I had low expectations for the Rise Festival. How could real life compare to a movie?  As usual, my pessimistic outlook was overwhelmed with wonder.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.11.34 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.11.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.11.46 AM

Our small group of friends showed up at the festival, tickets in hand to receive each a bamboo mat and two lanterns.  We watched the sun go down and waited for when the announcer would halt the band to announce the moment of release.  I lit my huge paper lantern over a tiki torch and doubted that such a large thing could float using hot air alone.  But as it got lighter in my hands, I heard the numbers count down 3, 2, 1…… I released.  It floated with thousands of others and I was speechless.  The lanterns lifted into the sky and I felt like I was flying with them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.27.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.12.10 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.12.21 AM

With a black marker each person wrote something personal on their lanterns, some wrote messages to loved ones and quotes that they cherished.  We…..played tic tac-tac-toe on ours. Not quite as thoughtful but once our lantern was lifted off the ground it no longer mattered what was on it.  I’d recommend this experience to friends and family members of all ages.  I saw children, grandparents, and teenagers all joining together and helping each other send off lanterns.

Want to go to the Rise Festival? Follow this link to get the information:

Here are some tips if you decide to go:

  1. Wear sandals.  Unless you want sneakers full of sand I recommend sandals.  You’ll be standing in fine, desert sand the whole night.
  2. Show up 4-5 hours early.  If the lanterns lift off at 8:00 show up at 3:00 or 4:00.  Otherwise the traffic will be so bad you’ll miss it.  Also you might get a spot booted to the outskirts.
  3. Find a spot in the middle of the crowd.  Part of the experience is watching the lanterns lift off all around you.  The more centered you can be the more magical the experience.
  4. Get out as fast as you can! Towards the end RUN to your car.  Traffic for us getting out took three hours.  We made it fun but I doubt you want to get home at 2:00-3:00am.

Enjoy the festival.



Inspiration story "Standing for Something"
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standing for something

This week I took an evening walk with my husband. It was dark and we carried flashlights. I was startled by two eyes gleaming in the dark that appeared out of nowhere. They belonged to a large and beautiful deer and to our surprise right behind her was a buck. Luckily for us they stood still until we passed. This incident reminded me of the following story I read long ago.

“Many years ago, large packs of wolves roamed the countryside in Ukraine, making travel in that part of the world very dangerous. These wolf packs were fearless. They were not intimidated by people or by any of the weapons available at that time. The only thing that seemed to frighten them was fire. Consequently, travelers who found themselves away from cities developed the common practice of building a large bonfire and keeping it burning through the night. They could sometimes see the eyes of the wolves glowing from the firelight as they watched and waited in the dark. As long as the fire burned brightly, the wolves stayed away. But if it were allowed to burn out and die, the wolves would move in for an attack. Travelers understood that building and maintaining a roaring bonfire was not just a matter of convenience or comfort; it was a matter of survival.”

We don’t have to protect ourselves from wolf packs as we travel the road of life today. But in a spiritual sense, we are vulnerable to attack in many other ways.

As I look at the world, it seems that things I value and hold most dear in my life are under attack. Christianity being one of them. Why is it that we can’t all live side by side and love and respect each other’s beliefs? I have a next door neighbor who is a devout Muslim and I couldn’t feel more blessed. His friendship and kindness are unsurpassed and no one protects our street better than he does.

Something else that seems to be under attack is the family. It’s hard to see the negative comments on social media that belittle the role of marriage and motherhood. I’ve never understood why some feel like taking on these roles diminishes individuals, careers and education. And knowing little about it, like wolves, attack it. I love watching my daughters juggle all that they do while holding a baby in their arms. They don’t sleep long hours and they work tirelessly to keep clean homes and happy children and I’ve never seen them happier.

This week let’s focus on what brings us joy and peace and is most dear to us and is worth standing up for and protecting. Let’s remember that who we are and what we choose to stand for has to be built properly and maintained carefully like the bonfire that protected those travelers long ago.




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Exquisite fall pumpkins

Today we want to feature the very talented Suzie Stroup of  Black Sheep Flea.   A website you are sure to love.  I first met Suzie over 25 years ago where we had an immediate connection through lavender.  She was selling the most breathtaking lavender I had ever smelled.

Her love for this herb has not changed but her talents have evolved into something spectacular.  She has been in the design business for 30 years.

IMG_1464 2

She has been featured on Good Things Utah and showcased at the Deseret News Home Show with her fabulous pumpkin succulent arrangements.



She shops throughout the United States for vintage items at flea markets where she turns her finds into unique pieces of art for home and garden.

She tells us that her favorite things and styles are Vintage, French, Farmhouse, Cottage, Industrial, Rustica, Chippy Shabby Chic, Western Prairie Chic and Vintage Garden Wares.

She admits to not following all the decorating rules.  Great design when walking in a room she says should feel “Effortless, timeless and classic. You should surround yourself with what speaks to your heart, where your cherished memories live, and what reflects you and your family’s story.”


Suzie Stroup’s designs change with the seasons and we simply can’t wait to see what she does for Christmas.

You can see all her work and find out when her shows and pop-up markets are on her website.  Click here to go to her site.


Thanks for inspiring us all with your creations Suzie!

Happy Fall Salt Sky friends,


5 family fall activities and discount admission/giveaways to the events!
Community Event, For Kicks & Giggles

4 must do fall family activities

1. Little Haunts: Little haunts is a great activity for your little ones at This is The Place. Get the kids all dressed up and go play at the park. You will have a blast with the Story Witch, trick or treating, pony & train rides, making little crafts throughout the park and so much more. This is a child friendly, not scary, family Halloween event. Click here for a special coupon for $2 off admission & special giveaways to those visiting on opening day!

Little Haunts dates: October 15-17, 24 & 31
$11/adults, $8/children (3-11) & seniors. Children 2 and under are free. Guests with annual family passes to the park are also free.

little haunts1

2. Cornbelly’s: Cornbelly’s is a great fall activity for all ages at Thanksgiving Point. There are attractions for toddler-adult, both scary and not scary. Read all about Cornbelly’s and get a $3 off admission coupon code on our local review, click here.

Cornbelly’s dates: now-October 31, rates are $11.95 and up depending on the type of pass you buy. Thanksgiving Point pass members get 25% off tickets for everyone on their membership. Click here for more pass details.

3. Garden after Dark: At Red Butte Gardens is Camelot themed and one that the whole family will love. Visit the land of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Crafts for kids, activities, light displays, dancers and stories of Camelot will guide you through the gardens. Dress up and explore the magic of Garden after Dark. 2 lucky families will be winning passes to this awesome event… stay tuned to our website and follow us on Instagram for the announcement and how to enter.

Garden after Dark dates: October 22-24 & 29 6:00-9:00 pm, October 30 6:00-10:00 pm. Admission is $6/garden members, $12/public, children 2 and under are free.


4. Pumpkin Days: Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farm is a fun activity to the pumpkin patch. At Pumpkin Days you can play in a hay maze, take a wagon ride, the animal train, see the animals and come home with a pumpkin! It’s that time to get your porch decorated with pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns and this is a fun way to go get them!

Pumpkin Days dates: now-October 31. Admission in $9 and includes entrance to the hay maze, wagon ride & a pumpkin! Tuesdays admission is $2 off.

wheeler farm 1

These are some of the best family activities to do in Utah! I Seriously take do these with my kids every year!

Enjoy your Halloween season and these fun deals!