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How Effective Are You As a Parent?

Our first duty as a parent is to give our children the tools they need to build a successful life. Here are 10 rules for effective parenting from Bill O’Reilly that we loved! See how you are doing.

  1. A parent who is looking out for a child will make time for the child.
  1. Discipline is essential, but no parent should inflict physical or mental pain on a child. Parents have to be patient and remember that words can deeply wound a child.
  1. A good parent will ensure that home is a refuge. A place where a child feels protected and loved. There will be no random violence, intoxication, sexual displays, uncontrolled anger or vile language at home.
  1. A parent who is looking out for a child will provide a good education. That includes paying college tuition, if possible. Education comes before the vacation or the new car.
  1. An effective parent will be available when a child has a problem. Ditch the meeting, get back from the mall, get off the phone. There is nothing more important than dealing with a child’s crisis immediately.
  1. A good parent will screen a child’s friends, know his or her whereabouts, look at homework and ask questions about school daily.
  1. An effective parent will enforce the rules and explain them.
  1. A parent who is looking out for a child will be honest and lead by example: No lying, no cheating, no nasty gossip, no cruelty, no manipulation, no envy of your child.
  1. A good parent will be respectful of his or her own parents.
  1. Finally, an effective parent will not allow a TV or computer in a child’s room. This is a dangerous world, and the danger is now inside the house. The exploiters want your kids. You must look out for them. Fight hard.

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