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Specialty Shops

Stepping Up The Men’s Fashion Game With Dazi

Today we are featuring the good looking Dazi Ties.  Our husbands love wearing them and look great in them.

I love picking out nice shirts, suits and ties for my husband, which he has always worn to work and church.  Now he works at a company with a pretty relaxed dress code.  This seems to be the dress code and trend with tech companies which Utah has become a hub for.

Casual dress for work doesn’t mean that we loose all sense of style, right?

I may or may not have gotten in trouble lately for sharing my opinion about what is too casual as he left for work.  I could share my list of absolute DO NOT’s in men’s wardrobe but that’s a topic for another time (I have just a few opinions there).

So for summer fashion week I’m sharing a new trend that I love, it mixes casual and dressy to create a good looking, “look like you made an effort” kind of look.

Dazi Ties is a local Utah company that has just exploded in popularity.  Dazi gives customers a well made tie to wear traditionally with a suit or nice button down shirt, or a dressed down look with a short sleeve button down and casual footwear.  LOVING this look.

Dazi is also an awesome place to get ties for a wedding party that the men are actually going to want to wear after the wedding.  Check out Dazi’s Instagram feed to see the many ways men are wearing these ties and looking smokin’ hot.

It’s kind of our job to help our men look good, so try to not get in trouble like I did, but definitely start slipping those sharp wardrobe items in their closet and… maybe some of the things that should have been thrown out after high school might disappear… I don’t know, sometimes it happens, I have no idea how 😉

Dazi has given all our followers 15% off your purchase when you enter SALTSKYUTAH at checkout. Click here to visit their site. Happy shopping.



Salt Sky supports small business, join us in helping to grow our local economy by visiting the businesses we feature.

Potato Bug Shop
Specialty Shops

Potato Bug Shop

Everything is cuter tiny, right?  We can’t get enough of kids clothing and when we find them at good prices, we must share.  Local, Sayward Rowley, opened up an adorable online kids boutique, Potato Bug Shop, about a year ago with mamas like her in mind.  Here’s why we think you’ll love it:

potato bug shop1

  • Boutique style children’s clothing at affordable prices.
  • Flash Friday sales
  • Cutest clothing for girls AND boys! (that’s hard to find)
  • Great shop for matching kids for special occasions.
  • On trend, in style clothing that we wish came in adult sizes :)
  • To die for shoes that remind us of when we were little (cue the heart eyes emoji)

potato bug shop

Potato Bug Shop is giving all of our readers 10% off any one item on the shop when you use code SALTSKY10 at checkout.  Also, one of our followers will win a $15 shop gift certificate, visit our Instagram to enter.  Click here to get shopping and see all the cuteness!

Nest boutique
Specialty Shops

Shop at Nest Boutique

Nest Boutique is located at:  11259 Kestrel Rise Road, South Jordan, Utah

Open:  Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00

Shop online, here

We went shopping and found the cutest shop in South Jordan, Utah, Nest Boutique.  We are excited to feature them today and tell you about all the fun things they offer.

  • Beautiful clothing at great prices.
  • In love with their maxi floral skirts.
  • Online shopping for those that can’t visit Nest.
  • Awesome selection of handbags… wish we had one of each!
  • Darling line of baby clothes and kids shoes… great for unique baby shower gifts too.
  • Home decor… probably our favorite thing is shopping for the home so we love their home details and cutest pillows.
  • Sometimes don’t you just need to get out and shop?  Spend a little alone time, try things on, bring them home… and there’s something about shopping local (you already know how we LOVE local!)

Nest has been so incredibly fabulous so give one of our followers a $50 gift certificate!  To enter, visit our Instagram.  And EVERYONE  will also get to use the code SUMMERSTYLE for 10% off in store and online.  Happy shopping!

Salt Sky supports small business, join us in helping to grow our local economy by visiting the businesses we feature.

Do you have a shop that you’d like featured?  Send us an email, we would love to come visit you!  Click here to read all about getting featured and contact us so we can collaborate a way to make it special for you, xoxo.

nest boutique


love winnie james 2
Specialty Shops

Love Winnie James

This week we are featuring local companies with summer styles that we are loving.  We are introducing all the shops to you today on Fox13 The Place as well, so tune in to see all the cute models at 1:00 pm MST.  We are kicking off the week with Love Winnie James, an online women’s boutique.  Love Winnie James carries trendy women’s clothing and shoes.

  • Summer has been HOT.  We love all their summer dresses to keep cool and look fabulous.
  • Their clogs are to die for cute.
  • Summer tops that don’t have to be layered… layering is not so in anymore.
  • You can wear almost all of their clothing casual or dressed up.
  • Prices are good.
  • Shop from home, in your pjs, and without kids… all great reasons to shop.

Love Winnie James is giving all of our followers 15% off  their purchase today-Friday (7/29/16) Use code SALTSKY.  Hurry, this offer ends soon so click here to get shopping and enjoy!  Also, one of our followers will win a $25 gift certificate, to enter visit our Instagram.

Love Winnnie James

City Creek treasure hunt
Family Adventures & Travel

Treasure Hunt at City Creek

Anything involving a map is at the top of my kids activity list so when I wanted to shop and they wanted to play… I thought, City Creek!  Did you know that City Creek has an architectural “treasure” map?  Start at the customer service desk by Macy’s where they will give you your map and follow it throughout City Creek to find animal tracks, fish, statues and more.  My kids were in heaven and it was so fun for me to see them checking off the list.

City Creek treasure hunt

As we did the hunt, we stopped for lunch, played at the play place, shopped and ran through the splash pad.  This is a must do activity to keep your kids having a great time during their summer break.

City Creek treasure hunt

Have fun!

City Creek is located in downtown Salt Lake City, 50 South Main Street.


City Creek treasure hunt

Community Event

Celebrate Utah at Pioneer Days!

The party always continues in July for Utah and we are quickly headed into Pioneer Day!  Make a Utah t-shirt for your little ones with this DIY, visit historical Utah places with our fabulous Utah Scavenger hunt and at the last stop, show your scavenger hunt at This is the Place Heritage gift shop for a free treat!

What says Utah, family and pioneers?  Pioneer Days at This is the Place Heritage Park!  Head over to play July 23 & 25 for all the usual festivities like train rides, Native American Village, pony rides, pioneer houses, splash pad & more… PLUS

  • Candy Cannon
  • Native American dancing show
  • Spymasters Wildlife with a fantastic bird show, and photo opportunities
  • Craft projects
  • Watermelon eating contest

What a fun way to celebrate Utah.  Mention SALT SKY when purchasing tickets and get $2 off admission!  This is the Place is also giving one of our followers a 6 pack of tickets and Brigham’s amazing donuts!  Visit our Instagram to enter and have so much fun this Pioneer Day!

Inspiration, Stories

And That’s Why I Love July

I love the patriotic celebrations, the parades, the rodeo, the family gatherings, and the fireworks that surround the month of July.

The USA is not my country of origin but it is the country that educated me, blessed my life and allowed me to fulfill my dreams.

I love the words engraved on the tablet that the Statue of Liberty holds by Emma Lazarus:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

I don’t know where my parents found the courage to do all they did to get their three children to this country but I do know that it came at great sacrifice.

I remember getting in our Sunday best to go to a meeting in downtown Santiago where the U.S. embassy was located. There we waited to be called in for a interview. After entering, I looked around the beautiful room with a large desk, a Chilean flag to one side and an American flag on the other. A tall American man briefly spoke to my parents, handed them our green cards and wished us well in the U.S. That event happened at the end of 1977.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; however, I know I did plenty of both after all was settled.  The thought of leaving my home, my friends, and my family was harder than I ever imagined.

After our meeting at the embassy, my parents took us out to eat at a new place that had just opened up in the downtown area called Burger King. We ordered strange food, including: hamburgers, fries and milk shakes. As we were eating we noticed an American family with teen-agers who were dipping their french fries in their shake; strange behavior we thought and laughed. After we ate, I remember thinking the food was not so bad and with a little bit of time, I could get used to it.

We left Chile about a month later with 5 suitcases and our German Shepherd, who spent about 15 hours in airplane cargo and never once went to the bathroom until release from the kennel.

The new life that awaited us in Salt Lake City, Utah was not easy for my parents, especially for my mom, who often cried because she missed her house and friends. But with time Salt Lake became our home.

In 1986 I became a U.S. citizen.

My family probably can’t understand, why to this day, I cry at the rodeo when the cowgirls ride in holding the American flag or when the Mormon battalion walks by at the parade in uniform waving the US and Utah flags. But something deep in my soul is touched with great and overflowing gratitude for the place that took me in so many years ago.

This month, let’s all remember the blessings that are ours and the freedoms we enjoy in this great land.

God bless America.

This post is dedicated to Lincoln R Peters & Vania Peters Mendez, my parents, and their courage.








wedding makeup and hair 2016

Wedding Hair & Makeup Tips From a Pro

We are so happy to have Kali Chris as a guest posting today and telling us the best and most fabulous trends in wedding hair and make up this year. Plus she is doing one awesome giveaway so read on!

Wedding hair and makeup 2016

Hi! I’m Kali Chris, I’m a licensed Cosmetologist/Stylist and Makeup Artist.
My work has been featured in Utah Valley Bride Magazine, Salt Lake Bride & Groom,Utah Bride Blog, Wedding Chicks, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Ruffled Blog, 100 Layer Cake, Martha Stewart Weddings, any many others. I have been doing hair for about 7 years and makeup for about 5 years. What started out as just loving the art of my job and being a part of people’s lives quickly grew into a deeper love for everything associated with it. The amazing people I get to meet everyday and lives I get to touch by simply helping them feel beautiful from the inside out is what I love the most!

Here are some trends for this year:


  • Effortless and minimal makeup, but bold as well. Softer features, soft eyes, less contour, bold lips.
  • Beautiful dewy glowing, satin, luminous, radiant skin.
  • Simple contouring & dewy highlights.
  • Keep it natural but photo ready.


  • Worn for days eye makeup look.
  • Tea stained eyes, just adding a single shade to your lid to make you eye color stand out a bit, simple but fun.
  • Soft feline eyes.
  • Smokey evening eye.


  • Strong brows or natuarl brushed out brows, you can’t go wron, bold brows are going nowhere though.


  • Simple lip but plump.
  • Bright lips.
  • Red is making a comeback!


  • Messy not so tamed updos, the more texture the better it will stand out in pictures, the camera loves texture!
  • Braids are still in, again with the texture.
  • Twists.
  • Half up half down, lets you have the best of both worlds, pretty and down but you don’t have to worry about it in your face.
  • My special touch, throw a cool detail design in the back and you have a fun twist to the regular half-up, half-down ‘do
    natural texture in the hair, like Redken Global Creative Director Guido said “It’s the way a very real woman would do her hair.”

Love it!  Thanks so much Kali!

Kali Chris is giving one lucky follower a wedding, bridal photoshoot or special event hair and make up FREE!  So pretty much just  make up an occasion to get the royal treatment from Kali Chris 😉  To enter, visit our Instagram.  Good Luck!

wedding makeup and hair 2016



Your wedding cake should not just be beautiful but it should be so delicious that guests will be talking about it.

For that reason we believe the wedding cake should be served right from the get go.  Order sheet cakes made in the flavor of your cake and have it cut professionally in perfect 2″x 2″ squares.

Another idea is to have beautiful pedestal cake plates at every table full of mini cupcakes.  Put someone in charge of keeping the tables stocked.  It looks so nice next to the floral centerpiece.

We also love the idea of a groom’s cake.  This is a smaller version of the wedding cake, and a different flavor.  Picked by the groom of course.  And we are so excited that The Cake Market is giving away a groom’s cake on our site this week!

To enter, visit our Instagram.  Stay tuned during bridal week for daily giveaways that you’ll love!

Wedding Cake by Cake Market who is giving one lucky follower a grooms cake!

Wedding Cake by Cake Market who is giving one lucky winner a grooms cake!

Our own Paulina and Kyle’s cakes.  Chocolate for him.  White chocolate and coconut for her.

wedding food & flowers planner

2″x 2″ squares of wedding cake at Eliza & Devan’s reception.  Guests told us all night how much they loved that cake was served all throughout the evening.

wedding flowers & food planner!

Cupcakes was Samantha’s choice and it was a hit.

wedding flowers & food planner!

Whatever you choose, make it special by taking the time to pick flavors that you love and colors that compliment your decor.

utah scavenger hunt
Community Event, Independence Day

Utah Scavenger Hunt

Let’s celebrate Pioneer Day coming up with a scavenger hunt!  Print out the Scavenger Hunt below, follow the directions and on your last stop, get a treat from This is the Place Heritage Park Gift Shop!  Make it a whole week of family adventures and learn all about the awesome pioneers and the beginning of our State.  Take photos at your stops and Instagram them with #SALTSKYHUNT to be entered in to our pioneer day giveaway!  (Note that if you have a private account you will also need to direct message us a screenshot of your post so we can make sure to see it and enter you.)  Stay tuned for giveaway details and enjoy exploring our awesome state!

utah scavenger hunt


Printable Utah graphic for DIY Tee

DIY Utah T-Shirts!

It’s almost Pioneer Day here in Utah and so why not wear a Utah T-Shirt to celebrate our fabulous state.  Below is a FREE printable to create your own T-shirts.

  1. Click on the image below and save to your computer. (This is set up as a mirror image so it will transfer on to your shirts, 8.5 X 11, 2 images on a page, print it landscape)
  2. Print on an Inkjet printer with transfer paper found at most craft stores.
  3. Iron on to your tee according to the transfer paper directions.
  4. Done!

Post your photos to Instagram with #SALTSKY to be entered into our Pioneer Day drawing giveaway!  (If you have a private account, please direct message a screenshot of your post to us so we can make sure to enter you.  We aren’t able to see private account posts.)  Enjoy!

printable Utah Tee Graphic

The ultimate wedding planning guide!  You'll want to read every word  and make you life so much easier!

The ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

We have planned, decorated and put together many weddings.  The details determine the success of the outcome of planning and carrying out the big day. So many things are overlooked or not paid attention to during the event that we have created a fail proof guide to wedding planning. Some of these things may seem obvious but they are forgotten more than one thinks.  Happy wedding planning.


  • Design your invitation to reflect the feel of the wedding. If you are putting on an elegant & fancy night then that’s the kind of invitation you send out.
  • Postage is important! Have your invitation weighed at your local post office and make sure you get the right postage. Nobody wants their invitations floating around and then returned to you right before the wedding.
  • Ask the post office to hand process your invitations. This will keep your invitation from bending in machines and getting torn. You spend a lot on these invitations so they should look as nice as the day you mailed them.
  • Send out invitations 4-6 weeks before the wedding. This is important and necessary!
the ultimate guide to wedding planning


  • I’m just going to come out and say it… just because your best friend is a photographer doesn’t mean that you have to use them. Pick a photographer that has a style you like and one that you know will work with you to make sure the photos look their best when printed. Photography says so much about your special day. Printed photos are SO important in displays around the reception. (If your best friend’s work is the one you like, then great!)


  • Yes, is the answer. Yes, get a videographer. It’s such a great way to remember your day, guests love watching it and your future kids, they’ll watch it again and again and cover their eyes every time you kiss.
  • Make sure you know what time the movie is being dropped off at the reception.
  • When deciding where to show the movie, pick a place near a plug and avoid extension cords as much as possible.
  • Does the venue have a TV? Do you need to bring one from home? Do you need a DVD player or will the Videographer bring a flash drive to put right into a smart TV? Have all the answers and be ready to go. (Also, assign a bridesmaid or groomsmen to be in charge of this and keep the movie going through the night.)
the ultimate guide to wedding planning

Busath Photographers


  • Their job isn’t to mess around and just stand there and look good… that would be the job of the bride and groom.
  • Assign them different things to help out with through the night, especially the set up and clean up. No, they don’t leave when you do, they stay and help the families clean up.
  • Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen: Pick something they can wear that night or use in the future. My favorite is a piece of jewelry for the bridesmaids and cufflinks for the groomsmen.
  • Apparel: Choose what you want your line to wear. You don’t need 15 different opinions.
  • The newest trend is to have everyone in the same color but all different dresses. I love this because you will be able to pick a dress that is flattering to every body type. Pick your first one and then make sure that every outfit matches that one. Take it when shopping.
  • The bride pays for the bridesmaids dresses. Don’t ask them to pay for them or reimburse you after the wedding.
  • The groom pays for the groomsmen’s ties or other accessories you want them to wear. If you aren’t going to rent tuxedos or suits then pick something and tell them what to wear. Most men have a black, gray, navy and khaki suit (and if they don’t…it’s time they buy one.)

bridesmaids in the ultimate guide to wedding planning

The Caterer:

  • The Venue should have tables for your buffet but if not, or if you are having a backyard wedding, you may need to have those set up when the caterers come. Check on that early and set up tables the day before the wedding.
  • Are they staying through the night to clean dishes off tables? If not then you will want to assign this to some friends throughout the night. Keep those tables clean! It’s not fun to look out over a wedding and see a disaster.
  • Pick the right linens for the food you are serving. Stay away from satin if it’s anything messy. Satin shows EVERY finger print and looks terrible within the first few minutes of the event.
  • Keep the dessert bar and buffet table clean. I die when I go to an event that has food and sweets spread all over the buffet tables and a mess on the floor. If the caterer isn’t watching and it’s getting messy, keep reminding them or better yet? Let them know before the wedding how very important it is to you that the serving tables stay clean and nice throughout the night.
  • To serve or not to serve? If you have the caterers serving food you will have less mess and be able to keep to the amount of food that you planned for.
  • Make sure the caterer is planning on boxing up some food for the bride and groom to take with them when they leave the reception and have a pretty bag for them to carry out with them.
  • Ask in advance for any extra food to be boxed up and sent home with the parents as well. In many cases, the caterer is planning on this but sometimes there is a lot of wasted food that the family could be enjoying throughout the week. Take it home!
  • Choose your dishes, napkins and utensils. Monogramed napkins are always a beautiful detail to the wedding that I love.

ultimate guide to wedding planning

Flowers:   This one is extra important for me because I did wedding flowers for so long and love them.

  • YES, they are important and whenever possible, leave the flowers to the professionals. Budget for flowers and avoid doing them yourself.
  • Flowers make or break your wedding. LOVE the work of the florist before you just choose one. Visit an event they’ve done and see florals put together.
  • Remember that just because you are in love with a certain type of flower, it doesn’t mean it’s in season. You can get almost any flower, anytime of year but if they aren’t in season then they will cost you a lot more. Your florist will be able to tell you what is in season.
  • Ask for a quote so there are no surprises.
  • I just don’t think you can go over the top on flowers so when you can, just go nuts.

wedding planner, food & flowers


  • To the floor. Always choose a linen to the floor in white or off white and then do a table topper that matches your wedding.


  • If you are choosing a DJ then choose your playlist so The Lion Sleeps Tonight doesn’t start playing in the middle of your event (unless that’s your favorite song.)
  • Choose a DJ that you have heard of or attended their event before, one that fits your personality. For me, I wanted someone appropriate, who didn’t say dumb things and just played music through the night with the occasional announcement that we asked for.
  • If you have announcements for them to make, write them out how you would like them said.
  • Live music: Again, attend an event and listen to them. Decide on the volume you want them to play at and the songs.  Instrumental is always a win, win and safe choice.
  • Pick all the music for the first dance and daddy/daughter dance. It seems obvious but you would be surprised at how many songs start a dance that the bride didn’t pick and now she’s in tears because she didn’t want Endless Love.


  • Similar to above, pick the music for your special dances.
  • Trim the length of your couple and daddy/daughter dance. Unless you are amazing dancers and will wow your guests with a choreographed ballroom dance (which would be amazing) then cut it short, there’s only so long you can sway back and forth.
  • If you choose to have dancing then finish the night with it.  Not every wedding needs to have dancing.

Make it homey:

  • I love beautiful couches, coffee tables and chairs set up in little gathering sitting areas. Not only does it create unique areas for guests to gather but just looks gorgeous.
  • Use signs to direct guest, welcome them to the event, thank them at the gift table, thank them for coming at the favor table and exit, and additional quotes or wedding sayings around the event is beautiful.  Try having things hand written in beautiful handwriting.  It gives a personal and elegant touch the your event.
  • The ultimate guide to wedding planning


  • Make your favors a reflection of the event and use beautiful ribbons and tags.
  • Always place your favors at the exit or guests will miss them and you will be taking a lot home.
  • This is a great DIY for the wedding. Have a favor making party with your family or bridesmaids and form an assembly line. Do this at least 1 month before the wedding.

Frames and decor:

  • Pick all your frames and decor as early as possible.
  • When your photos are back, frame them, box them up and set them aside to be taken to the reception. Do this early and don’t forget! The mother of the bride does not want to be running around the week of the wedding gathering frames that match your event.
ultimate wedding guide

Refined Vintage


  • Choose you colors and then go to a paint store and pick paint swatches. Take them everywhere and make sure everything you choose, matches your colors. You don’t want to show up to the reception and find that you have several different shades of the same color.
  • Pick an accent for metals. Choose silver or gold and this will apply to containers, frames, utensils, and anything else that is in a metal.



  • This is the most delicious part. Pick a cake flavor that both the bride and groom love or have a wedding cake and a groom’s cake (love this idea).
  • Sample cakes.
  • Tell your florist what you’d like for flowers on your cake so she can plan.
  • Cut and serve your cake early so it actually gets eaten. Guests will love it.
  • Have a cake knife already on the table, plate and napkin.

Send off line:

  • Make a tunnel, sparklers, toss rose petals, choose something to send off the bride and groom and end the night.

ultimate wedding guide!



  • Sounds funny but have a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Cue “The Wedding Planner” movie…
  • Have someone assigned to letting you know the schedule. Someone other than the mother of the bride. Now is time for her to greet guests. Not be running around like crazy. Here’s an example of a night schedule for an open reception from 6:30-9:00 pm:

4:30   Photography of bridal party, family and couple
6:00  Reception starts in 30 minutes, bride & groom greet their guests in a line. Be ready 30 minutes early because some guests always show up early.
7:15   Cake cutting, cake cut and served
Bouquet toss (generally you toss your ceremony bouquet and keep your reception bouquet.)
Any extra things planned

Father/Daughter dance
Couples first dance
open dancing (if dancing)
8:30 Couple gets ready to leave, changing into going away outfits.
Send off line begins to form
8:45 Couple leaves onto happily ever after.
Family says goodbye’s to friends and wraps up the night.

Clean up/take down. Make sure you know when you have to leave the venue before you get charged for overtime.

And that’s a wrap on your fairytale day.

Check out our wedding Pinterest board for some of our favorite ideas.  And check out our Wedding Colors post that was our most pinned article 2015 and they are still favorites for 2016.

Did you know that we are wedding and event planners?  Let us take care of every wedding detail and help you plan a day to remember.  Email for a quote or questions!

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