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November 2016

Christkindlmarkt at This is the Place Heritage Park
Christmas, Community Event

Christkindlmarkt this week!

This week we are headed over to visit Christkindlmarkt at This is the Place Heritage Park. It is full of fun activities food and shopping!

Dec. 1-2: 11:00-8:00 pm
Sat. Dec. 3: 10:00-8:00pm

Admission: FREE

Enjoy 50 unique vendors who sell everything from hand crafted items, toys, ornaments, jewelry and more. You will find traditional German gifts such as smokers, pyramids and lebkuchen along with tantalizing food.  The magic of Christmas abounds at this market. Activities for children include the Nicholas tent, daily parades, live nativity animals, the Gnome fest and more.

Rich Schwemmer will be performing the following days and times at the market:
Dec.1 @ 5pm
Dec. 2 @ 5pm
Dec. 3 @ 3&5pm
Whimsical and fun, the daily parades are the highlight of the Market and act to celebrate the kind deeds of children. Thursday evening is the the St. Martin’s Lantern Parade, which is the signature event at Christkindlmarkt SLC. and a favorite for the children in our family.

See you there Salt Sky friends!



The festival of Trees
Community Event, Locals making a difference

Make a difference by attending the Festival of Trees

Do you know of people making a difference in your community? Email us their story… or yours! We would love to feature you and #sharegoodness.  The story below inspired us and we think it will you as well.

The Festival of Trees begins tomorrow:

Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3, 2016
10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day


South Towne Expo Center
9575 South State Street
Sandy, Utah


At the Door
Adults – $6.00
Children (2-11) – $3.00 Under 2 – Free
Senior Citizens (65 and Over) – $5.00

Discount tickets are available at Zion’s Bank locations.

Brendan Peck was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called esthesioneurblostoma.  A small community of 1200 people from Paradise, Utah gathered together to rally around the family and show them love during this trying time.  They called Brendan, Charlie, and the community wore bracelets that said, “Charlie’s Angels.”

The Festival of Trees

After multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, Brendan passed away on July 23, 2016.  He was a blessing to the Paradise community. It pulled them together in a common cause of service, love and concern. His courage and good nature in the face of this trial were awe-inspiring.

The Festival of Trees

This year at the Festival of Trees, Jeanne Fenton along with a team of friends put together a tree honoring Brendan.  Jeanne said, “Thirty-six years ago I lost my older brother to leukemia. He was 31 at the time and left behind a wife and three small children. My sisters and I decorated a tree in his honor at the Festival of Trees that year. When Brendan got sick the idea came again to do another tree for this wonderful boy. I enlisted the help of  Laurie Hansen, who is very good at decorating. The name of the tree is “Charlie’s Angels” and we decorated it with Willow Tree Angel ornaments, many of which depicted things about Brendan. Laurie made several kinds of angel wings, along with stars and other ornaments that enhanced this idea. Brendan was not able to ring the bell after his chemotherapy (which signals the end of chemo and cancer free) so there are also little bells on the tree as well. At the base of the tree we have put some other Willow Tree figures which include a father and son and a mother and son.  We will never forget Brendan Peck.”

The Festival of Trees

There are many touching stories at the Festival and Trees and people just like Jeanne who have created beautiful trees and displays to honor many children and families.  Show your support for Primary Children’s Hospital, the families and those wonderful people in our community making a difference.  Every penny earned at the Festival goes to helps the children at Primary Children’s Hospital and we think that is simply wonderful!


The Festival of Trees


Live for Lexie

Heaven gained a special angel this week.  This is especially sad for us because she is part of our Fenton family.

I read once that President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “The hardest pain someone will ever have to bear in this life is the loss of a child.”  This week we hurt for Lexie Fenton’s parents.  They along with family members, friends, school teachers, administration and people across the state that heard of this tragedy, have all felt incredible sadness this past week.

Through all that these sweet parents and siblings have had to endure, they are inspiring many with their faith in the Savior and a knowledge that Lexie is with Him. They know they will see their sister and daughter again, and have been expressing gratitude for that and know that their family is forever.

This week let us all “Live for Lexie”.  She lived a life of service, compassion and selflessness.  She lived life to the fullest.  This week do something for someone else to honor the life that Lexie lived.  Call someone that needs to talk, brighten someone’s day, laugh, hug your children a little tighter and make sure you tell those that are important to you how much they are loved.

Sending our prayers and love to Lexie’s parents, twin sister and two brothers.

We are also thinking of the Fraga family who also lost their son, Ethan, in the car accident.  Our love is also with you.

Till we meet again.

“If I should ever leave you, whom I love, grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I love you so… “Twas heaven here with you”


Brittany & Bubba Fenton

Do a good deed and share it, #liveforlexie let’s flood the earth with goodness in her honor.

Read Lexie’s beautiful obituary here.


5 Reasons we go to Macy's on Black Friday
Deals, The Home

5 Reasons We Go to Macy’s on Black Friday


The feather pillows and down comforters are so discounted that it’s hard to pass up, and you can use awesome coupons. It’s the perfect time to get the best bedding.

Sleep with the finest Goose Down Comforters and pillows.


Did anybody say DISHES? Great deals on anything from casual sets to beautiful china including Christmas collections. You’ll be ready for Holiday parties.



This is when we throw out all the old bath towels and start new.  Soft and yummy and great prices!Our first choice is always white.



Fluffy Throws that are a must to cozy up with on cold winter days. You’ll find bins full of throws on sale for really great prices.



Small appliances are always discounted for early birds on this day. Last year we picked up the Kuerig Coffee Maker which at our house is used almost daily for hot chocolate, especially during the winter months.


Happy Shopping y’ll !

For Kicks & Giggles

Tips for the budgeting mama

Today we have a guest post.  Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in her parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

“All moms out there are magic workers like no other; in fact, if there was a company storing all moms’ little tricks and hacks that keep the kids happy, the husband jumping for joy and the family budget just where it should be (maintained), it would be one heck of a successful company, be sure of that!

Pinch a little here, add a little there and all gets sorted in a blink of an eye – the homework is done, the house is spotless, she’s been to work, nailed it, and came back, she’s managed to get to her oldest kid’s school night and to her youngest one’s soccer game… she’s even squeezed in a coffee with her best friend and shopping with her mother-in-law. And how does she do it every single time? Well, she regularly washes her face with fairy dust and drinks Tooth Ferries’ wisdom, what can we say.
When it comes to maintaining the family budget, not every mom does things the same way (obviously, things depend on the family situation) but there are some common threads that all of us could benefit adapting.
Here’s, a breakdown of mom tricks to follow for a healthy budget this fall.”

magic budgeting tips
She understands money
Every mom who is in charge of the family budget keeps a close eye to the inflow of money; that way, at any given moment, she knows what goes where and how much money the family can spend on certain things – whether it’s something small and seemingly insignificant, like shopping for groceries or planning out the family’s next holiday. Naturally without the support of her husband, things would be frugal, so she always looks to first build healthy family communication and then work on figuring out the money they have together.
She likes thrift shops
The fact this mom likes her thrift shops doesn’t mean she isn’t fashionable; if anything, she’s progressed so much in her fashion sense that she can find the most fabulous outfits browsing through piles of seemingly unattractive stuff. Further, by mostly buying in thrift shops, she is teaching her kids to not only save money but be conscious about the environment and fast fashion. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right?
We hear thrift shopping isn’t reduced to store-shopping only; smart moms love to do their shopping right but save time in the process as much as possible – with clothing sites like they definitely manage to do both!

She is ahead of house mishaps
What rarely anyone thinks about before the damage happens is to fix things around the house that may be a potential cause of money waste. Yes, we are talking heat leaks, broken plumbing, overused heaters, etc.
Moms who are on top of the family budget make sure all potential leaks are sealed (doors, windows, ceiling cracks, etc) before they’ve made a considerable hole in the budget… we are all familiar with the sour taste of a cold home and a huge electric bill!
Also, when it comes to heating specifically, she’ll say “no” to space heaters and opt for central heating systems, especially in cold climates. Why? She knows these are more efficient than individual space heaters as they convert only about 30% of fuel energy into electricity. And guess what? The space will never need supplemental heat, as the mom of this house has already made sure all rooms are insulated and cracks and leaks sealed. Smart!

She recycles and reuses
When the budget is thin (or you just want to save up), reusing comes as a perfect way to leave some money aside. On top of that, it’s a fabulous way for the kids and moms to bond through DIY work around the house and channel their inner creative divas. Using an old bed cover to fashion pillow cases, mom’s old dress to craft decorative lace for plant pots, replacing boring pics with new, exciting ones in the existing, cute frames (instead of buying new sets), etc. are all perfect ways to save up, and every smart mom will encourage her kids to try it. Awesome, right?
We hope the advice above helped. Good luck with your budget-adventure!

magic budgeting tips

A Sabbath Blessing Story
Inspiration, Stories

A Sabbath Blessing

Today I was thinking of an experience I had exactly one year ago. My new little granddaughter who had been born a few days earlier was at Primary Children’s Hospital. It was a Sunday morning and I was on my way to be with her so that her tired parents could go home to shower and rest for a little while.

Sundays are a sacred and special day in our home, we attend church and partake of the sacrament bread and water, pray and think of the promises we have made with God. It is a time of peace and reflection and if ever I needed to do that and to be in church, it was on that day. But my daughter needed me and I needed to be near a tiny angel that was not well.

I had heard that Sunday services were held in hospitals throughout the Salt Lake valley for all religions and that members of my church go around to the patient’s rooms offering the sacrament to those in hospitals that cannot attend at their churches.

As I drove to the hospital, I told Heavenly Father that my heart was aching, that I was tired, I was worried for my daughter who had just delivered a baby and was not able to rest like she should.  I told him that I wanted this new grandbaby to be made well so that she could go home. And I prayed that if it was possible and not too late, that someone would find our hospital room and bring the sacrament to me.

I sat in that quiet room for about a hour holding a little piece of heaven in my arms, a tiny bundle with more wires coming out of her than I could count, I heard a knock at the door, and there stood two men in their 20’s holding sacrament trays. They asked if I would want to have the sacrament, with tears in my eyes I told them that I had hoped they would come, I had prayed for them but thought I was too late.

We talked for a little while, they asked how the baby was doing and told me that they were both married and in medical school, they took time out of their busy schedule to provide this service and it was one that brought them much joy. One of them humbly knelt on the floor, uncovered the tray that held the sacrament bread and blessed it. After I had partaken of the bread, he blessed the water.

The room was filled with the sweetest feeling, I will never forget how that special Sabbath day felt. The words of the sacrament prayer washed over me with a renewed hope that God is a loving God who listens to our prayers and though we may have many hard things to go through during the week, on Sunday we can pause and be filled with his spirit. The only source of true happiness.

Today, I held that same baby girl from a year ago. She is chubby, has the biggest rosy cheeks around, and is full of laughter. The family came together to celebrate her first birthday, she wore a crown and opened presents and ate cake.

Today I feel blessed.



Sign up for holiday classes

We are super excited to announce that we will be teaching some fun classes.  We will kick off by teaching a 4 class set at the Jeni Bee Show November 28-30.  To sign up for classes, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Class sign ups have combined your class fee of $7 plus the class supplies.  The details of each class are listed below.

Salt Sky Classes
DIY fresh holiday centerpiece, sign up for holiday classes!
Fresh Christmas Centerpiece
Learn to make an arrangement for your home or to give to friends. Learn basic techniques and take home a beautiful piece that will last through the holidays.
Class Fee: $7
Supplies: $25
DIY holiday room spray, sign up for holiday classes!
Holiday Room Spray
This delicious room spray is made with pure essential oils. Different scents and labels to choose from and you can even gift wrap and tag it so that it’s ready to be given away.
Class Fee: $7
Supplies: $6 (additional kits available for $5.00 each available for purchase at the class, to ensure we have enough leave a comment below with how many total you’d like to make.)
DIY fresh garland, sign up for holiday classes!
Fresh Table Garland
Make a 6 foot eucalyptus garland that will dress your holiday table all season long. You will leave the class with your garland and a whole bunch of ideas on how to display it.
Class Fee: $7
Supplies: $35
DIY neighbor gifts, sign up for holiday classes!
Candy Jar Neighbor Gifts
Make & Take candy jars with all the beautiful trimmings as well as holiday sodas. Come make all your neighbor, friends, teacher and co-worker gifts. Fun labels and gift tags to choose from. Children are welcome with an adult.
Class Fee: $7 One child free per adult.
Small candy jar $4
Medium candy jar $5
Holiday Sodas $2

(You will be signing up for the class fee of $7 ONLY, we will have supplies of the above gifts to purchase at the class. Please  leave a comment below or email with how many of each gift you’d like to make so we can be sure to have enough for each class.)


All classes will be located at the Jeni Bee Market at Holladay City Hall, 4580 S. 2300 E. (Holladay, UT)

*When signing up for classes, you may add additional supplies lists if you would like to make multiple.  Share this will all your friends and come have a fun, creative time with us. See you soon!

Visit Tutoring Toy and feel like a kid again
Specialty Shops

Tutoring Toy: a reminder of childhood

Christmas is just around the corner and shopping for kids is on my mind.  Today I want to share one of my favorite toy stores here in Utah, Tutoring Toy.

Tutoring toy is the kind of place that reminds you of your childhood and has those special, hard to find toys that you and your kids will love.

This business has been around for 28 years, opened by a couple who decided that there should be more fun in life than their corporate jobs they had.  You can see Bill & Diane along with their son in the shop daily, ask them about any toy and I bet they have the answer.  I used to visit when I was little to see the dolls with my parents and this past week my little girls were just as in heaven as I was.

Am I the only one that enjoys shopping for toys as much as my kids love getting them?  Life is crazy busy but this Christmas season, instead of doing all your shopping online, consider taking some time to go explore Tutoring Toy and be a kid for a few minutes, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Tutoring Toy is located at Foothill Village so my husband and I are making a date night out of it.  Eat some great food and play with toys without kids for a minute while we’re shopping 😉

Tutoring Toy

1400 Foothill Drive Suite 108

Salt Lake City, Utah


Visit Tutoring Toy for christmas shopping this year!

Happy Christmas shopping!


Giving Thanks
quote of the week, Thanksgiving

Gratitude Free Printable

Thanksgiving is just around the corner which has us thinking of all the things that we can be grateful for.  We found this quote that we loved and made you a FREE printable!  Print this and make it a favor for your Thanksgiving dinner guests or just to hang on your wall to be a reminder of all you are grateful for.


Save to computer & print, easy!


This Year’s Christmas Book Choice

Every year we love to add a Christmas book to our collection. This year, we have chosen a wonderful little book called “A Yellow Christmas Truck”.

It is a tender story of a child’s wish.

We love it because it is intertwined with Spanish words that are useful to know and a message that both inspires and touches the heart.

The author of this book is Abel P. Davis.  At the age of 5, Abel lost his right arm in a sugar-can press accident and spent most of his childhood in a Bolivian children’s hospital which became his home and the staff his family. This story is about one of his memories there.

A Yellow Christmas Truck was put to the test by our favorite critics ranging from one to ten years of age. They not only attentively sat through the story but loved it.

This book is $9.99 and can be ordered by clicking here.

Shop early as supplies are limited.  Enter to win a book by going to our Instagram @SaltSkyUtah!



Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift show
Community Event

Salt Lake’s Family Christmas Gift Show


This wonderful show begins Friday, November 11-13 and you don’t want to miss it.

This year there are over 450 booths to shop and visit, lots of great food, entertainment and Santa Clause so your kids can get those Christmas wishes in early!

Here’s what you need to know:

What:  Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show

When:  November 11-13, 2016

Where:  South Towne Expo Center, 10450 South State Street in Sandy, Utah

Admission:  Tickets are $12.50 for adults,  children 13 and under: Get in FREE

See you there!

Visit Indigo Highway
Specialty Shops

Indigo Highway- You Must Visit This Shop

Last week we stopped by our friends Jen & Dean Tutor’s new shop in Park City and we are in love.

Indigo Highway recently opened at Newpark Town Center .  When we asked Dean & Jen about their new venture they said this:

“Indigo Highway is a Modern Mercantile with an adventurous spirit created out of love of the journey. We’ve lived in Utah for about 10 years and have been away in Florida for a little bit working on a project. From the day we moved there we were trying to figure out how to get back. When we created Indigo Highway we wanted a shop that represented the American Spirit, along with the free spirited nature of the western landscape, where men and women could shop together. Indigo Highway feels to us like Little House on the Prairie General Store meets 2016!


“We felt strongly about stocking luxury brands that are handmade here in America. Some of the brands we carry have been handcrafting goods in the U.S.A for over a century and some brands have recently launched. We feel there is a renaissance of sorts taking place, similar to the food movement years ago where folks really wanted to know where and how their goods were made. Some of the types of products we offer include bacon nib brittle, Duck Fat Caramels, bean to bar chocolates, Filson bags, hand pressed ayurvedic perfume, hand poured soy candles, one of a kind tie dyed flannels, cozy contemporary fleece, Crystal jewelry, hats that have been made in the same factory since 1921 as well as Salt Lake and Park City artisans.

Indigo Highway will offer events once a month that range from Wine and whiskey tastings to showcasing local artisans and musicians. We want Indigo Highway to be an experience where neighbors get to know each other better. One reason we chose to open at Kimball Junction as opposed to Main street, was we really want to get to know our clientele. We love meeting tourist, but it’s sad when we never get to see them again, whereas with the locals, we get to hear stories of their adventures, travels, dogs, children, friends and family. We’re having a blast and look forward to sharing this journey with all those who cross our path as they truly are the best part of this adventure!”


This week take a ride to go visit them and find the joy of a creative, peaceful & unique shop, that smells amazing!

Seriously, this husband and wife team are not only the nicest people you’ll ever meet, their creativity and special touch is very unique.  They have traveled to most places in the world and their journey around the globe and love for people is felt the moment you meet them!

Shop local & support shops like Indigo Highway.  There’s something special about what these beautiful places add to a community.

Follow Indigo Highway on Instagram, @indigohighway and on Facebook

Visit Indigo Highway



indigo-highway-jen-deanVisit Indigo HighwayVisit Indigo Highway