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February 2017

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Our Birthday Giveaway

We’ve gathered some of our favorite things!  And the best part is you can enter to win a tote bag with these following items:

Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy lotion. We simply love using these bath & body products. The Verbena and Lavender full line as well as many other scents are available at the fabulous Tabula Raza in Trolley Square.

Kate Spade journal and desk organizer. We love the little details that make life so fun. You can find these little treasures at one of our favorite stores New Orientation at Foothill Village.

Travel luggage tags. These travel tags are heavy duty and will go the distance, Eliza our world traveler knows! You can find these at The King’s English in Sugarhouse.

Little Master Shakespeare Book. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a wonderful children’s book by Utah author Jennifer Adams. We love reading to our kids and you will love the entire line. Available at Storybook Nook at Gardner Village.

Illume cloverleaf nectar candle. This little detail makes all the difference in the home, we are simply hooked on candles. A full line of incredible scents available at Dancing Crane Imports in Salt Lake.

Digital Download. Brittany has been busy designing beautiful quotes for the home that are inspirational and decorative. We are adding new ones everyday so visit our Etsy shop at

T-shirt & Cup. We love staying active and healthy, this workout shirt is soft and light weight and we think you’ll love it.

Candy Jar. Of course there must always be candy because life is sweet.

Thanks for following along and taking this ride with us!

Visit our Instagram, enter to win this gift, and tell your friends about our site and the wonderful places in Utah that we feature!

Your Salt Sky friends,

Brittany, Paulina, Samantha, Eliza & Katty

Salt Sky birthday
For Kicks & Giggles

We are celebrating!

This month marks the 2nd anniversary of Salt Sky!  We had such a great year visiting local businesses, traveling to Utah State Parks, meeting so many of you at our fun collaborative events, and sharing our favorite things.

To celebrate our birthday, we are giving away a tote full of some fun things we love.  To enter, visit our Instagram.

Thank you for continuing to follow us!  Our state has so many amazing things to offer, we are excited to share more with you this year.

If you’d like to be featured, collaborate on an event or share something wonderful with our readers, email us at we can’t wait to chat!

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Improve your photography and photo editing skills

We’ve been working on taking better photos lately and took an online course that has helped so much.  There are a ton of courses out there that teach you about photography, but we were looking for the extra simple, start from the beginning course.  We didn’t need a “turn into a professional photography overnight” course but one to teach us to better use the camera we have.

We wanted to share this course with you because it really is simple, broken up into small segments so you can learn one concept at a time, practice and then move on.  Plus you’ll have the course to review over and over again until you feel like you know it since it’s online.

Since spring is coming and the scenery is breath taking, it’s a great time to get comfortable with your camera.  Are you looking for a new camera?  This is the one we bought and it just went on sale for $200 OFF!  Dang, we should have waited, ha ha.  Click here to check it out.  We LOVE this camera and works great with the course as well.

The course is $129 BUT our followers can get it for $49 now until 2/26/17. Click here to sign up for the online course and tell us what you think!

This course includes:

9 videos
cheat sheets
editing tutorials
life-time access (complete at your own pace)

What you’ll learn:

How to shoot in manual:

Shutter Speed
How to put it all those together to shoot manual
My step-by-step to setting up a shot in manual

Photography basics:

types of lighting
how to find the best times to shoot in your house
compositional elements of a good picture


edit your pictures quickly and easily in Lightroom
my editing workflow
Beauty, Health & Fitness

7 Hair & Skin benefits of Argan Oil

We have a fun guest post today by Beth Martel.  Here’s some fun info she’s shared with us about Argan Oil.  Tell us what you think!  Have you tried it?  Do you agree?  

Are you tired of purchasing endless products with the hope that they might bring your silky hair and youthful skin back? After reading this article, you will realize what you have been missing out on for so many years.
Do you ever wonder if there could be just one potion for all your problems? If yes, argan oil is the one. It is also known as liquid gold by many because of its infinite benefits and golden color. It is used as an organic cosmetic product by famous makeup artists around the world.
Here are the few out of many benefits of argan oil for hair and skin:

Friendly to All Skin Types:
You do not have to worry about your skin type while using argan oil. It benefits the dry skin by reducing dryness and itching, and keeps it hydrated at all time.
Argan oil is non-greasy yet moisturizing enough to keep skin hydrated. Therefore, it is also best for those with oily skin. As it is an organic product, it has zero side effects, making it equally best for sensitive skin too.

Treats and Prevents Acne:
Excessive oil is the major cause of acne. Argan oil controls the natural production of oil,  It is high in linoleic acid content that helps to condense inflammation and remove the dead skin cells.

Prevents Aging:
Argan oil consists of anti-oxidants that prevent oxidative damage from pollution and UV rays. Fatty acids present in the oil such as Linoleic acid help to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Treats Nails, Hands and Feet:
Argan oil has clear softening properties which benefit wrinkled and hard skin on hands and feet. It also heals brittle nails. You can make it a permanent part of your mani-pedi routine.
Prevents Flaky and Dry Lips:

Argan oil also works as the best balm for sore and cracked lips, especially during winters. You can also make a lip exfoliator using argan oil and a teaspoon of brown sugar.  Apply it before going to sleep every night. This quick remedy will keep your lips soft and supple.

Treats Dry and Damaged Hair:
Argan oil also works as a hair softener and shiner and is used by many hair stylists. It also treats frizzy hair and split ends.  Applying a few drop through your fingertips in the roots of your hair can help it grow stronger and more voluminous.

Speeds Up Healing of Wounds and Burns:

Argan oil consists of anti-oxidants that reduce inflammation and help in healing wounds, dry patches and burns. It speeds up the healing process and immediately soothes the pain.
Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at Check out the three best hair oils for women that can treat your hair like no other product.

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Our Favorite Home Fabric Shop

Do you like to decorate your home with great pillows and upholstered furniture? You will not believe the great prices and gorgeous fabrics you will find at The Fabric Store.  They recently opened in Draper.


Kat Rodgers Peterson and Korri Dahlman are the mother daughter duo business owners of this fun shop.  They are knowleageable and super helpful!  They helped us choose fabric for a king size duvet, couch pillows, a fireplace cushion, a table runner and new dinning room curtains.  Yup, we’ve all been doing some really fun spring touches all over our homes.

IMG_4275All the fabrics we chose were $12.95 or under.  We love their prices so much!

IMG_4272The Fabric Shop offers upholstery services and can sew anything from curtains, valances, pillows, duvets and anything else you may want.



IMG_4274Visit them soon, you will be hooked.  We went back three times in one week!   Welcome spring with a little special touch of fabric, it’s great how just adding a new pillow to a chair or couch can make the whole room feel fresh and new.

Happy sewing Salt Sky friends!

Address:  196 W. 12300 S. Draper, Utah

Phone: 801-523-7559

Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-2, or anytime by appointment

Facebook & Twitter: TheFabricStoreLLC

*Opening Soon:  the remnant room with awesome deals on remnant fabric and more.

Giveaways, Valentine's

Valentine Giveaway

We have a fun Valentine giveaway!  One lucky follower is going to win:

  • your choice of a Lip Sense starter kit, gloss & remover ($55 value)
  • a $10 gift certificate to The Park 5
  • a cute cosmetic bag
  • plus a few extra goodies

To enter, visit our Instagram!


The salt & pepper grinders that should be added to your kitchen

What’s for dinner?  Here’s an awesome recipe that we’ve been loving.  It’s fast, so yummy and the whole family will love it.  And check out these fabulous salt and pepper grinders that Akoni sent us to try out.   They are currently on sale! Click here to see them.

One pot Swedish Meatballs (we say cut the pepper in half to make the flavor more child friendly).  Click here to see the entire recipe and tell us what you think!

swedish meatballs

sami copy
Specialty Shops

The lovely Journies Bowtique

Shop: Journies Bowtique
Social Media: @journiesbowtique
Giveaway: 1 head wrap & 4 mini bow headbands, see details below


Is spring calling your name too? Well these adorable headbands and wraps got us thinking Spring, they were just too cute not to share. We love all the fabrics from Journies Bowtique, their prices and mommy & me matching sets.  All their head wraps can be used for baby through adult.


Journies is named after shop owner, Desiree Jurado’s daughter, Journie. She started her shop after developing a new love of sewing shortly after becoming a new mom. Journie is the inspiration behind all the designs and fabric choices, making everything extra soft for babies heads.


All their shipments come wrapped so beautifully and with a special hand written note, so sweet! Journies Bowtique is giving one lucky follower one wrap & 4 mini bows on nylon headbands. To enter, visit our Instagram. See all her designs by clicking here. Enjoy!


Salt Sky supports small business, join us in helping to grow our local economy by visiting the businesses we feature.