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There’s a new company in town that just went live on Kickstarter and we thought we’d share with all the mothers, mothers to be, grandmothers and caretakers who follow us.

Poppy Products just launched the Poppy Mat and here’s what the co-founders wanted you to know about it.  Good Luck , Poppy Products!

Cousins and POPPY PRODUCTS founders Tanner Curtis and Josh Anderson have worked hard to bring the POPPY MAT to the world. (Both Tanner and Josh’s wives are expecting babies in the spring of 2018.)

The POPPY MAT is unlike any baby mat on the market and solves all the problems that accompany using other baby mats or not using them at all. “After more than two years of prototyping we are excited to show everyone what we have been building. Every parent needs a POPPY MAT in their diaper bag.” Says Curtis. “We have created the poppy mat to give you peace of mind knowing that the surface you lay your baby on is a clean one.”


PURPOSE: What job it does:

A baby mat that makes diaper changing time:

FEATURES: How it does it?

Each mat contains a concealed wire frame allowing the mat to be opened with one hand.

The mat always lays perfectly flat no matter what surface it is placed on… never folding over itself or wadding up like a swaddle or other changing mats.

When opened the mat is 18 inches wide and 24 inches in length making it the perfect size for any child in diapers.

The Poppy Mat is completely Waterproof allowing any accidents or messes to be easily cleaned up. Disinfecting the mat is effortless making your mat a guaranteed clean surface wherever or whenever you need it.

The mat is made of soft neoprene fabric with a foam bonded center providing your baby with the perfect amount of cushion while still remaining minimal and compact.

When folded up the mat is only 8 inches in diameter and comfortably fits in whatever diaper bag you prefer.

The Poppy mat is machine washable. A mesh pouch provided with each mat makes deep cleaning the mat as easy throwing it in the washing machine and then the dryer.

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