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Cool new crafting tools!

We love finding creative Utah companies and recently we were introduced to Pen Blade.

New cool crafting knives for all sorts of projects. We’ve cut out crepe paper for flowers, fondant, paper initials and name cards. What’s cool about PenBlade is that they have different small knives that make cutting details a lot easier than using scissors.

We made this fun paper rose chandelier to change out during the holidays.  During October, we added some sugar skulls and next month we’ll add some leaves for Thanksgiving.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

 PenBlade is also selling 5 knives for only $10 this month so we thought we’d share!  Check out the uses for these fun tools below and let us know what you think!  To see the sale, click HERE.



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Loving Iced
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Time to get Iced

When we discover something exceptionally great we simply have to share it with our awesome followers.  ICED has incredible gelatos, ice-cream, Hawaiian shave ice, hand-crafted sodas and coffee.

Iced Gelato with Salt Sky

Iced just opened in Holladay and is owned by a father and two son team.  Willy, Will and Graham Gibbs are so excited about their new venture that it shows as soon as you walk in.  They are happy to make suggestions and let you taste their mouth-watering creations.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We are hooked and stop by several times a week because it’s just that good! They use only the highest quality ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no coloring agents. They source locally and use fresh milk and creams and never use pre-made mixes or fruit flavorings.

One of our very favorite treats is the Bubble Bowl, made fresh everyday, the bubble bowl is a soft waffle that holds your scoops of gelato. It’s one of those things you simply need to experience.

Iced gelato


iced menu

Their famous Bubble Bowl.  Try it with coconut gelato for sure!

This happy girl is enjoying the lime gelato made with tons of fresh limes.

Iced makes their authentic Hawaiian shave ice by actually shaving the ice from a block of ice, it’s smooth and fluffy and the best part is that their syrups are 100% pure cane sugar.

It’s time to get to ICED and to make it even more special we are having a giveaway AND a deal of the week!

Enter to win a $10 gift card on our Instagram today.  We will draw two winners.

Also. . . the ICED deal of the week for our followers is a BOGO!  (Buy One Get One)

Show that you are following ICED on Instagram and get a FREE shaved ice when you purchase any shaved ice.

Located in Holladay, Utah at 2245 E. Murray Holladay Road and is open Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm. Closed Sundays. Tel: 801-277-5803.

Salt Sky supports small business, join us in helping to grow our local economy

by visiting the businesses we feature.

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Saddle Up Utah!

Utah Trail Rides
Located: This is the Place Heritage Park Stables
Deal: 2 one hour horseback rides for $60 ($30 per person), regularly $55 per person
Coupon: SALT SKY blogger network deal
Book ride by calling: 801-448-6126
Expires: 6-30-17

This past weekend we had the best time horse back riding in the foothills overlooking the beautiful city of Salt Lake.

Our friends at Utah Trail Rides were so much fun and since some of us are pretty rusty at the sport, they were very patient and helpful.

Just imagine riding out of a barn full of beautiful horses, past an apple orchard, through a street lined with historic buildings, and onto a path just below Bonneville Shoreline Trail. You can see the whole city and the vista is spectacular.

Utah Trail Rides is owned by a very handsome cowboy from Arizona that now calls Utah home. The business has grown so much in the past two years that they are booked around the clock. So much so that they are expanding and buying more horses just to keep up with the demand. And we love that!

We are so excited to go back! Next time we will take our husbands. Just picture a romantic couple ride, can’t wait.

But book your appointment ahead of time because they fill up fast.

Utah Trail

This is definitely in the list of top ten things to do in Utah this season.


Utah Trial Rides has a special offer for our followers!  Trail rides are 1 hour and $55 per person but now through June 30, 2017 you will get 2 one hour trail rides for $60 (only $30 per person!) Date?  I think so!  To claim this deal, call James the Cowboy directly at: 801-448-6126 Mention the SALT SKY bloggers dealGift certificates are available so make someone’s day!

Rides are available for ages 5 and up, Monday-Saturday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Salt Sky supports small business, join us in helping to grow our local economy by visiting the businesses we feature.


5 Reasons we go to Macy's on Black Friday
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5 Reasons We Go to Macy’s on Black Friday


The feather pillows and down comforters are so discounted that it’s hard to pass up, and you can use awesome coupons. It’s the perfect time to get the best bedding.

Sleep with the finest Goose Down Comforters and pillows.


Did anybody say DISHES? Great deals on anything from casual sets to beautiful china including Christmas collections. You’ll be ready for Holiday parties.



This is when we throw out all the old bath towels and start new.  Soft and yummy and great prices!Our first choice is always white.



Fluffy Throws that are a must to cozy up with on cold winter days. You’ll find bins full of throws on sale for really great prices.



Small appliances are always discounted for early birds on this day. Last year we picked up the Kuerig Coffee Maker which at our house is used almost daily for hot chocolate, especially during the winter months.


Happy Shopping y’ll !

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Eyebrow Microblading from a Pro

Because we are totally into eyebrows, we wanted to learn more about microblading.  We went to pro, Eliza Guzy, for all the things we needed to know, and then Samantha the brave one tried it out.

We love the before and after pic!   Here is the step by step process from the appointment.



Pro Eliza Guzy-

“We start your appointment by discussing all your wants and addressing any potential concerns or questions. We will snap a few before pictures, go over some quick paperwork, and begin designing your brow shape exactly how you want. Your shape is drawn with a wax pencil, so it’s very easy to make changes. The goal is to ensure you feel completely confident in both the color and the shape. This consult could take 20 minutes or 2 hours, as much time as you need to be excited about moving forward. :)
For Sami’s consultation, we went over the clean shape that she wanted. She didn’t like how far in towards her nose she had let her brows go. Another point that we tried to fill in was through her arch and tail. Naturally, most of us do not have much of a tail, filling this in helps open our eye sockets beautifully.”

Microblading: everything you should know

“Everyone’s first question to me is, “Does it hurt?!” I always chuckle and say NO! I use two types of topical numbing on your brows throughout the full blading process. If you ever feel you need more numbing, just let me know and we can add more as we go!
Sami was not worried about the pain, she said she is tough, and that she is! We added no additional numbing, and it went smoothly and pain free.”

Microblading: everything you should know


“The fun begins! A single use hand tool is used to create the strokes and deposit the pigment. I keep the pigment cup on my finger at all times and use my free hand to pull the skin taut so the strokes are deposited precisely. I move slowly and steadily to assure the hair strokes are being placed correctly and to ensure you are comfortable along the way.
Skin type will help determine which type and size of blade I will move forward with. Sami had standard to dry skin. We started with a regular 12 FLEX blade and moved on to a smaller 11 blade halfway through for the inner, smaller strokes.”

Microblading: everything you should know

MICROBLADING STEP 4: Finishing Touches

“Once the majority of strokes have been deposited, I will have you sit up to remeasure your corners and shape to verify your brows are looking On Point! Then we are ready to finish, and I apply the pigment over your brows for 10 minutes or so. This helps give the fresh strokes the perfect coat of color.
Up, down, up down, up down… those last 20 minutes or so I sat Sami up multiple times to get all our edges and corners and make sure we were perfectly even. Once I loved where we were, I deposited the pigment over her brows for 10 minutes. While the pigment was sitting in, I went over the aftercare process with Sami.”


“Following proper aftercare instructions is the most important of all! I believe in a dry heal. This means no water, no sweating or over heating. Take baths, low intensity workouts, and sunglasses/hats when outside!  I will give you a special cream to apply to your brows 3-5 times a day during the two week healing period. The more oily you naturally are, the less times during the day you need to apply. You follow these strict aftercare instructions for 2 weeks and then you are good to go until your touch up!
Following the aftercare is the hardest, but also the most important! Sami did really well. She got a little itchy and flakey, which is totally normal. I give everyone a day to day breakdown of what will happen with their brows. Everyone’s skin turns over at such a different rate that you will fall somewhere between the given days. Days 2-5 after procedure, your color will darken. Don’t be alarmed, you will fade 40-50% from the darkest point. Days 5-10 post procedure you will start to flake and itch. The cream I give you will help a lot with this. Don’t pick! Let them naturally flake. Week 3 post procedure, the color almost feels like it completely disappears and the full process didn’t work. Don’t be alarmed! Color will resurface that 4th week. This is why I wait a minimum of 4 weeks to do the touchup. I want to see exactly what pigment retention we have and where we need to add more strokes etc.”


“4-6 weeks after your initial appointment we will do a touchup (perfecting) session. This is where we can make minor changes to shape and color. Most people always ask to go darker at the touchup! Depending on your skin type will determine how long you can go before your next touchup. Oily skin will need a touchup sooner than later, around 9-12 months. Normal skin will last 12-18 months. Dryer, aged skin will retain the longest.”


Here’s what we have to say about this.  First of all, do research when it comes to your microblading expert.  See their work, ask lots of questions and be comfortable with them since this is a semi-permanent procedure that will last for a couple years.  Eliza really impressed us and Sami’s brows look beautiful.

2nd, make sure you feel comfortable and confident about your color and shape.  Just because you find a photo of brows you love, it doesn’t mean that it’s best for your face.  The last thing you want are fake looking brows.  Fit them to your face.

If you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah or Walnut Creek, CA areas, we have a special offer for you from Eliza Guzy.  Mention SALT SKY when you book your appointment and get $150 off your microblading, regularly priced $450, for our followers, $300! Thanks Eliza!  Offer expires January 1, 2017.

To book your appointment:

Call or Text On Point Brows:

OR Direct Message on Instagram, @onpoint.brows

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5 Tips for Booking a Holiday Flight

We are excited to introduce you to a new friend, Emily Holt, who shares some seriously awesome deals on flights from Salt Lake City to all over the world.  Check out her guest post today about holiday flights and see our Instagram today, @ SaltSkyUtah to enter to win a $50.00 Alaska Airlines Card along with $25 gift card to Target to buy all your travel treats.


Hi friends! I run @flightsfromhome on Instagram—where I share my favorite flight deals from Salt Lake City. This photograph (below) is of my little girl and me in Cambodia this year. We went to Cambodia on a whim because I found a great deal on airfare. In fact, that’s how most of our trips begin—with a sale on a flight. That being said, I watch flights, and I can’t book all the flights, so I figure, whateva whateva, share the travel love with you guys. And that leads us to the Instagram page. I’ll find ‘em, you book ‘em … or don’t, and just enjoy the cool airline price posts.

With the holidays coming up, I wanted to tackle some important holiday travel questions, like does the TSA categorize cranberry sauce as a liquid? Yes. Yes they do. And, more importantly, how are you going to get the best deal on your holiday flight? So, here are my five tips for booking holiday flight:

  1. Be Realistic. Holiday flights are generally more expensive—so if you plan to travel over the holidays, don’t expect absolute rock bottom prices. Prices fluctuate year-to-year, so if you paid something last year don’t expect that to be the price you will pay this year—some of you may be pleasantly surprised by prices, others might be disappointed, but hey, it is what it is.
  2. Be Flexible. This goes without saying, but the more flexible you are, the more luck you’ll have on finding a lower fare. Typically, you will find that flights are actually cheaper if you are willing to fly on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. Want to leave the evening before Thanksgiving? So does everyone else. That is why that fare is likely going to be the most expensive. When planning your flights, try leaving the weekdays after the holiday and enjoy some of those leftovers a little longer.
  3. Book Early. Although you may score a deal right before the holiday, often fares just continue to rise as the holiday approaches. So book early. Check flights a few times a week for a couple weeks and when you see the fare drop (or maybe it never drops), it’s probably a good idea to book. I personally like using for this because I think it gives you an overall good idea of the fare prices and its calendar search matrix is really user friendly. If you think you found a great deal in Google Flights, ALWAYS double check this deal at This website pulls a lot of alternative booking agencies that might provide a lower price.
  4. Travel Internationally. While fares to your parents’ house might seem very expensive, international travel is often really cheap. So think about ditching the family and trading in the turkey for a little Pad Thai (sorry Mom and Dad, but Thailand is calling my name) … Just send them a postcard and they will probably understand.
  5. Utilize Airlines’ Cancellation Policies. So you see a fare that you want to book, but you’re not sure if the dates will actually work for your holiday travel? Book the fare then figure out the details. Most airlines (when booking directly with the airline) provide a 24-hour cancellation window to either hold the fare or cancel without penalty. Always double check the airline policy before booking if you think you may cancel and read the fine print, and if you think only one person in your reservation may cancel, book them on a separate reservation because usually you have to cancel the whole reservation (learned this one the hard way once).



Utah Halloween Activity DEALS

Here are some awesome places to play with the family or get scared out of your mind with special ticket deals.  These deals sell out so buy them today!

Spooky Kid Con Adult ticket + 2 FREE kids tickets

40% off, was $20, now from $12

Insanity point, Cornbellys

36% off, was $24.95, now $16

Garden after dark

42% off, was $12, now $7

Halloween cruise on the Provo River

38% off,  was $8, now $5

Halloween corn maze Hee Haw

33% off, was $15, now $10

Haunted combo pass

25% off, was $20, now $15

Castle of chaos

39% off, was $33, now from $20

Black Island farms

45% off, was $20, now $11

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It’s All About the Brows

We’ve learned a lot about eyebrows lately.  If there’s only one thing you could do for make up in a day, it should be brows.

A brow done correctly will give you that natural glow and beauty that you’ll love.  Plus, filled in brows not only give you a younger look but make your face look softer and I think, friendlier.  No more angry brows. Here are some tips:

  • Tweeze less.  Start to grow fuller brows.  Sliver brows are out.
    • In the meantime, fill your brows in the shape you want them to be.  I love brow pencils because they give a natural look, have a little bit of wax in them to keep brows shaped and the best part, it lasts all day.
  • How to fill in brows?
  1. Line the bottom of your brow lightly.
  2. Fill in with pencil with upward strokes throughout brow; lightly at first and then darker if desired.
  3. Brush through eyebrows.  Brush usually comes with the pencil. This will shape your brow and blend in your pencil.
  4. Finish by highlighting under your brow with the wonder pencil (my favorite).  Gives extra definition to brows.
  • Choose a color that isn’t too dark.  Extra dark brows look fake.  You’ll want to choose a color that is the same as your brow or a little lighter, don’t go darker…unless your brows are blonde, then you’ll want to add a shade darker.  If you are in between colors then choose both and fill in and blend both colors together.

So what to buy?  Here are my favorites that I can’t go without!

NYX brow pencil: (This is what I use and love it.)

NYX brow pencil

Wonder pencil: LOVE this!

NYX highlighter

Brow wax pencil:  Good for brows that need a little help staying in place.

brow wax

Bare Minerals pencil:

bare minerals brow liner

Some people like to fill in with a powder.  This is a great one if you want that option.  Same technique as above but brush on and fill in brows:  Cake Powder

cake powder

YES, you do need to give your brows a little love!  I promise that you’ll be so happy you did and you’ll find that you will probably wear less make-up… win, win!



Save BIG with the Dine & Stay package at the Chateaux Deer Valley
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Save Big with the Dine & Stay Deal at The Chateaux Deer Valley

Located: 7815 Royal Street East
Park City
Deal: Dine & Stay Package
Coupon: use code “dine”
Or click here to book

This past weekend I took my husband to celebrate his 35th birthday at The Chateaux Deer Valley.  We did the Dine & Stay  package and I just have to say… wow.  It was incredible.  This was the first time we had stayed at The Chateaux and will not be the last.  I think it’s going to have to be a birthday tradition.

Save BIG with the Dine & Stay package at the Chateaux Deer Valley

The Dine & Stay package includes your room, a 3 course dinner and a buffet breakfast for two.  The room was beautiful with detail that felt very “Park City” with a cozy fireplace (I think we’ll need a winter getaway too).  Then we headed to the pool that had an amazing view of the mountains.  We could have stayed there all day talking and relaxing.

Dinner was incredible!  The 3 course dinner included an appetizer, main course and dessert for each of us.  It was so much food and we had to try it all.  The hanger steak was probably the highlight of Bubba’s birthday dinner, it was heavenly.

Save BIG with the Dine & Stay package at the Chateaux Deer Valley

Save BIG with the Dine & Stay package at the Chateaux Deer ValleyDine & Stay package at The Chateaux Deer Valley

After a relaxing night sleep where no kids were invading our bed or kicking us in the face… we headed to the breakfast buffet that was, well, just as amazing as the dinner the night before.  The food was delicious and the perfect way to start our day.

There are so many other things to do at The Chateaux in the summer that we didn’t do but are going to add to our list next time like, world class mountain biking that is just steps from the hotel, golfing at a private course, horseback riding, hot air balloon rides and of course so many activities in Park City and shopping at nearby Main Street.  They have a shuttle that will take you around town so you can experience it all.

Save BIG with the Dine & Stay package at the Chateaux Deer Valley

The service was so great.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.  There are family packages available as well if you want to take the kids and they’ll eat for free…. or you can do a much needed romantic getaway.  Life gets a little busy, especially with all the kids running around so take a break and give yourselves some alone time.  You may just talk to each other more in the weekend than you have in the entire month like we did, ha ha.  EXTRA BONUS!  They will also give you a bounce back deal.  If you stay again between now and December 1, you’ll pay for the first night and only $25 to stay a 2nd night!  Yeah, we’ll be doing that too.

Deal Breakdown:

  • A one night stay without the package is $220.79 (with room, taxes & fees)
  • A 3 course dinner at the hotel came out to be about $125.00 for us.
  • Buffet breakfast for 2 would have been $42.00 per person
  • WE PAID:  $287.36 for a one night stay, a 3 course dinner for 2 & breakfast buffet.  This included all taxes and fees (not including gratuity for our 2 meals that we left).
  • Everything we did would have cost $429.79.  We saved a total of $142.43 (over 30%) and had a luxurious, romantic and relaxing getaway.  You NEED to do this!  Here’s the link to book this deal, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Save BIG with the Dine & Stay package at the Chateaux Deer Valley

Salt Sky supports small business, join us in helping to grow our local economy by visiting the businesses we feature.

Click here to find other great activities to EXPLORE UTAH


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The Men are Braving it Again

The annual backpacking trip into the Wind Rivers of beautiful Wyoming is fast approaching.  Of course they need all sorts of supplies that for reasons unknown to me need to be purchased.

This year on the list, a new sleeping bag. This sleeping bag weighs just over 2 pounds and allows for some serious comfort high up in the mountains because it’s soft and warm.

pillowThe amazing inflatable pillow

outdoor-sleeping-pad-7108562-regularThe must have sleeping pad.

portable-parachute-hammock-deal-6625192-regularParachute Hammock

sleeping bag15 degree sleeping bag

lightThe super bright head lights

chairThe can’t go without camp chair.  This comfortable chair only weighs .6 pounds but holds up to 220 lbs!

All of the above links are at awesome discounts!

This year approximately 10 men will venture into the wilderness.  Eliza, the only brave woman in this family to endure a week in the wild will be making her 3rd trip.

Thank you, but no, I will stay home and get a pedicure.

Make your man’s day, or surprise him on Father’s day with one of these great, trusted and tried outdoor toys.  Salt Sky approved!



What you need to bake and decorate like a pro!
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The Cake Supplies You Need to Bake Like a Pro

My husband recently asked me what my hobbies were, what I enjoy…. I don’t know, I take care of kids, clean and do an amazing amount of laundry and so I guess I enjoy grocery shopping alone and locking myself in the bathroom for a long, hot shower 😉  He sure has a lot of hobbies though (most of which are expensive… but that’s a topic for another time!).

I guess it got me thinking about the things I love to do.  One of those is cake baking and decorating.  I used to have a little cupcake counter in my retail shop and I sure enjoyed it, but never baked big fancy cakes.  So I signed up for a cake class with Cake by Courtney and LOVED it!  That’s the Churro Cake in the photo above, it is one delicious cake.   The main question at the class from attendees was, “What supplies are needed to start baking and decorating cakes like a pro?”  I took notes and found all those supplies, with most on sale!  Click the affiliate links below to see these tools and great prices. The best part is that you can shop from home while in your pjs.  Enjoy!

  1.  For the Naked cake look:  Acetate Sheets.  Love the look of these cakes!  Here are sheets, and here is a 3″roll.
  2. 6″ cake ring (cuts a sheet cake like a cookie cutter for layered cakes)
  3. 1/4 sheet pan:  Courtney used this to bake and create a Milk Bar cake… next to try on my list.
  4. Parchment Paper:  I love how Courtney taught to spray or butter pans, line with parchment paper and spray again.  Cakes come out so smoothly.
  5. Pallet Knives:  This set comes highly recommended and also this Wilton Pallet Knife.
  6. Metal cake scraper:  This gives your frosted cake that smooth look.
  7. Spinning Cake Stand:  Courtney recommends and uses the Cake Boss Spinning Cake Stand.  I will need to build up to buying that beauty, so I am trying this one that is also great for beginners.
  8. Cake lifting tool:  This helps you move your cake from the cake spinner to your serving plate.
  9. Use gels to color your frosting.  These come recommended for the best color and uses a lot less color than regular food coloring.
  10. Disposable pastry bags.  Love that there’s less mess when using these piping bags and you get 100 for $10!
  11. Cake Level.  This is what makes those cakes look oh so perfect!
  12. Decorating tips.  You’ll probably find and use your favorites, but if you aren’t sure, here’s a great group of tips to play with that I really like.
  13. Cake Pans:  6″ round, 7″ round and 8″ round. Most cake recipes that I’ve been working on need 3 pans of each size.  I like these pans and they’ve worked great for me.
  • If you’re looking to make the Churro Cake, click here.  Cinnamon baking chips were impossible for me to find so I did dark chocolate but I found them online here!  Thanks for the fun class Courtney, can’t wait to take another one.


Deals, Deals

Wild West Days Discount Tickets

Wild West Days are here and Heber Valley Railroad tickets are now available for 50% off!  Take this awesome 40 minute train ride with fun activities including live music and staged gun fights to name just a couple.  To read all about this great event and purchase tickets, click here.  Wild West Days runs May 27, 28 & 30.

Tickets regularly priced, $15, on sale on our website for $7.50. But at half price they will go fast so book TODAY!