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Summer dance for littles and adults

Today we are sharing an aweosme dance studio for children that also offers some adult classes!

Dance Arts Theater of Utah is a classical ballet studio in the heart of central Salt Lake City. DATU offers Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop in both Pre-Ballet and Pre-Professional programs. Their warm and welcoming atmosphere propels dancers of all ages and levels to their fullest potential.

We are always looking for new things for our kids to learn and as adults we should have some fun hobbies as well.  Doesn’t getting together with friends to take some dance classes sound so fun? And how sweet is it that they have classes starting with walking babies?  Adorable!

All of our followers who register for summer classes during the month of April will receive a $15 credit plus DATU Swag.  Just mention SALT SKY when you sign up.

For more information and to contact DATU,

Dance Arts Theatre of Utah
1939 Murray Holladay RD
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
PH: (801) 278-0250

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7 Hair & Skin benefits of Argan Oil

We have a fun guest post today by Beth Martel.  Here’s some fun info she’s shared with us about Argan Oil.  Tell us what you think!  Have you tried it?  Do you agree?  

Are you tired of purchasing endless products with the hope that they might bring your silky hair and youthful skin back? After reading this article, you will realize what you have been missing out on for so many years.
Do you ever wonder if there could be just one potion for all your problems? If yes, argan oil is the one. It is also known as liquid gold by many because of its infinite benefits and golden color. It is used as an organic cosmetic product by famous makeup artists around the world.
Here are the few out of many benefits of argan oil for hair and skin:

Friendly to All Skin Types:
You do not have to worry about your skin type while using argan oil. It benefits the dry skin by reducing dryness and itching, and keeps it hydrated at all time.
Argan oil is non-greasy yet moisturizing enough to keep skin hydrated. Therefore, it is also best for those with oily skin. As it is an organic product, it has zero side effects, making it equally best for sensitive skin too.

Treats and Prevents Acne:
Excessive oil is the major cause of acne. Argan oil controls the natural production of oil,  It is high in linoleic acid content that helps to condense inflammation and remove the dead skin cells.

Prevents Aging:
Argan oil consists of anti-oxidants that prevent oxidative damage from pollution and UV rays. Fatty acids present in the oil such as Linoleic acid help to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Treats Nails, Hands and Feet:
Argan oil has clear softening properties which benefit wrinkled and hard skin on hands and feet. It also heals brittle nails. You can make it a permanent part of your mani-pedi routine.
Prevents Flaky and Dry Lips:

Argan oil also works as the best balm for sore and cracked lips, especially during winters. You can also make a lip exfoliator using argan oil and a teaspoon of brown sugar.  Apply it before going to sleep every night. This quick remedy will keep your lips soft and supple.

Treats Dry and Damaged Hair:
Argan oil also works as a hair softener and shiner and is used by many hair stylists. It also treats frizzy hair and split ends.  Applying a few drop through your fingertips in the roots of your hair can help it grow stronger and more voluminous.

Speeds Up Healing of Wounds and Burns:

Argan oil consists of anti-oxidants that reduce inflammation and help in healing wounds, dry patches and burns. It speeds up the healing process and immediately soothes the pain.
Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at Check out the three best hair oils for women that can treat your hair like no other product.

Personal training at DASH
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Personal Training at Dash Fitness

Dash Fitness Studio:1989 S 1100 E Ste B
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Phone:  801-486-1122

Visit their website:

Deal:  50% off personal training!  Expires 2/28/17, see details below.

Today we’re sharing a personal training that we really enjoyed.  Sometimes people want an individual or small group experience when it comes to getting fit and doing it correctly to avoid injuries and get the most out of your workout.  Dash Fitness in Sugar House offers just that.

Dash Fitness is a fitness center and gym offering low impact, high intensity small group training, personal training, weight training and more.  They have been voted “Best Gym” 2 years in a row by KSL Local A-List polls.  They have highly trained instructors and are dedicated to helping clients look and feel their best while in a great environment.

Our personal training experience came from Aubree Busath.  Aubree is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer that gives all types of training ranging from one on one to group settings each lasting an hour per session.

Personal training at DASH fitness

Training with Aubree Busath was a joy!  She had a clear plan for our class, we began with rolling our muscles out with a foam roller, which seemed to feel more like a deep tissue massage! We felt that she warmed us up so well, that we felt completely prepared to begin her carefully designed circuit training.  She watched our form closely, and was sure to let us know if our form was incorrect so we won’t cause any injuries.  Aubree made sure we understood the exercises before we began so we knew exactly what to do. She made us feel comfortable and encouraged us to keep pushing ourselves! We left this class optimistic and feeling fantastic.  We felt like we got a great workout without feeling completely drained.

Aubree is offering all of our followers a special deal… 50% off 12 sessions!  You get 12 individualized sessions for the price of 6. Personal training is usually $720 for 12 sessions but mention SALT SKY when you book and receive them for $390.  This price can be for one person OR get a group of friends and split up the price! There’s no limit to the size of your group so the more people you have, the less you’ll pay.   Pretty exciting. Also when you mention SALT SKY, Aubree will give you a free trial session for new clients so you can see how much you’re going to love it.  These special offers are valid through 2/28/17.

Other training options include:

  • 2 person semi private training ($250 per person/12 classes)
  • 3 person semi private training ($200 per person/12 classes)
  • 4 person semi private training ($150 per person/12 classes)

To book your appointment call 949.922.7567  or email

Meal Prep DIY, taught by a pro
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Chop Chop Girl Changed the Way We Eat

Our Health & Fitness week continues with a gem we found that you’re going to love!

Do you like the idea of meal prep but it’s just SO expensive or you wonder if doing it yourself will be time consuming and again… expensive?  Well those are the thoughts we have always had but since we’ve been trying extra hard this past year to live and eat healthier, we decided it was time to put it to the test.

My grandparents taught me how to garden and bottle fresh produce and I guess the mason jar habit has come full circle! These beautiful mason jar meal preps are nutritious, appealing, beautiful and so convenient! They can be transported like traditional meal preps and the pint jars fit perfectly into a car cup holder. I take them to the gym and when driving soccer carpool regularly! Currently I hold Meal Prep Club Sessions in the Yale/Harvard area approximately every other Saturday. Individuals sign up online and pay $20 to save their spot and reserve a set of fresh mason jars (which they get to keep). CHOPCHOPGirl creates the menu, does the shopping, and equips the kitchen for the session. Recipes and diagrams with instructions are provided that day. PREPPERS are assigned a partner upon arrival and together they make one recipe and fill the number of designated jars for the group. Sessions typically a session lasts under 3 hours and cost is about $4/jar. I also help others host meal prep sessions in their own homes. The hostess and I work together on a menu and I leave her with a hostess gift.

We were super lucky to come across Paige Kimball, founder of Chop Chop Girl.  Paige does meal prep in a whole different way, she shows you how to do it,  how simple and cost effective it can be and teaches you all the tools you need to be successful on your own.  Each meal is prepared and ready to go in a mason jar.

My grandparents taught me how to garden and bottle fresh produce and I guess the mason jar habit has come full circle! These beautiful mason jar meal preps are nutritious, appealing, beautiful and so convenient! They can be transported like traditional meal preps and the pint jars fit perfectly into a car cup holder. I take them to the gym and when driving soccer carpool regularly! Currently I hold Meal Prep Club Sessions in the Yale/Harvard area approximately every other Saturday. Individuals sign up online and pay $20 to save their spot and reserve a set of fresh mason jars (which they get to keep). CHOPCHOPGirl creates the menu, does the shopping, and equips the kitchen for the session. Recipes and diagrams with instructions are provided that day. PREPPERS are assigned a partner upon arrival and together they make one recipe and fill the number of designated jars for the group. Sessions typically a session lasts under 3 hours and cost is about $4/jar. I also help others host meal prep sessions in their own homes. The hostess and I work together on a menu and I leave her with a hostess gift.

Paige told us, “My grandparents taught me how to garden and bottle fresh produce and I guess the mason jar habit has come full circle! These beautiful mason jar meal preps are nutritious, appealing, beautiful and so convenient. They can be transported like traditional meal preps and the pint jars fit perfectly into a car cup holder. I take them to the gym and when driving soccer carpool regularly.”  And they stay fresh in your fridge for up to 10 days.

Meal prep with Chop Chop Girl

So how does it work?

  • Meal Prep Club Sessions in the Salt Lake  area are held approximately every other Saturday.
  • Individuals sign up online and pay $20 to save their spot and reserve a set of fresh mason jars (which you get to keep).
  • CHOP CHOP Girl creates the menu, does the shopping, and equips the kitchen for the session.
  • Recipes and diagrams with instructions are provided that day.
  • PREPPERS are assigned a partner upon arrival and together they make one recipe and fill the number of designated jars for the group.
  • Sessions typically last under 3 hours and cost is about $4/jar. (You pay more than that for fast food that isn’t great for you!)
  • She also has an option for you to host your own meal prep group (like we did with mom, sisters & our aunt).  It was so awesome!  The kids played and we got to make healthy meals for our homes.

Meal prep with Chop Chop Girl

We really love that Paige taught us how to cook so that it’s healthy and how easy it can be to work together.  We assembled 4 different meals and a total of  60 jars.  Our goal for the class was to make lunches for us and our spouses.  The kids take a lunch to school but we often just don’t eat well on the go and our spouses get fast food when we haven’t packed a lunch the night before (which rarely happens so….).  This way, we made lunches in mason jars that we can just grab and go all week long.

Meal prep with Chop Chop Girl

Get together with your family and friends and invite Chop Chop Girl to come cook with you.  You will be so happy you did, we can’t say enough good things about our experience and Paige is absolutely darling to work with! To book your meal prep session:

Meal prep with Chop Chop GirlMeal prep with Chop Chop Girl

max muscle cottonwood
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The Max Muscle Experience

Welcome to our 2nd annual Health & Fitness week!  Last year we had such a great time celebrating everything surrounding a healthy lifestyle and so we are ready to do it again.  We are kicking this week off by talking about a place we are loving, Max Muscle in Cottonwood Heights.

Max Muscle teaches you how to care for your body with nutrition, exercise, vitamins and how to overall have a healthy lifestyle.  Owner, Taylor Reed, took us through the Max Muscle experience and we were blown away by the amount of education we received, it gave us a new energy to work even harder toward a healthy lifestyle not only for ourselves but our families.

At Max Muscle you can go in and get a full body analysis.  Step on a scale that measures your body fat, muscle, and gives you a detailed layout of your body.  This will help you know what it is that YOUR body needs.  Taylor says, “throw out your scale.”  It’s not going to tell you what you need to know about your body and you’ll focus on the wrong thing.  This body analysis are free the first time and always free at Muscle Max Cottonwood with purchase!  You may also buy a punch pass to go in and get an analysis whenever you’d like.  If you should put one thing on your to do list this week, it’s to go in and get an analysis done!  Just Do It.

Max Muscle

Max Muscle also provides full meal planning that comes with a coach that will help hold you accountable, motivate you and keep you soaring toward your goals.  Here’s what we absolutely loved about this… the meal planning is beyond simple.  The problem with most plans we’ve found is that they’re complicated and who has time for that?  These are so simple that you just follow the steps and quickly plan a meal.  We also love that it’s a lifestyle.  You don’t need expensive food delivered to your door because you are making your own meals and stocking your kitchen with good and nutritious foods.

Max Muscle

So, one thing is certain, when you stop by Max Muscle you won’t be disappointed and you’ll probably walk out with some healthy protein bars that taste amazing (hint… coconut almond bars ;)) Max Muscle Cottonwood is giving  away a 4 session nutrition package ($300 value) & a $50 gift card! Enter to win on our Instagram today.

Max Muscle

These protein bars are so yummy and are not only full of protein but help you with energy and to not get hungry.  We love them!

Max Muscle

This is us getting done with a workout, now we are going straight to our Max Muscle Protein Shake so that we can build even more muscle!

Max Muscle

Max Muscle Cottonwood is located at:

6556 S. Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd

SLC, UT 84121


(Located in the Old Mill shopping plaza across from Zupas)

Health & Fitness

Electronics detox in a technology driven world

We live in a technology driven world, but what would the benefits be from a little electronics detox?  Angela Martindale, owner of Meals That Transform has shared a great guest post with our readers today, check it out!

How much time do we spend looking at our electronics (phones, tablets, computers, ipads)? 

The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that American children of varying ages spend a whopping seven hours a day in front of electronic media.  According to CNN, Teens spend 9 hours a day using social media, report says and this doesn’t include the media time they use at school. According to the Daily Mail, the average adult person now spends more time on their phone and laptop than ever before-8 hours and 41 minutes in addition to the time they spend on their electronics for work.
What was your first thought when you read these statistics? 
AM: We are in an electronic crises.  We must educate ourselves on the impact of spending so much time on our devices and the impact it is having not only in our daily schedule, but on our physical health and emotional wellness of our family members, our friends, our society at large and our personal thoughts and energies.  We need to find ways to get back to being grounded and present in our own thoughts and events of daily life.
What are some of the side effects of spending so much time on our electronics and how can we minimize our electronic use every day so that we can be more present? 
AM:  Find the Unwind 
We have to find ways to unwind and reground ourselves in reality.  When we are devoting so much time and energy to our electronics, we can lose touch with what is really important in our personal lives, the daily things and events of substance that impact our relationships with family and friends.  We get so caught up in having 24-7 access to who is doing what, who liked our posts on social media, you tube, and snapchat, or we become immersed in celebrity gossip, latest news and what’s being marketed to us, that our brains never turn off.  We use so much brain power and emotional energy on our electronics that they become almost like an escape from reality.  Then when we need our energy to think clearly for our own life, spend time with kids, family and friends or mentally process a work or emotional crises, we are already tapped out and too tired to give our real life relationships the attention they need. We have to balance our electronics against the time we have with our family and friends.
Solution:  Have a basket by your front door and as soon as you walk in the door, the phone gets turned off and thrown in the basket until after you can unwind from your day.

Make an effort to have family dinner or have dinner with friends so you can talk to other people about life and enjoy the company. If someone has worked hard to make you dinner and you are distracted by your phone, you will not only offend the chef, but you will miss an opportunity to enjoy the actual food. Once the phone is turned off and in the basket, make sure it stays there and distract yourself with conversation about how everyone’s day went, throw the ball with your kids, walk the dog, mow the lawn or go on a family, couple or group bike ride with friends. Putting the phone out of sight, knowing that it’s turned off, gives your brain opportunities to refocus on the things of value in your life, exercise your social skills and show those closest to you that you are interested in them because they are valuable to you.

Avoid the Bluelight Blues 
Most adults spend the bulk of their electronic time in the later hours of the day and often before bed.  This is so harmful to our minds and our bodies.  Sleep is imperative for your mind and body to reset itself, and our electronics emit shortwave blue light which has a higher concentration of blue light than our natural light, and in high doses (like the light from our phones etc. . . ) fights against the natural sleep inducing hormone  melatonin.  We essentially activate the brain and tell ourselves to stay awake longer which means we don’t sleep well and when we are not getting enough sleep physically our bodies are more susceptible to irritation, pain, weakness and sickness.  When we are not sleeping well we are also emotionally vulnerable, we don’t think as clearly as we need to for problem solving, our cognitive abilities are delayed, and we use all of our energy just trying to keep ourselves awake to get through the day.  We don’t pay attention to the body for nutrition and exercise and basically we are a mess!
Solution:  Turn your phones off at least an hour before bedtime.  Incorporate a few basic yoga exercises into your routine to take the place of looking at your phone to help you breathe, relax and refocus your mind and your body to sleep mode.  I recommend using an actual alarm clock instead of your phone as well, if your phone or smart pad/ipad is by your bed before you go to sleep, you will be tempted to pick it up and start perusing the internet or your social media and your sleep and overall health will suffer the next day.  You can find some great basic but effective yoga moves on my Ultimate Transformation Series at to help you get started.
Me Before You 
Looking at our phone at the gym kills our workouts!  Seriously.  When we go to the gym we are there to tune out the world and literally focus only on us.  Looking at videos, watching TV or Instagamming while we are working out doesn’t allow the body to maximize its workout because the mind is not fully present in the exercise.  Our body and our mind are tied together and if one is distracted from focusing on putting all of our energy into the workout, then we are just robbing our muscles from reaching their peak performance, while also robbing our mind of the full high our endorphins give us while boosting our energy, helping us release stress and being more in tune with our physical movement. Essentially, worrying about what we are watching, who has emailed us or who liked our posts is just a distraction and we are only achieving half of what we could be if we just simply listened to music instead.
Solution: Download your itunes library, Pandora or iHeart Radio and lock your screen for at least 30 minutes while you give everything you have got to your workout.  Listening to music, although on your phone, engages your mind in a different capacity and your body reacts differently to the music than it does to videos and pictures on your electronics.  Use the down time to listen to some of your favorite workout tunes and tune the world out for maximum results.

Don’t Text Me, Talk With Me  
How many times have you been out on a date and you look around to see couples, sitting across from each other, staring at their phones? Our devices give us access to a million voices that distract us from listening to the voice of the person we love the most. Not only is it bad manners, it’s impacting the health and wellness of our personal relationships and it’s a habit we as couples and a society need to break.   There is no one more important than our significant other, and if we are on a date, sitting across from one another, looking at our phones instead of connecting with the most valued person in our life, then we are not interacting in deeper conversation with them and definitely not fueling the relationship. Who wants to go out with someone that doesn’t talk to them the whole night because they’re looking at their phone while you are enjoying your meal. When we pay more attention to our phones than we do to our significant others, we miss out on valuable time building a stronger relationship. Our youth and our teens are growing up in an electronic world, with little understanding of how to verbally talk to one another. If mom and dad are not shutting down the presence of distractions to spend time together in actual dialogue, but are instead texting links to each other throughout dinner, then how can we teach our youth and teens to interact with their peers, have sustainable healthy relationships and problem solve in person?  Navigating an electronic free date night is a big deal in growing closer together during the short time we have to enjoy our special person!
Solution:  Don’t bring your phone out on date night! Have a no electronic rule when you are planning a night out on the town. Even if you are watching a movie at home, simply going on a walk together or having an adventurous weekend getaway, turn your phones off. Better yet, leave them at home and just be present together in the moment. This small act of intentional focus, will make a huge transformation in resetting your relationship and your priorities as a couple at the end of the day. What’s equally as great as enjoying the person you are with, is enjoying the food you share together right? So, meet, eat and laugh together for a healthier relationship!

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TRIBE Transformation program

An awesome new program was just created by nutritionist, Angela Martindale  We think that a lot of our readers would love this program so here are the details and the deal to go along with it that Angela has set up for our readers.  We hope you kick off your autumn happy & healthy.


Salt Sky

“Our brand new 6 week program called TRIBE TRANSFORMATION, which starts on September 20th and goes until October 31st. The program is for people of all ages and every person that registers gets 6 weeks of unique, custom and personalized fresh meals delivered to their door and has a consistent group or TRIBE, of individuals that they work out with for the entire 6 week program. I am the personal nutritionist for every participant, and everyone is supported and uplifted by each other to continue working out and staying positive-I am so excited about the program!

Transformers can register online at www.TRIBETRANSFORMATION.COM and if you refer someone to the program, and they register, you will receive a $50 credit toward our Meals That Transform online marketplace, where we have our amazing OM POWER whole food organic snacks and protein shakes.  Anyone who registers for the program gets 10% off their on-line store purchases for the full 6 weeks of the program too.
In addition to the 10% off of our online marketplace and $50 online store credit mentioned above, we are also offering an additional $50.00 off of the total program price for ALL readers who register for it until September 15th! Visit TRIBE TRANSFORMATION and use the code SALTSKY when you check out! That’s a total savings of $100!
I look forward to getting to know everyone that signs up personally and cultivating a great TRIBE experience for all of my TRANSFORMERS who join the program!

Good luck and hopefully I will see you soon!”

Angela Martindale

Tips for Healthy Eating
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Tips for Healthy Eating

We are on a health kick. It happens from time to time. So the girls and I made a list of healthy foods to have on hand. We even decided to give organic a try, which can get expensive. We did some shopping around and were surprised to find that Sprouts has very good prices of all their produce. So good in fact, that it’s our new weekly go to place for fresh produce.

Here is a list of some basics to have in the fridge and pantry:

Raw almonds – (with skins) Great to snack on when you get hungry. A 1-ounce serving, about 25 almonds, provides 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, 35 percent of the daily value for vitamin E, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron and B vitamins. No wonder almonds have heart healthy benefits.

Green apples – organic. They give you energy, dietary fiber, full of all kinds of antioxidants. They contain both tartaric as well as maleic acid, thereby helping to reduce the chances of indigestion. Green apples are simply better.

Beets (yellow and red) – Boil for about 35-40 minutes in plenty of water. Peel and keep in a container in the fridge, don’t chop them up, store the beets whole, just use as you need it. They stay fresh for over a week and are ready to use in salads, so yummy! Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle function).

Eggs – From free range chickens. Put 6 eggs in boiling water for 12-14 minutes. Remove from pot and place them in a bowl of cold water. Wait 10 minutes and peel. Keep them in a container in the fridge so they are ready anytime to add to a salad, make a quick egg salad sandwich or some deviled eggs.

Lemon Cucumber Water – Fill a glass pitcher with water and add a few slices of cucumbers and lemons. You will drink more water because it tastes so refreshing.

More ideas next week.

Tips for Healthy Eating on

Top worn by Paulina available on our shop.  Click here to see more.

teeth whitening giveaway
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New way to whiten teeth & giveaway

It’s giveaway time and we have teamed up with Davis Dental to give one lucky winner an Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening System! Let us just tell you how cool this is…

  • Opalescence Go is a whitening gel in pre-filled trays all ready to go.
  • You comfortably wear them for 15-20 minutes.
  • They contain potassium nitrate that has been shown to help with sensitivity.
  • They contain fluoride which reduces dental decay.
  • They contain water which keeps your sparkly teeth hydrated as opposed to other teeth whitening options that dehydrate your teeth.
  • Professional grade as great as going to the dentist office but you can do it easy as can be, right at home.

Davis Dental is giving all of our followers 25% off the Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening system, regularly priced at $75.

To redeem your deal, show this article in office or mention Salt Sky.   Are you excited?  Yes!  To enter to win the Opalescence Go, visit our Instagram and Facebook today.  Winner announced next week.  Good luck and smile, it will make the world a little sweeter today.

Davis Dental is located at 469 Medical Drive Suite #200 in Bountiful, Utah  (801)292-5892

Click here to get more information about Davis Dental and other services offered. THANK YOU DAVIS DENTAL!

I love this! it's a one time thing, and so much healthier then the bleach strips.

4 ways to a healthier home...#1, park shoes at the door...
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four ways to a healthier home

Park your shoes at the door – Did you know that C.diff and E.coli can hitch a ride on your shoes right into your home? Not to mention pesticides. Asking guests to remove their shoes is very uncomfortable for me, so when I am having a gathering, I spray my front mats heavily with an all natural cleaner that kills 99.9% of bacteria, Sol-U-Guard Botanical Concentrate Disinfectant.  Afterwards, I mop with the same cleaner, reducing whatever was dragged into the home.

Kitchen towels – When preparing food, use the kitchen towels only once and then toss into the washer. It’s the perfect place for bacteria to hide and can easily contaminate food and countertops. I like using these Super Absorbent Anti-bacterial, Streaking-free towels.

Bathroom humidity – is the ideal place for mold. Keep a close eye on this problem so that you don’t develop breathing problems. Use the fan or open a window for some fresh air. Wash bath towels often and wipe down the shower daily.

Get some indoor plants – especially a ficus. You not only will sleep better but plants absorb formaldehyde, a gas used in building materials found in every home’s walls, cabinets and furniture. Formaldehyde levels increase with increases in temperature and humidity. Symptoms include: sore throat, cough, scratchy eyes and nosebleeds. Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer. The cancer of greatest concern is cancer of the nose and throat. Yup, I think I am going to go buy me a few house plants this week!






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win this essential oil kit

Today we are giving away this wonderful kit.  It contains 3 essential oils that are the basics of aromatherapy.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

LAVENDER – Our all time favorite! This oils is both calming and relaxing and aids in sleep.  It soothes skin irritations recover quickly and even helps with sore muscles.  

TO USE:  Apply directly to skin only after testing a small area.  Never use on small children without first mixing it with a carrier oil like Coconut oil.  Add a few drops to a diffuser to scent the home. Rub a little on bottom of feet and wrists for a good night sleep. Use in a spray bottle to scent the home, sheets, towels and inside of car.  Click here for more details.  

LEMON – This oil cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces.  It naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, It is an antioxidant.  

TO USE: Add a couple of drops to your water each day.  Use with diffusers.  Add 20 drops to a spray bottle filled with distilled water to wipe off counters or floors.

PEPPERMINT – Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing.  Alleviates occasional stomach upset.  Used in chewing gum and toothpastes for oral health.

TO USE: Inhale its fresh scent right from the bottle, use with a diffuser, rub a drop on the back of neck to relieve headache tension.

There are so many more things you can do with these three basic oils.

If you have not yet discovered the wonderful world of using essential oils for their beauty, fresh scent and therapeutic benefits, I invite you to try it.  You will not regret it!

Enter to win on our Instagram page. @SaltSkyUtah

I didn't realize what essential oils can do for your body! MUST READ!