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"Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore."
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Tiny miracles for mamas who need a little help

Growing up

I saw this quote today right after my little girl went off to her first day of preschool.  She has always been a mama’s girl, my little sidekick, the one who isn’t really into making friends, glares at people that are “looking at her,” and one that would be content if it was just our family all the time, at home.  She is however, the most loving and sweet little girl with an awesome personality.

Knowing that she was going to school and that she would most likely have a meltdown when I left her had me worried all summer.  This morning she cried every time I left the room and told me that she didn’t want to go to school.  So my amazing family members all said little prayers for my her as I drove her to school with knots in my stomach.  We got there and the UNEXPECTED happened… she jumped right out of the car, never looked back and went into school with a big smile.

Miracles happen everyday.  This miracle of mine today may seem small but it is huge to me.  I cried as I pulled away, not because I didn’t want her to grow up, not because I’d miss her (though those things are also true).  I cried because she did it and I knew that she did it with the help of heavenly angels.

Sheri Dew once said that if we knew how close heaven was, how much we are loved, we would be asking for angels to help us in our lives daily.  And so I’ve started doing just that.  Asking for angels to snuggle my babies that are afraid of sleeping in their own beds, to go to school with them, to be there for them when I can’t but want to.

They come, I know they do.  Small miracles happen and they mean the world to me because I’m a mom who needs a whole lot of help.


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Must Have Rain Boots to Get Before Fall

This year I’m determined to get me and the kids some fun rain boots.  Living in Utah simply requires it.

I found some seriously great ones.  Take a look and shop for them right here, they’ll be at your door in a few days and you can be ready for fall.  And who doesn’t love fall?

stripe boots

Stipe Rain Boots, $54.15

polka dot boot

Polka Dot Boot, $32.35

tulip rain boot

The cutest owl rain boots, $42.99


Kids Ladybug rain boots, $20.00


Navy & Red rain boots, $32.46

What to see more adorable styles? Simply click here!


Giving kids the tools to succeed

Giving kids the best tools to succeed in school

One of my favorite memories of school is attending the University of Utah and working on my Child Development degree.  That degree was amazing in teaching me all about how children develop, learn, react and what helps them succeed.

In honor of back to school, here are some ways to best help your children succeed this school year.  Though some things may seem small, they are big to children.

Night before prep:

  • Set out their clothes the night before with your kids.  This teaches them to prepare and makes for a calm morning the next day.
  • Clean room.  Kids’ rooms should be clean before bedtime.  It’s hard for everyone to relax in a mess and even more overwhelming for kids.  Help your kids clean when they seem frustrated.  You don’t do it for them but help them divide cleaning out into tasks and stay by them.  It will make all the difference in learning cleaning habits and building confidence. Do this every night and it will never be too messy.
  • Bedtime snack.  There are varying opinions on this but I am a strong believer that kids shouldn’t be hungry before bed.  Every age will sleep better with a good bedtime snack.  Not junk food, nothing heavy.
  • Bath time.  A warm bath will calm children and help them get into a sleepy mode.  Kids NEED a routine.  It’s so important.
  • Bedtime at the same time every night.  Kids don’t function well on crazy schedules which gives them mixed signals from parents.  Kids want routines, they want rules and boundaries from parents.  It gives them a safety net and confidence.  They may hate it but it will benefit them in the long run.
  • NO screens an hour before bed.  There are so many great things about technology, so many ways to learn.  Limiting screen time doesn’t seem to apply as much today.  It’s more about limiting mindless screen time like entertainment shows and games.  Kids minds (as well as adults..) race before bed, lights from screens make that worse.  Put electronics away one hour before bed and keep them out of bedrooms throughout the night.

School day routine:

  • Get up at the same time everyday.  Soon your body will know when to wake up and you’ll wake up on your own.
  • Get ready.  The clothing was already set out the night before so it should be easy.
  • Eat a good breakfast. You’ve heard it a million times… breakfast is the most important meal of the day… well, that is certainly true with kids.  Kids that eat breakfast have more energy, eat healthier through the day and do better in school.  Kids who don’t eat breakfast and are always in a rush are more irritable, can’t concentrate and get tired easily.
  • After school have a snack, do homework at the same time every day, in the same place, away from distractions like TV (earlier is better than before bed), have free time for kids to unwind and make family dinner a priority.  Kids that have designated time for their family, especially with parents gain more confidence, are more likely to stay out of trouble, more likely to succeed in school and more likely to talk to parents when they are having trouble in their lives.


This may seem like a lot and some days, things just don’t go right but keep trying.  Routines will save you and be amazing for your kids.  There’s no better time to start than the beginning of school, it’s a clean slate (I know, I need that… badly).

Happy back to school!

PS…  Some of our followers are still looking for a preschool.  Do you have openings in your school? Comment below and we will compile a list.

  • *Kinder Landing has contacted us to tell us that they have open spaces for this school year season!  Click here to learn more about them.

Salt Sky does not endorse any schools listed.   Please do your research on schools to make sure it fits your child and be proactive in their education.  


a cotton candy sweet birthday
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Cotton Candy Birthday Party

My sweet girl turned 3 years old this month so naturally, it was time to celebrate!  I threw her a party with freshly spun cotton candy and a table full of sweets.  This party also had a chalkboard theme since chalkboard art is one of my new favorite hobbies.  The backdrop to the dessert table was made to look like a chalkboard with black foam board.

The Photo Booth made from PVC pipe and draped with black butcher paper (the whole thing cost me $12 to make and we’ll use it again and again!).  Check it out and happy party planning!

Want to own this awesome cotton candy machine?  You’ll use it more than you think and be the life of the party!  Click the links below for everything you’ll need:

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday


a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday


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How Effective Are You As a Parent?

Our first duty as a parent is to give our children the tools they need to build a successful life. Here are 10 rules for effective parenting from Bill O’Reilly that we loved! See how you are doing.

  1. A parent who is looking out for a child will make time for the child.
  1. Discipline is essential, but no parent should inflict physical or mental pain on a child. Parents have to be patient and remember that words can deeply wound a child.
  1. A good parent will ensure that home is a refuge. A place where a child feels protected and loved. There will be no random violence, intoxication, sexual displays, uncontrolled anger or vile language at home.
  1. A parent who is looking out for a child will provide a good education. That includes paying college tuition, if possible. Education comes before the vacation or the new car.
  1. An effective parent will be available when a child has a problem. Ditch the meeting, get back from the mall, get off the phone. There is nothing more important than dealing with a child’s crisis immediately.
  1. A good parent will screen a child’s friends, know his or her whereabouts, look at homework and ask questions about school daily.
  1. An effective parent will enforce the rules and explain them.
  1. A parent who is looking out for a child will be honest and lead by example: No lying, no cheating, no nasty gossip, no cruelty, no manipulation, no envy of your child.
  1. A good parent will be respectful of his or her own parents.
  1. Finally, an effective parent will not allow a TV or computer in a child’s room. This is a dangerous world, and the danger is now inside the house. The exploiters want your kids. You must look out for them. Fight hard.

Children’s clothing at its best

We are in LOVE. This line of Children’s Fall Fashion is just about the most beautiful we’ve seen!

La Stupenderia is an Italian company that manufactures luxury children’s wear, 100% made in Italy .  No surprise there, the textiles and designs are just about as beautiful as it gets.  Now of course we are dying to dress our children like this. Did I mention, we are in love?

Available online in the USA through children’s apparel stores that carry La Stupenderia brand clothing and check out their website for their full line












DIY Animals! These are so easy and cute!
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DIY Baby Animals

Isn’t it fun decorating a baby’s room?  Putting together a themed little oasis for your baby is trending all over Pinterest.  The only downside is the bill you get afterwards.  Making decorations on a budget is easier than you think.  All you need is a little paint and some imagination.  Give it a try, this project was so easy!



Cost for wood $18.00. (approx. 36″ long, 8″ tall)

Paints used: Americana Multi-surface Satin (available at Michael’s $1.39 ea.)

Colors: “Dolphin” for elephant

“Pumpkin Patch” for giraffe

“Coffee Bean” for monkey, but I added some ivory to lighten it up.

“Antique Gold” for the lion.

The base is painted in “Vanilla Shake”.

Paint, let it dry, finish by lightly spraying with Silver Glitter from Rust-Oleum available at Home Depot. $6.75

Use it as a centerpiece for a baby shower, in a child’s bedroom or toy room.



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DIY Dress for Children

I’m not a mother yet, but, that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up my nieces from time to time.  I’ve noticed a constant struggle with most young moms, they want to dress their kids up in cute clothes, but children’s fashion is NOT cheap.  Similar styles to our DIY dress on sites like J Crew totaled to about $50.00….Yikes.  What if I told you that your little girl could rock the J Crew look for around $10.00? Not to mention it’s SO easy to make! Here’s what you need:

Child’s T-shirt. All from TJMAXX $2.99 (blue shirt) $7.00 (denim shirt) or $4.99 (black shirt)

1/3 yard of fabric (for toddlers) or 1/2 yard of fabric for elementary aged children (price varies on fabric, look for coupons and you’ll find cheap adorable fabric)

Step 1. Serge all edges to prevent fraying


Step 2. Sew both ends of fabric together to create a tube. Then gather the top of the fabric to create the waist.


Step 3. Pin the skirt to the shirt.


Step 4. Sew pinned skirt to shirt with a top stitch.  SHIRT on top.


Step 5. Hem the bottom and you are finished!


unnamed-1 DSC_0016