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Addie & Jack

Online Shop: Addie & Jack
Social Media: @addieandjackbundles
Giveaway: FREE bundle Stork Set, details below
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We love everything about babies and this week we are excited to feature the super adorable Addie & Jack.  They have taken baby and mama favorites and combined them in bundles called Stork Sets.  These bundles include swaddle blankets with THE cutest prints and 1-2 accessories; baby moccasins, hat, hair bow or toy.

These little bundles take the guess work out of gift giving for new moms.  And how cute would these be for grandma to have at her house when grand babies visits?  Too sweet.


As if the look wasn’t the best part, you’ll love their prices as well.  Addie & Jack is giving one of our followers a stork set!  To enter, visit our Instagram.  Plus, ALL of our followers will receive 15% off any purchase at Addie & Jack when you use the online code, SALT15 at checkout.  Click here to get shopping! Offer expires March 10, 2017.

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getting ready for baby

I’ve come to realize that new parents need a ton of baby things.  Having a baby is an exiting time, I’ve had so much fun buying cute little clothes and shoes.  Here are some ideas of what I’ve found, it can make you feel more prepared for your little angel to arrive.

  1. Baby Formula Mixer- Whether you are breast feeding, bottle feeding or both, this is a great one. Who would have thought this was out there. The formula mixer is a convenient item to have in your kitchen.  No more measuring and standing at the faucet waiting for the water to warm up.  All you need to do is simply push a button.  The mixer will heat the bottle to the ideal feeding temperature of 98 degrees and minimizes bubbles so baby doesn’t get a tummy ache.  It’s not a cheap item, so keep an eye out  for any specials, or if you can wait till cyber monday buy one then! Amazon (Bottle Mixer)bottle mixer
  2. The Boppy– If you haven’t heard of a Boppy it is a MUST have! You can lay or sit your baby up while you get things done around the house or get ready for the day.  I found mine at TJMaxx but you can buy them off of Amazon and choose from an assortment of adorable fabrics.Boppy
  3. Waterproof Mattress Protector– A mattress protector for your baby’s crib will extend the life of the mattress.  It creates for an easy clean up, and will give you peace of mind when baby explodes all over the mattress.  And you know that will happen.  You can find the best price at the one and only IKEA.  If your don’t live near an IKEA you can order it online. Waterproof mattress protector
  4. Baby Fitted Sheets– Soft sheets are a given, you will definitely need several.  You can save a ton of money depending on where you shop. The average price of crib sheets at Babies R’US is $17.99 for one fitted sheet.  At IKEA you can get a two pack of fitted sheets for $9.99! They are soft so  baby can be comfortable .   Crib Sheets
  5. Bumbo– The Bumbo is a fun seat that almost locks the baby in so they don’t tip over, baby must be able to comfortably sit up. You can also get a little tray to make a mini high chair minus the “high”.  Target (Bumbo) Bumbo
  6. Soft Baby Bristle Brush– There is nothing like a yummy smelling baby, use the bristle brush to scrub their heads everyday.  Before you leave the hospital ask the nurse if you can get a few of the bristle brushes.  That way you might never have to go out and buy some. If you do here is a resource. Amazon- Baby Bristle Brush.       Bristle Brush
  7. Baby Laundry Detergent- For all the cute and soft clothing baby needs, it’s a good idea to pre-wash them.  There are specific “baby detergent” brands that you can buy, but it can get expensive and may be unnecessary. I like Tide, made for baby’s sensitive skin. Target-Tide.

Tide free & gentle



Well, this is a start.  If you are attending a baby shower soon, consider one of the items above, it’s sure to make the new mom happy.

Okay I seriously didn't even know about some of these things and they are amazing!





Babinskis Baby review, coupons and giveaway on
Baby, Specialty Shops


Located: 1324 S. Foothill Drive
SLC, Utah (Foothill Village)
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-7:00, Saturday 10:00-6:00
Phone: 801-583-2229

Location: 8920 S. State Street
Sandy, Utah
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00 (Sandy)
Phone: 801-892-2300

When I was almost done with college at the University of Utah, I was expecting our first baby. I was pretty excited for a little one to join my husband and I and so I would often stop on my way home from school at Foothill Village to visit Babinskis. It was the kind of place I always dreamed of shopping for baby things and I fell in love with its charm and everything inside.  I had to buy something new for baby every time I stopped by.

Babinskis baby, review, coupons & giveaway found on



Babinskis has 2 locations. Salt Lake City (Foothill Village) and Sandy. They opened in 1997 bringing a new and unique store for babies and toddlers. Babinskis carries beautiful furniture, bedding, car seats, strollers, toys, clothing and so many accessories. Their furniture is beautiful and so well made. I have one of their cribs that has lasted through all of my children and still looks as good as the day we bought it.

I also love that you can go in and pick out chairs and gliders and have them custom made in a variety of fabrics. If you want a nursery that’s going to wow, fit your personal style and be a relaxing place for you and baby… then you’ll fall in love with Babinskis.

Babinskis 1


Babinskis baby, review, coupons & giveaway found on

If you ever wonder when you look at Pinterest, where you could find that unique gift or baby accessory, well, it’s probably at Babinskis. I also think their toys are so awesome. They are the timeless ones that you remember from childhood, others that you saw while traveling in Europe, classic soft and cuddly toys and backpacks that I haven’t found anywhere else. I just love Babinskis’ unique style and get lost browsing the store when I visit.



Whether you’re searching for yourself, a great shower gift, or baby’s birthday party, you’ll find some special things at Babinskis. My kids are in love with their Aden + Anias blanket and I had no idea that they made crib sheets.  I just discovered them when I went to Babinskis last week.

We laugh that when I brought home one of my babies from the hospital, she was wrapped in an Aden + Anias blanket, my mom asked why on earth I wrapped her in a dish towel. We had to explain that not only were these the most awesome and popular blankets out there, but that the little prince, Prince George, came home wrapped in one of these blankets in Kate Middleton’s arms. They’re anything but dish towels.

Babinskis Aiden wraps giveaway

Do you have any of these blankets, and if so, how much do you love them?  Well, who out there wants one? Owner of Babinskis, Daphne Hansen, is giving away a pack of Aiden Wraps! Enter to win by clicking these links to Instagram and Facebook (@saltskyutah).  A lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

Babinskis baby, review, coupons & giveaway found on

Do you need a little extra love to help you visit Babinskis? Well, Babinskis has also been so fabulous as to give ALL of our readers $5 off when you spend $25! Just show this coupon when you go in, hurry, this offer ends 5-21-15.

Babinskis review, coupon and giveaway, find them on

Thank you to all our followers who support us and the small businesses we feature!   I love finding businesses for you and some great deals! If you know someone who’d love this store, share our post below by clicking on any of the share buttons.

Until next week! XOXO


Baby shower color schemes

Baby boy shower color scheme

Planning showers for friends and family is so much fun.  The arrival of a new baby is one of the best reasons to celebrate!  To start planning your party, start with a color scheme.   A party is always easier to plan when you choose the colors and start the planning with a theme.  Everything will come together beautifully.

I love this color palette for a boy shower.  My friend Melanie Bowers recently used these colors to throw a fabulous party.


baby boy shower color scheme

These striped little favor bags held home made pop corn drenched in chocolate.  The sign read “She’s ready to POP corn”

The chocolate pudding had a crust of crushed “girl scout thin mint” cookies in baby food jars tied with ribbon that held a tiny spoon.  Everyone loved this dessert.

baby boy shower

For a tablecloth, Melanie used black butcher paper.  With white chalk marker, she wrote some fun messages all over it.  Don’t forget the elephant cookies, they look too beautiful to eat but are delicious, I love how they add just the right touch.

I just love parties! If you have one that you’d like to share, I’d love to pass it along to our readers.

As always, we love your feedback. You will be entered to win a gift when you leave a comment!  Winners announced at the beginning of each month.