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Salt Sky birthday cake

And then there was cake

When your day ends with a cake this beautiful it’s a perfect day.

Made by Brittany with the help of some little girls who wanted to make chocolate petals but soon discovered that eating them was more fun.

The details

So many little details. I just loved them.

chocolate accents

I didn’t want to cut it because it was simply too pretty.

Delicious coconut cake

Thanks for making this day special wonderful family! And a special thank you to all of you for the sweet birthday wishes on Instagram.


a cotton candy sweet birthday
Birthdays, kids

Cotton Candy Birthday Party

My sweet girl turned 3 years old this month so naturally, it was time to celebrate!  I threw her a party with freshly spun cotton candy and a table full of sweets.  This party also had a chalkboard theme since chalkboard art is one of my new favorite hobbies.  The backdrop to the dessert table was made to look like a chalkboard with black foam board.

The Photo Booth made from PVC pipe and draped with black butcher paper (the whole thing cost me $12 to make and we’ll use it again and again!).  Check it out and happy party planning!

Want to own this awesome cotton candy machine?  You’ll use it more than you think and be the life of the party!  Click the links below for everything you’ll need:

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday


a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday

a cotton candy sweet birthday


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Where would we be without her?

Celebration of our 1st birthday wouldn’t be complete without a special thank you to our mama. She is the mastermind behind our Inspiration posts, the one who reminds us that everything wonderful comes with hard work, and uplifts us when times get hard.

We feel extra lucky to have her a part of this blog and although she hates being photographed, she’s always there through every post, photoshoot & event we are a part of.

Another thank you to our followers and businesses that sponsor our blog. We are grateful that you’re a part of this journey and hope that you love all the surprises that we have in the works for you.

The Salt Sky Girls 💛

(And yes… In case you were wondering… We did have to ambush mama dearest for this photo. She may or may not be saying “this isn’t going on the blog right?” as it was being taken. 😂 Ha ha, oh mother.)
Easy way to make an italian soda bar at home.
Birthdays, DIY

DIY Italian Soda Bar

A few months ago, I went to a party where my friend Deb Swonson set up a beautiful Italian soda bar, it was a hit.  As guests arrived and we mingled, everyone fixed one of these delicious and fun drinks to enjoy with appetizers.  It was the perfect thing to do before sitting down for dinner.

Here is what to do …

Fill 2/3 of a glass with crushed ice.

Pour in Sparkling Mineral water, (just enough to cover ice) you can use any kind.

Add the flavoring.  About 3 squirts or a little more if you like more flavor.  DaVinci Gourmet Classic Syrups are  available at Standard Restaurant $4.75 a bottle. The spigot is $1.06

Add some French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

Finish with some whipping cream and a cherry on top.

Insert a straw and enjoy!

There is an unbelievable amount of flavored syrups to choose from.  The favorites at our house are cherry, raspberry and peach.  It is so much fun to offer guests one of these, my sons in law love them and will drop by often for a quick treat, seldom stopping at just one.

These bottles do not need to be refrigerated and look beautiful in a corner on the kitchen counter.

Easy way to make an italian soda bar at home



Birthdays, For Kicks & Giggles

Play Date Party!

I always see the cutest parties on Pinterest and wish I had more reasons to throw my own, so I was thinking, why don’t I throw a themed play date! It’s always fun to get together with my friends. My children are always asking if we can invite friends over, and any excuse seems like a great one for a party so… a play date seemed perfect.

There are so many fun options for these play dates. Plan a party every other month or once a quarter and invite your friends and neighbors. Take turns, with someone new hosting each time. Wouldn’t it even be fun for each friend to bring another friend with them? It’s always fun to meet new people, but a little hard when all our focus is on the cute little kids we are raising. So get out and enjoy some mommy time while the kids have a blast playing with their friends. I want to hear all about the themes and parties you come up with, so send me your photos and lets get something fun started!

I chose a wild animal theme and my kids loved getting ready for this party. We sent out text message invitations that we made on our computer, I wrote that my kids were the hosts of the party, they thought that was pretty special. They were so excited to send out the invitations and watch the replies come back.


Our table was covered in paper that the kids could color on.  We set out cups of crayons, frames with animals and place cards with each child’s name.  Each place setting also had an animal cookie favor and a coloring book to take home.







Since we were hosting, we provided the main dish, black forest ham sandwiches.  Each friend brought a side dish and dessert to share.  We had the sandwiches, fruit salad, green salad, chips and mint chocolate cookies.  The kids not only loved it, they’re still talking about it!

kids play party


On one wall we put some sticker wall decals of jungle animals and all the kids stood at our Photo Booth for a fun picture!  Of course, the moms loved this most because, who doesn’t love pictures of their little darlings?
photo booth kids


We tried to get a group shot, but this picture about sums up how they felt about more pictures, so we let them run off to the playroom while we caught up and talked.  It’s always great to get together so don’t wait for an event, make your own!DSC_0080

You might be thinking… parties are just too expensive!  WELL, this whole thing cost me $20!  I got all the coloring books and wall decals for the photo booth and frames at the dollar store.  We bought the sandwich ingredients and french bread and animal cookies at the grocery store and made everything at home.  With all the friends bringing a side dish, it made this a cheap, stressless party.  Get planning and tell me all about it!



Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

Lucy’s 1st Birthday!

Our sweet little Lucy turned one last summer and we were so excited to celebrate with a pink lemonade birthday bbq. We set up the backyard with tables and chairs decorated with pink flowers, lemons and photos of Lucy.


Guests were welcomed into the backyard with a chalkboard sign, hanging lanterns, flowers and photos of Lucy from birth- 1 year.


DSC_0875 DSC_0876

We served hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, corn salsa, chips, potato salad, water bottles that said “Happy 1st Birthday Lucy” and of course, lemonade.


Napkins and utensils were wrapped together and taped in the middle with yellow washi tape to form cute pink bows.  Napkins, utensils, table toppers and cups were all purchased at the dollar store!


The dessert table was filled with a pink birthday cake decorated with yellow chocolate flowers, pink chocolate dipped rice crispies, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and lemon cupcakes. Guests could also fill a bag with pink and yellow candy to take home. The dessert table was completed with a sign that said, “thanks for celebrating our sweet girl with us.”





Lucy had her own special high chair with balloons that she sat in, while wearing her princess crown. She loved her crown so much and didn’t take it off all night. Best dollar I’ve ever spent.



We sang “happy birthday” and let Lucy dig into her own cake. At least we thought she’d dig in but instead she asked for a fork and was not interested in getting dirty. That’s my girl!

DSC_0908 DSC_0888DSC_0904


We had a great night with family and friends. I love that we had an open house and people could just come and go, it made the night casual and relaxing for everyone that came. We also chose to not have gifts. At one year old, Lucy had no clue what was really going on so I’ll admit, the party was more for me. It was a gift enough for us that everyone came to celebrate our baby girl.