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Dipped rice crispy easter eggs

EASY Easter treats to make with kids

Today we are showing you some very easy and fun Easter crafts to do with the kids.  Check out Fox13 The Place today at 1:00 to see these fun activities and how to do them.  Visit our shop for darling Easter printable tags and other printable downloads. Click on all the highlight items below to see the products we used for each activity.

Chocolate dipped bunny Oreos

These edible watercolor markers are so fun for kids to decorate all their fun projects.  Click HERE for the fine tip markers and HERE for the bigger tip markers.  We bought both and love them.

Rice Krispy Dipped Eggs

Dipped rice crispy easter eggsDipped rice crispy easter eggsDipped rice crispy easter eggsDipped rice crispy easter eggsDipped rice crispy easter eggsDipped rice crispy easter eggs

This is a beautiful Easter Message!
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Easter message

Last Saturday I took a long walk with my husband.  We enjoy a trail near our home that runs alongside a river that comes out of a nearby canyon.  In summer, the water is high and its sound is powerful.  In winter, the river is dry, the bottom of this river is filled with boulders of all sizes. It is so quiet when the water is not running, we can hear birds singing all around us as we enjoy quiet conversations.  

On this particular morning, my husband stopped and said “Do you hear that? It’s water.” We looked at the dry river bottom and saw a small trickling of clear, sparkling water.  It was the beginning of the spring runoff just barely making its way down the riverbed.  

We both agreed that this was maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity and followed the tiny trickling of water for a while.  The rocks seemed to come to life as the water surrounded them, ultimately filling every crevice.

As we walked up the river the water became more powerful and louder.

I love to watch as spring approaches and everything starts to come alive again, from buds on trees to flowing rivers.

I can’t help but to think of Christ.  He who is the “fountain of living waters”.  The one person who we can rely on for security and spiritual life and power.

The scriptures are filled with people who ignored truth and turned to idolatrous sources for security, they chose to live in a drought, ignoring the living spring that provides the way to happiness.

The true source of living water – The Lord Jesus Christ.

This Easter season, may we all feel the joy of new beginnings, of hope eternal, and take a moment to give thanks for Him who died to save mankind and rose that we may live.







Easter Children's Luncheon

Children’s Easter Brunch

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. The flowers are starting to bloom, it’s getting warmer and the kids are dying to get outside. I have always loved Easter but there is definitely some added excitement and fun when there are little ones to share it with.

This year, it might be a fun idea to put on a children’s Easter brunch. Not only is it a fun activity for the kids, but a great excuse to set up a beautiful table, dress your little sweeties up and take some fabulous photos.

I think that there’s just nothing better than building memories with your children. Get creative, have fun and Instagram those Easter photos, I want to see them all. Tag @saltskyutah on your photo and we might just re-gram or post it on our website! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy it with those that make you smile.


Easter Children's Luncheon

Easter Children's Luncheon

Easter Children's Luncheon



Easter Children's Luncheon

Easter Children's Luncheon

Easter Children's Luncheon

Easter Children's Luncheon


I simply love these dresses and accessories!  If you’re looking for something gorgeous that your little ones can wear for Easter photos then you’ll love Sweet Bijou.  Read their Local Review Here.

Happy Easter!  XOXO