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30th Anniversary Party

Last Spring was our parents’ 30th anniversary and we wanted to throw a huge party to celebrate. Of course, we knew mom and dad would say they didn’t want a party so… a SURPRISE anniversary party it was! We sent invitations to everyone that was in their wedding party, the family and close friends. We were so excited with the turn out, it was such a great time!

The decor was all in the same colors as their wedding, peach & gray. It  made the party a mini version of their reception. The happy couple showed up right on time, and as planned. We left a bunch of clues at their house that led them on a treasure hunt. When they were a couple of blocks away,  their last clue told them to look under their seat. They pulled over to the side of the road and found the invitation to the surprise party.  They both cried.

Anniversary party

Anniversary party         bride & groom

We reserved a special parking place just for them. They walked down the path toward the house lined with fresh flowers, people that love them were waiting, cheering and clapping!

On the porch, we had their wedding photo and a basket of peach candy favors for guests to take home.

Anniversary party

Inside the house, a movie was playing of their wedding photos and highlights from the past 30 years together.

Dinner was served including a dessert bar. We put little details about them throughout the house- photos of the couple and family, little quotes, a map with a heart around the location where they met, wrapped monogramed napkins. Tables and tents were set up in the backyard.

Anniversary party_30 years


Anniversary party


Anniversary party 30 yrs

Anniversary party 30years


anniversary party 30 years

Anniversary party

Anniversary party

All four daughters, our husbands and extended family worked at getting the party and the yard ready, it was definitely worth it. Everyone had so much fun and stayed long after the party ended.  Our parents were very touched, surprised and so grateful to be surrounded by the people they love.  They said they would cherish that surprise party forever.

So if you have something fabulous to celebrate, do it! The memories you’ll make will be worth all the work. That’s what it’s all about, making memories and enjoying special moments together.


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Japanese Date Night

Let us paint a picture for you.

You’re young, you’re ambitious, and the only thing you want right now is to see and experience the world. Everyone tells you now is the time. The time to take the leap, to cross the ocean, to try exciting foods, and to meet interesting individuals. However, you work a near minimum wage job with zero benefits and you’ll be paying off student loans till the end of time.

Despite the fact you check last minute airline prices every Wednesday, because statistics say it’s the cheapest day of the week to fly, your feet are destined to stay firmly planted on the ground until further notice.

For a young, travel restless thing like you and me, we’ve come up with a temporary fix. We decided if we can’t jet off to Japan, we would do the best we could to bring Japan to us. We held a giant date night and filled our space with lanterns, brightly colored crepe paper, and Asian pop culture posters. We decorated the room with miniature Buddhas, oriental place settings, and Japanese candies.

The evening involved making our own sushi and even substituting sushi rollers with tin foil and taped together chopsticks. Of course Just Dance and watching Japanese game shows was a must. If you’re feeling really adventurous we recommend even trying to reenact a few game shows.

The whole evening was a hit. So it wasn’t a completely accurate depiction of Japan. So you probably wouldn’t see Godzilla or Bruce Lee in Japan. Even so, it was incredibly fun to plan and even more fun to be a part of. And the fun doesn’t stop there. This experience opened the door to many themed parties and dates to come.

So stay tuned and Arigatō for reading.






Finding Asian decorations on a budget is so much easier than you think.  To pull of the Asian look all you need is colorful paper and lanterns.  We went to Zurcher’s party store and got rolls of crete paper for less than $3.00. Party stores also supply the lanterns, chopsticks, flags, cups, plates and costumes.  If you’re on a budget I’d recommend passing on the life size cut out of Bruce Lee and the custom Japanese pop culture posters (we went a little overboard).  In the days leading up to the date night we’d make origami birds while watching TV or listening to music to liven up areas of the house that weren’t as decorated.  Now don’t worry if you don’t know how to make origami birds, the internet has a million tutorials.

As for food, sushi was so easy to make but consider the possibility that it doesn’t always fill people up.  We also had an Asian salad and a dessert.  If you go to an Asian market they have large bags of Japanese candy for $4.00 a bag that are fun to snack on throughout the night.

Don’t overthink it!  We had a  fun night because we didn’t stress over the little things.  With a little effort you can travel anywhere in the world in your own home.  Turn a regular group date into an experience.  Good luck!

XOXO Eliza and Maura