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A Little 2017 Salt Sky Change

This past week, as is customarily done at the beginning of a new year, I have been reviewing some of my work, reviewing my goals, and reconsidering priorities. Since I was 15 years old, I worked in the family businesses and followed in my mama’s footsteps. Though lately it has become more difficult to do all that I dream of doing.

Admittedly, the business planning is draining and I felt a little down. One day, I was listening to the radio when a Tim McGraw song came on, he sang, “Bitterness keeps you from flying, always stay humble & kind.” 

This prompted me and I decided to turn to prayer (which I really should have started with).  I can’t say I very often get distinct answers to my prayers; instead, I get feelings that help me as answers to my prayers.  This time, however, my answer was clear, like someone was talking to me.

It’s not my time was the answer, simple as that.  My time now is to get my home in order and focus on my children.  This seems like an easy answer, which I should have come up with on my own.

Let me give you a little background on me.  I’ve been able to juggle home, family, and business over the years and occasionally I have been met with harsh criticism from others.  I enjoy working. I like being creative. I want to feel like I’m helping my spouse and contributing to my home.  I don’t like being told I can’t do something.  While doing all of this juggling, our family has been happy and we’ve been blessed in many ways.  So you can see how this answer wasn’t what I was expecting.

I’m putting all my faith and trust in this answer, It’s not my time.  It’s time for me to think of my kids before myself because who knows what the future holds.  There’s a quote that says, “If the train doesn’t stop at your station, it’s not your train.”

This week I hope we can all find our train or if you’re like me, recognize that it is time to be taught patience and find peace in doing other important things.

This blog will continue to go on because it’s something we enjoy doing together, though in keeping with my answer to prayer, I will be dedicating more time to home and family. Salt Sky will be posting twice a week from now on. We hope you find posts that uplift you, help you, and inspire you to create and spread a little joy. And that you will continue to follow along in 2017!




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A Salt Sky Christmas Message

For hundreds of years it was prophesied and taught that a sign would be given prior to the most anticipated birth that has ever occurred on earth. A star would appear, a king would be born. However, he was not born in a palace. People were not preparing a special place for Him or his mother. In addition to the new star, His birth was announced by angels and heavenly choirs sang. In the most humble of circumstances, this king was born, in a stable where animals were kept because there was no room for Him anywhere else. All was peaceful when this king was welcomed by his parents. A new mother wrapped her baby, held him tight and kissed his precious face. She knew that He would do many great and wonderful things.

Two thousand years ago this baby grew up to be the only perfect man to walk the earth: Jesus Christ. He was the son of our Heavenly Father and an earthly mother. He taught men truth, gave His life to be the Savior of this world and gave us an example to live by so we could know the way to pattern our lives making it possible to return home to our Father in Heaven.

This time of year we remember this sacred birth of the King of Kings.  This season we also want to remember his mother Mary because she was a strong, confident and an obedient daughter of God.

Heather Farrell wrote a book called Women in the Scriptures and said: “We often talk about how much God loves us because He was willing to sacrifice His son, but Jesus was Mary’s son just as much as He was God’s son. What great love Mary must have had for all human souls to be willing to offer her son as a sacrifice for all our sins. What a magnificent and amazing woman she must have been. One can only imagine how her soul must have rejoiced at what glorious blessings awaited the world, but how, at the same time, her heart must have broken into pieces knowing what she knew her son would have to suffer. My soul rejoices in her and I will be forever grateful to this magnificent and beautiful woman for all her sacrifices and immensity of her love.

Mary, more than anyone knew of the plan for her son, for our Savior who would come into the world to atone for our sins and die for us. She had to have amazing faith to help carry out the Father’s plan, which included unimaginable suffering for us in the Garden of Gethsemane and evil men taking His life. And yet, she still stood by her son to the end, mourned His death, and suffered as only a mother would. She did this for Him and she did this for us.

Winston Churchill said: “To every woman there comes that special moment when she is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing, unique to her and fitted to her talent. What a tragedy if that moment finds her unprepared or unqualified for the work which would be her finest hour.

What if Mary would not have been ready or prepared? What if we are called upon to do something with our abilities and talents and we are not prepared?

We know that Mary stood near the cross at the end of her Son’s ministry. Standing by Jesus in what others perceived as a shameful predicament, Mary communicated that her fear of God was greater than the fear of man. Whatever accusation a bystander could fling at her, Mary’s stoic stance beside her Son communicates that unlike others of his disciples, she would not deny her association with Jesus. More than remaining loyal to a son, Mary was a stalwart disciple of her redeemer.” (Mary, Mother of Jesus by Camille Fronk Olson.)

This Christmas season, let’s take a moment to reflect on how we are living our lives.  One day we will each meet our Savior, and won’t we want him to say:  “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”.  It is our moment to be strong just as Mary was, to fear God more than man and love others as Christ did.

Sending all our readers our love this beautiful Christmas season.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Nailed it!
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Nailed it!

During a season of best smiles, picture perfect families, sparkling decor, incredible meals and presents (Pinterest wrapped to perfection); let’s remember the reason for the season.  That just being together is the best and sometimes when you’ve nailed your family Christmas card, like we have, you laugh and realize that you’d take this perfectly imperfect family any day because we’re super blessed to have each other.

With the busy rush of the season, we hope you’ll remember what matters the very most and take a moment to slow down and celebrate it.


A Salt Sky Inspiration story
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The Power of Believing

Social science research teaches that the way we understand our intelligence and abilities deeply impacts our success.

When our daughter Samantha was 8 years old, she started taking ballet classes. We quickly realized that she had a passion for dancing when we saw that nothing could stand in the way of ballet.  One year, she even decided to forgo her own birthday party as she simply could not miss her ballet class. By the time she was a junior in high school, she decided she would audition at The University of Utah School of Ballet.

I called the dean of the school to ask a few questions to better understand the process. By the time I hung up the phone I was very discouraged and wasn’t sure how I was going to tell my daughter the bad news. The dean explained that her program was rated the second best in the country and that in the spring hundreds of dancers from all over the country as well, as some international hopefuls, would travel to Utah to audition for only 30 available spots. Those that would make it into the program would be the very best and would start school in the fall. The dean said, “Your daughter is welcome to try but the chances of getting in are slim, though it is always good to try so that she can gain experience.”

After getting the mountain of paperwork ready for her application and sending it in, the day of the audition finally came.  Samantha had written on sheets of paper that she placed in her room, bathroom mirror and refrigerator the words: “I WILL MAKE IT INTO THE U BALLET.” These words were in front of her daily for over a month; it’s all she though about.

But as we drove to drop her off, she felt scared, she asked her dad if he would walk her in to register and get a number that she would pin on her leotard. I stayed in the car. All I could think about, as I saw hotel shuttles unloading beautiful and talented ballerinas, was the crushing disappointment she was headed into. All I could do was pray for her to do her best. After 6 hours, we picked her up, it would be about two weeks before the letter arrived in the mail with news of the results of that day.

As Samantha held the unopened letter in her hands, I reminded her that she had done her best, that no matter what she had a bright future and all would be okay. I knew how hard she took rejection, I witnessed it when as a little girl, she didn’t get a part that she had auditioned for. But this was the audition of her life and I imagined that the disappointment this time would be monumental.

She opened her letter and read the words: “Dear Samantha, Congratulations, you have been accepted to. . .”  The rest was a blur as we both screamed and cried and jumped for joy.

I think great things happen when we believe in ourselves.  The subconscious picks up on our beliefs so we have to fill our mind with positive beliefs about being able to achieve our goals.

As this year comes to a close and a new year approaches, will you join me in clearing our minds of useless fear and stress of things we cannot control and filling our minds with positive thoughts, with affirmations that can have power over good and righteous goals.

Additionally, write it on paper and put your goal in places where you will see it. Repeat it over and over and most importantly, believe it. After all the hard work, you never know, a little miracle might just be around the corner.

Samantha finished her senior year of high school while at the University of Utah, the years that followed were her most difficult. Physical injuries were a way of life, the “corrections” that she was constantly given were at times harsh criticisms that hurt deeply and tore her down. But the hard things also made her a stronger person in the end.

What goals will you work towards this year?

Remember, after all you have done to get where you are, the most powerful thing you can do is believe.



Live for Lexie

Heaven gained a special angel this week.  This is especially sad for us because she is part of our Fenton family.

I read once that President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “The hardest pain someone will ever have to bear in this life is the loss of a child.”  This week we hurt for Lexie Fenton’s parents.  They along with family members, friends, school teachers, administration and people across the state that heard of this tragedy, have all felt incredible sadness this past week.

Through all that these sweet parents and siblings have had to endure, they are inspiring many with their faith in the Savior and a knowledge that Lexie is with Him. They know they will see their sister and daughter again, and have been expressing gratitude for that and know that their family is forever.

This week let us all “Live for Lexie”.  She lived a life of service, compassion and selflessness.  She lived life to the fullest.  This week do something for someone else to honor the life that Lexie lived.  Call someone that needs to talk, brighten someone’s day, laugh, hug your children a little tighter and make sure you tell those that are important to you how much they are loved.

Sending our prayers and love to Lexie’s parents, twin sister and two brothers.

We are also thinking of the Fraga family who also lost their son, Ethan, in the car accident.  Our love is also with you.

Till we meet again.

“If I should ever leave you, whom I love, grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I love you so… “Twas heaven here with you”


Brittany & Bubba Fenton

Do a good deed and share it, #liveforlexie let’s flood the earth with goodness in her honor.

Read Lexie’s beautiful obituary here.


A Sabbath Blessing Story
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A Sabbath Blessing

Today I was thinking of an experience I had exactly one year ago. My new little granddaughter who had been born a few days earlier was at Primary Children’s Hospital. It was a Sunday morning and I was on my way to be with her so that her tired parents could go home to shower and rest for a little while.

Sundays are a sacred and special day in our home, we attend church and partake of the sacrament bread and water, pray and think of the promises we have made with God. It is a time of peace and reflection and if ever I needed to do that and to be in church, it was on that day. But my daughter needed me and I needed to be near a tiny angel that was not well.

I had heard that Sunday services were held in hospitals throughout the Salt Lake valley for all religions and that members of my church go around to the patient’s rooms offering the sacrament to those in hospitals that cannot attend at their churches.

As I drove to the hospital, I told Heavenly Father that my heart was aching, that I was tired, I was worried for my daughter who had just delivered a baby and was not able to rest like she should.  I told him that I wanted this new grandbaby to be made well so that she could go home. And I prayed that if it was possible and not too late, that someone would find our hospital room and bring the sacrament to me.

I sat in that quiet room for about a hour holding a little piece of heaven in my arms, a tiny bundle with more wires coming out of her than I could count, I heard a knock at the door, and there stood two men in their 20’s holding sacrament trays. They asked if I would want to have the sacrament, with tears in my eyes I told them that I had hoped they would come, I had prayed for them but thought I was too late.

We talked for a little while, they asked how the baby was doing and told me that they were both married and in medical school, they took time out of their busy schedule to provide this service and it was one that brought them much joy. One of them humbly knelt on the floor, uncovered the tray that held the sacrament bread and blessed it. After I had partaken of the bread, he blessed the water.

The room was filled with the sweetest feeling, I will never forget how that special Sabbath day felt. The words of the sacrament prayer washed over me with a renewed hope that God is a loving God who listens to our prayers and though we may have many hard things to go through during the week, on Sunday we can pause and be filled with his spirit. The only source of true happiness.

Today, I held that same baby girl from a year ago. She is chubby, has the biggest rosy cheeks around, and is full of laughter. The family came together to celebrate her first birthday, she wore a crown and opened presents and ate cake.

Today I feel blessed.


Giving Thanks
quote of the week, Thanksgiving

Gratitude Free Printable

Thanksgiving is just around the corner which has us thinking of all the things that we can be grateful for.  We found this quote that we loved and made you a FREE printable!  Print this and make it a favor for your Thanksgiving dinner guests or just to hang on your wall to be a reminder of all you are grateful for.


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A Change That Makes the Difference

It’s election week!  I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad it’s finally here. I’ve become weary of the negative words that I hear daily on the news and social media.

So, here is something I choose to concentrate on as the events of an uncertain future loom.


Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

Peace begins in the heart, it spills into the home, the community and everyone you come in contact with. Someone once said that inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.

Yesterday I was watching some of my granddaughters at play, one of them was so adorable that I said to her: “Can I hold you and sing you a song?”  Her reply was “But grandma, I’m not crying.”  I realized that I may scoop them up into my arms to sing and rock them mostly when they are sad or hurt.

I decided right then and there that I will find more times to simply hold those babies in moments of quiet and peace.

This week and always, let’s remember that peace is possible in the storms of life and that we have the ability to not let people pull us into their storm, we can pull them into our peace.

Carpe diem Salt Sky friends!


quote of the week

It’s grateful people who are happy

“It’s not happy people who are grateful, it’s grateful people who are happy.”  November is the best reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for!  Here’s a printable to frame and put in your house or to create a tag for gifts.  Just click, save & print!


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An Act of Kindness

Today I was thinking of a time when a stranger did something special for our family. I’ll never forget it because it came at a tender time.

We had just left a funeral and we were all hungry but in a hurry to get to the cemetery, we decided to go through a drive-up and get something to hold us over.

There were several cars in front of us, we placed our order and as we pulled up to pay, the clerk told us that the family in front of us had already paid for our food.

We were shocked and filled with gratitude and warm feelings all at the same time, as they drove away all we could see was a couple with a bunch of children in a van. It happened so quickly that we were not able to thank them.

I suspect that gratitude was not what they were looking for, but a chance to do something kind for a stranger and a chance to teach their children about service.

I’ve thought about this kind act many times through the years.

What kind of people do something like that? I’m guessing we weren’t the first and that they must get so much joy from doing this kind of thing.

I also suspect that their children grew up and have fond memories of the acts of kindness that they shared with their parents.

The 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi said:

“Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing.”

What can you and I do this week for someone special or perhaps a total stranger?