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Locals making a difference

Locals making a difference

Buy an elephant, support cancer research

We are excited to support the Kneaders Hope Fights Childhood Cancer campaign and all the good they’re doing.  Our grandparents both had cancer.  Our grandmother lived a long and happy life after her battle with breast cancer.  Our grandfather died when we were little at the age of 57 when Colon Cancer spread to all his organs.  He only lived 6 weeks after being diagnosed.  We’ve learned a lot about him and know that our dad is a lot like him but still wish that we could have know him personally and he could have seen us grow up.  He was kind, served everyone around him and worked hard to take care of his family.  He was loved my so many people.  Though we miss him, we know he’s watching over us and hope he’s proud of the people we are becoming.  We’re grateful for those who work so hard for cancer research and all their efforts to help those battling cancer.  We’ve watched friends and family battle through cancer or watch their children struggle with this and our hearts go out to them and all they go through.  We hope that by supporting this awesome campaign and spreading the word that we will be a step closer to positive and comforting answers for current and future cancer patients.  Read all about this awesome campaign and how you can help below!
Salt Sky
Brittany, Paulina, Samantha, Katty & Eliza

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Kneaders is selling elephant cookies where all the proceeds are donated to support a special cancer research.

These cute little blue cookies are not only sweet to eat, but are also a symbol of the Kneaders #HopeFightsChildhoodCancer supporting the unique research of renowned hematologist, oncologist, teen cancer survivor and cancer researcher,
Dr. Josh Schiffman at Huntsman Cancer Institute. He is exploring how the 40 cancer fighting protein strands in elephant DNA might hold the key to ending childhood cancer for children across the globe. 100% of the sale of the cookie will go to support Dr. Schiffman’s innovative research. Want to take a bite out of cancer? Stop by a Kneaders near you or visit to view other adorable custom elephant retail items (available while supplies last) that all support Dr. Schiffman’s efforts. Your small show of support can bring BIG Hope to the fight to end cancer. We “knead” each other.

Did you know that elephants rarely get cancer? They have 40 cancer fighting protein strands in their DNA that help fight cancerous cells. Did you know that humans only have two cancer fighting protein strands? It’s #childhoodcancerawareness month and @kneaders has launched their #HopeFightsChildhoodCancer campaign. Kneaders is supporting the research of renowned oncologist, hematologist and cancer researcher, Dr. Josh Schiffman who is exploring how elephants might hold the key to ending cancer for children and adults of all ages.

Want to be part of the campaign too? Stop by a Kneaders near you to buy an adorable elephant shaped sugar cookie and eat your way to helping us raise $300,000 this month. 100% of the cookie sales go to Dr. Schiffman’s research and all the HOPE goes to kids fighting cancer throughout the world. Visit Kneaders. com/hope to learn more

Locals making a difference

A very special giveaway

Storybrook Cafe along with fabulous party planners, bakers, photographer, and more are giving away the ultimate dream party to one lucky little kid.

What makes this giveaway special is that this grand prize will go to a child that has been nominated to receive the all expenses paid party, by someone who thinks they are deserving of this special day.  These parties are just as much for the parents as they are for the kids.

Do you know some parents in need of a little extra love?  A child that has had a tough time lately and needs a little sunshine?  Send your nominations to and visit our Instagram to enter to win.


The festival of Trees
Community Event, Locals making a difference

Make a difference by attending the Festival of Trees

Do you know of people making a difference in your community? Email us their story… or yours! We would love to feature you and #sharegoodness.  The story below inspired us and we think it will you as well.

The Festival of Trees begins tomorrow:

Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3, 2016
10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day


South Towne Expo Center
9575 South State Street
Sandy, Utah


At the Door
Adults – $6.00
Children (2-11) – $3.00 Under 2 – Free
Senior Citizens (65 and Over) – $5.00

Discount tickets are available at Zion’s Bank locations.

Brendan Peck was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called esthesioneurblostoma.  A small community of 1200 people from Paradise, Utah gathered together to rally around the family and show them love during this trying time.  They called Brendan, Charlie, and the community wore bracelets that said, “Charlie’s Angels.”

The Festival of Trees

After multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, Brendan passed away on July 23, 2016.  He was a blessing to the Paradise community. It pulled them together in a common cause of service, love and concern. His courage and good nature in the face of this trial were awe-inspiring.

The Festival of Trees

This year at the Festival of Trees, Jeanne Fenton along with a team of friends put together a tree honoring Brendan.  Jeanne said, “Thirty-six years ago I lost my older brother to leukemia. He was 31 at the time and left behind a wife and three small children. My sisters and I decorated a tree in his honor at the Festival of Trees that year. When Brendan got sick the idea came again to do another tree for this wonderful boy. I enlisted the help of  Laurie Hansen, who is very good at decorating. The name of the tree is “Charlie’s Angels” and we decorated it with Willow Tree Angel ornaments, many of which depicted things about Brendan. Laurie made several kinds of angel wings, along with stars and other ornaments that enhanced this idea. Brendan was not able to ring the bell after his chemotherapy (which signals the end of chemo and cancer free) so there are also little bells on the tree as well. At the base of the tree we have put some other Willow Tree figures which include a father and son and a mother and son.  We will never forget Brendan Peck.”

The Festival of Trees

There are many touching stories at the Festival and Trees and people just like Jeanne who have created beautiful trees and displays to honor many children and families.  Show your support for Primary Children’s Hospital, the families and those wonderful people in our community making a difference.  Every penny earned at the Festival goes to helps the children at Primary Children’s Hospital and we think that is simply wonderful!


The Festival of Trees

Brief Relief:  Service Project
Community Event, Locals making a difference

Brief Relief: Service Project

We always love hearing about service projects that people have organized.  Service not only benefits those receiving but teaches all of us to love everyone no matter what their background or differences we may have.

Here is a little info about a service project happening right now from Friend to Friend:


Friend 2 Friend is a volunteer service group for students that “Builds Friendship Through Service”.  Each month they conduct at least one large service project. Over 100 students from Olympus High, Olympus Jr. High and Evergreen Junior High are participating this year.

October 1 – November 1 project is the “Brief Relief” drive to collect much needed Men’s boxer briefs for the new Youth Homeless Shelter run by the Volunteers of America. Everyone needs underwear including the at risk and homeless youth serviced at this shelter.  The student volunteers will deliver the donations and host a party for these teens on November 5.

Donation drop off sites:

-Olympus High School -main office
-Olympus Junior High School – main office
-Evergreen Junior High School – main office
-Cottonwood Elementary school – main office
-Crestview Elementary – main office
-Howard Driggs Elementary – main office
-Holladay City Office – front receptionist desk
-Jockey -Park City outlet store

For more information about Friend to Friend, visit their website or social media:  instagram @friend_2_friend or twitter @friendtofriend

Do you have a special service project that you’d like to share?  Email us!

Meet Jesse Robinson
Locals making a difference

Meet Jesse from The Tyler Robinson Foundation

This past year we have fallen in love with the Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF). Tyler was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer in August 2011. After the diagnosis, his brother Jesse decided to look for ways to help Tyler with all the battles he had ahead of him. Both brothers loved music and Jesse found a line from the Imagine Dragons song, It’s Time, that became their anthem and brought comfort in times of pain:The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.”.

Jesse sent a Facebook message to Imagine Dragons telling them about Tyler’s story. They got a message back that the band wanted to meet him at a show. There they met and the band dedicated a song to Tyler during their show. They all became fast friends.

Tyler passed away unexpectedly on March 4, 2013. Shortly after Tyler passing, band member, Dan Reynolds, called to offer his condolences on behalf of the band. It was at that time that he and Tyler’s brother Jesse decided that they wanted to create a foundation. Together the Robinson Family led by Jesse Robinson, and Imagine Dragons wanted to build on the success of the band to remember Tyler and help families struggling with the financial burdens that having a child with cancer brings.


Building a foundation is not an easy task and can take up to 18 months to get IRS approval but with the help of the band’s manager, Jeff Schwartz, they had the foundation up and running in 6 months. People started sending donations and in 9 months they had their first benefit concert that raised $400,000.

The main questions was, how could they help families that would make a lasting difference in their lives? The way TRF is set up is the reason that we love them and want to recognize them as “Locals Making a Difference”.

TRF doesn’t just give families money and walk away. Each family is nominated by one of their 14 partnered hospitals and is given a volunteer financial planner. This helps TRF decide where their money will make the most difference to the family. Financial planners assess the individual financial situation of these families so that when they come out of paying for cancer treatment, they are on the path to becoming debt free, and have financial freedom.


5% of the money given to families is “fun money”.  Families take a vacation, go shopping, or do fun activities they enjoy. TRF also makes sure that these children have the right computers and equipment they need to succeed in school even when, in so many cases, they aren’t able to attend classes.

While TRF is not able to help every family that applies for their granting program, they still reach out to the families that apply and aren’t accepted to give them a $500 visa gift card. How amazing is that?

We feel lucky to have become friends with Jesse Robinson and learn of Tyler’s story. We applaud the Robinson Family and Imagine Dragons for all they are trying to do to make a difference in the world. Join us in contributing to TRF and aiding in the amazing program they have built. To make a donation or read more about TRF, click here.

Do you know someone in your community making a difference? We want to hear all about them! Send your nominations to Smile, serve and make the world a better place.

XOXO, Salt Sky.

Meet Jesse Robinson


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Locals making a difference

Meet James the Mormon

Today we are starting a new series at Salt Sky called, “Locals Making a Difference.”  We are excited to start featuring people in our community that make a difference in the lives of others.  We are kicking this off with a local favorite musician, James the Mormon.

James grew up in Russia and graduated from High School in Uzbekistan, now lives right here in Utah; his mother is the United States ambassador to Russia.  He was raised religious but was truly converted to his religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also called the Mormons), later in life.  He had a strong desire to serve a mission at the age of 23 and share the message of the gospel with others so that they could feel the joy that his conversion had brought into his life. James served in Washington, speaking Russian.

James the Mormon

One thing that was troublesome to him was that many members of the church were not as quick to share the gospel with members or even tell people that they were Mormon.  He didn’t understand how others wouldn’t want to tell everyone who they were and what they stood for.  When he returned home he decided that from that point on, anyone who came in contact with him would know that he was a member of the church, he changed all his social media to James the Mormon.

James began a blog writing about his experiences on his mission, encouraging others to serve and eventually helped many by talking openly about a difficult divorce.  He also felt that he needed to share the positive message of the gospel through one of his hobbies, music.  His music took off like crazy and he quickly built a following.  His youtube videos that were made, just for fun, have inspired many to do good and help others.

James the Mormon

Fans of James the Mormon come from all different backgrounds and have come to love him.  His hope is that through his music, he can spread positive, clean music that coincides with his values and through his following, he may help others become familiar with the gospel and his testimony of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, James released his album, I’m not a Rapper.  His collaborations with other talented artists leave this album sounding both unique and an anticipation of the next track.  It’s not hard to see why his voice is loved.   What do you think?  Click here to listen, purchase the album or leave a comment, James the Mormon wants to hear from you.

James the Mormon

We hope you find much success, James, and admire your commitment to standing up for your beliefs and using your talents to spread a positive message.
Do you know someone making a difference in your community?  We want to hear it and share them!  Email your nominations to, subject: Locals Making a Difference.